Bamboo House in Ethiopia: Africans do not buy a house to marry their wives. No need to spend a penny throughout the process

Bamboo House in Ethiopia: Africans do not buy a house to marry their wives. No need to spend a penny throughout the process

These Africans are building a house, because a man in the village is preparing to marry the most beautiful girl in the village. They need to build a wedding room for him. Marriage is a big deal. Newcomers need a residence, so marriage usually means buying a house. This is a huge pressure, but in Ethiopia, locals can marry their wives without buying a house, because they can build a house by themselves, and the house built, winter Nuan Xialiang is very popular with local girls. This is the Dorz tribe in Ethiopia. Today we will take a look at how they build a house.

Ethiopia is the country with the most cultural culture in the world. This country has more than 80 ethnic groups and tribes, and has its own unique culture, history, tradition, belief, and even language. Living in the south of the Rift Valley Mountains in Ethiopia. Although the nation is not large, it is very famous. This is a natural weaving nation. Whether it is cotton or bamboo, or other natural fibers and materials, they can be in them. Under the hand, it becomes exquisite crafts. In Africa, the Dalz people’s cotton woven fabrics are famous, but they are more famous than their hive huts. They do not need money to build a house because all the raw materials of the house, They all come from nature, and they are inexhaustible.

This man is determining the foundation. It uses simple bamboo slices to surround a circle on the ground. This is the area of ​​the future house occupied. Then use bamboo slices to connect the inserted bamboo strips. It is made in this way. Bamboo is the raw material of the house. Here the bamboo is inexhaustible. There are a lot of bamboo in the Rift Valley in southern Esselia. It is a very good building material. It can also become flexible and flexible. The key is strong fertility. It is the best building material. The built house is warm in winter and cool in summer. The Erz people use bamboo, and prefer to make it soft bamboo slices, cut off the diamond -shaped on the bamboo festival, then cut the bamboo half of it, and then peel the inner structure of the bamboo. Such a bamboo can become more flexible and can use the special weaving of the Dolz people.

The built houses of the Dalz people are actually weaving bamboo, smashing the flat bamboo slices from the interval to form a barrier, and because it is made of each other, the overall structure of the house will be closer. The bamboo house will be dispersed one day. It is necessary to say that the nations with ancient history are all of them. The Chinese use bamboo to build a house and use a large amount of tenon -and -mortise structure. It is the technique of woven cotton cloth. These are the precious wealth of the nation. It is not what the nations that can only be plundered. As a nation who is good at weaving, the Dorz people naturally know the word beauty. Insert a few green bamboo slices, so that the door does not look ordinary, with a trace of beauty.

At this time, someone will definitely ask, the underlying structure is still enough, what should I do on the roof position? This is naturally difficult to fall. Once you can build a bamboo stand inside the house, the mesh -shaped bamboo stand is ready, and the master can step on the bamboo stand and build the house in a more top position. Just remove it, it will not affect the beauty of the bamboo house at all.

Of course, it is definitely not enough to rely on external weaving. Such a house still has hidden safety hazards and needs to build a load -bearing structure internally. This master is now in size and sets up a load structure in the interior. It is worth mentioning that the ax here. If It can be placed on the neck, which is very interesting. It is very fast to make such a bamboo house. It is not long before the bamboo house has only a few roofs. The location of the roof is embarrassing. After, put it up with the roof with the roof.

But do you do so well? That’s certainly not. If this is just the case, how can it be famous for the world? In addition to the master of the house, the master of the Dalz tribe also intends to make a shape for the door. As for excessive monotonous.

The men here are building a house, and the women are actually not idle. They are collecting dried grass. These dried grass will become the insulation layer of the house. After dug a ground groove around the house, the master will be flattened. Put on the house, and then tie it to the house with bamboo strips to fix it. After the layer of barriers, you can warm up the house. Ethiopia is a plateau country. In fact, it is very cold in the morning and evening. This step is very important.

At this time, the eaves have been done, and the grooves on the ground, Dalz’s master continues to exert its wonderful imagination. Can you imagine that a few days ago was still an open space, and the wool of wool naturally needed to the end. Men men. Men. While building a house, a woman is also collecting the shell of bamboo molting. This is a good waterproof layer. The role is the same as our green tiles. After a few days of struggle, under the cooperation of the master in the village, a hive hut is roughly done. The shape is a bit like a big nose. The key is that the house is cheap enough. This house is zero -cost, because everything comes from nature, and naturally need furniture after the house is done. These two young people are cutting wood with special devices. The wood will be cut into similar sizes. Finally Used to make stools and bedboards, new houses need to wait for newcomers to stay.

The photographer took us to the other rooms in Xiacun. You can see that the rooms of the Dolz people are very spacious. There is no so -called support pillar, but there is a huge internal space to provide a place to sleep for this family. Provide a place where raw fires, providing a place where food and breeding animals are raised in the house and can also be avoided by thieves. Therefore, for the Dolz people, they can marry their wives without buying a house. , Build such a house.

If you are lucky, you do n’t have to worry about house problems in the next 80 years. The least help can also support 60 years. If unfortunately, all wooden houses may be destroyed by termites or other animals, but the Dolz people are not afraid because this bamboo house can be moved away. You only need to move away from the foundation to reorganize, but every time you move, you will reduce the height of the house. This is a nation with a wonderful culture. The world is shocked by their weaving skills. Wife, we will be envious of changing to change.

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