“Cyberpunk 2077” version 1.3 update release free DLC online

CDPR announced that the update of the “Cyberpunk 2077” version 1.3 has been launched on PC, host and Stadia platform. The following is a list of changes:

Extra content:

1.3 Version includes the following free DLC (you can find the “extra content” label set):

Qiangni silver hand replacement appearance

Multi -layer synthetic leather smuggling pilot jackets and fluorescent punk jackets -can be found after completing the task “fame” and receiving the news of Victor. The default quality is rare/immortal, and it will also unlock the production specifications of higher quality equipment.

Tiansheng Joy “robbers” -After completing the task “Dead City” and receiving the news of Darka or Rog, it is obtained or purchased (depending on the choice made by the player). If you do not receive the news, first make sure you are in the evil soil area, and then stay away from Dakota’s workshop. At the same time, Dakota takes two days to contact the player.

Game improvement:

Improve the small map of the small map when driving, amplify the zoom multiple to facilitate driving.

Advanced animals -greatly increase the time on the screen displaying blue sky and angel photos, which is convenient for players to choose.

Added a button that re -assigns the specific points in the character tree tree.

The number of automatic archives of all platforms increased from 10 to 20, and the number of rapid archives increased from 3 to 10.

The database link is added to the log bar.

Added auxiliary options that helps to relieve/avoid faint disease: The center positioning point of the picture is mask. This option can be turned on by setting → interface → picture center positioning point mask.

Now the frequency of intermediate people in contacting V to sell vehicles will decrease.

Improving the screen space reflection on the PlayStation 4 platform and reducing the granular effect.

Add screening conditions to the task items in the backpack.

Now the task items under other task items will be removed after completing the relevant tasks, allowing players to sell or discard.

Now players can rotate the model of V in the object bar with the mouse.

Now that the player has made a quick crack and then discarded it, it can still make the quick crack.

Added the content of equipment comparison to the body.

It improved the notification of the righteous body purchased by the player when it did not meet the needs of the equipment level.

Players can now upgrade the production components in batches.

A new sleep location is added to the apartment in V’s apartment.

Now when the player picks up the NPC, the hiding point will turn red instead of gray.

The icon of the landmine is now gray after being demolished.

You can now use the elevator when carrying NPCs.

When you stare at the abyss -updated Barry’s appearance, it has become more unique now.

When making higher -quality items of the same name now, if basic items exist in the item bar, they will be high -quality as other components.

Balance adjustment:

The detection time of the enemy now depends on the difficulty of the game. Simple and ordinary enemies will discover players more slowly. Under very difficult and difficult, the enemy will now discover the player faster.

The enemy in a very difficult difficulty will become more aggressive when searching in a “alert” state.

Now NCPD will not respond to the corpse in the open world incident and enter hostile state.

Now NCPD does not respond to the behavior of using non -fatal weapons to hit NPC.

The rules of damage treatment were adjusted according to the distance between the NPC people and the weapons used in the battle.

The task “Fire with my body”: improved the AI ​​logic of Adam · During the battle.

Task “Tiger Explosion”: improved Oda’s AI logic during the battle.

Task “Radio”: improving the AI ​​logic of Pracid during the battle.

Task “Radio”: Added the invasion resistance of Pracid.

Task “Witness to Cyber ​​Psychiatry: Fawei must be reinable”: improves the AI ​​logic of Cyber’s mental illness during the battle.

The task “Every inch of your breath”: improved the standing and aiming of red scourge.

Added the attributes of the golden mother -in -law (Jack’s immortal pistol).

Mission “Save people”: increase the number of ammunition at the beginning of the mission.

Quick cracking: fine -tuning and balanced connection infection.

The production system is improved, random quality items attributes will be improved according to the player’s production skills. It is not possible to obtain items that exceed the corresponding production skills through repeated brushing production.

The level of the use of items now increases with each upgrade. Please note that the amendment will affect the upgraded items. The equipment that does not meet the needs of the level can still be worn normally, but it will not be equipped again after removing it.

Add more production specifications for righteous body plugins.

The production specifications of small knives are added (it can be owned in the early stage of the game).

The number of components required to make certain items is updated, such as rehabilitation, hard -working, quick cracking, clothing plug -in and certain weapons.

Balanced the production specifications of clothing plug -ins.

Balance the number of components required to make clothing.

The number of components required for the production of the Saanwestan fragments is balanced.

Now players can buy the righteous body with a doctor: optical camouflage.

Adjusted the prices of the vitamin: the price of the sensory amplifier.

The unified production norms of rare quality can only be obtained during the mission “Organizational Crime Activities: Tiger Tail”.

The price and quality of the Kerry guitar in the “Entrusted: Rice Circle Brain Fan”.

Game character:

Fixed a problem that only the player produced when it first visited the clothing store for the first time.

The problem that a player could not use weapons and shortcut menu items after visiting the wanderer camp.

Fixed a problem that a cracking goal will not be included in the “Christmas tree attack”.

The device is now displayed as a “unauthorized” tutorial window that will not pop up.

Now V will not move down with fast movement.

Adjust the functions of multiple expertise


Now the expertise “can’t afford to fall to the ground” can take effect on the NPC that knocked down and imbalance.

Now the “safe distance” allows players to immune to their flash bombs.

Now “crazy science” can increase the price of all items.

Now the expertise “hacker” allows players to get an epic quickly cracked: seduce the enemy signal.

The guitar in the mirror “in the mirror” will not be disassembled, and it will not be automatically dismantled when it has a professional “waste into treasure”.

Now the “mech recovery” can work normally, so that players have a chance to pick up weapon accessories.

Small scale correction related to V’s AI logic during fast -forward dialogue

After a fixed problem, the player will constantly change squatting and standing posture and get stuck after a dialogue.

Now V will not put away the weapon after skipping the dialogue.

When V is now falling into the water, skipping the holographic phone conversation will not be stuck in the cycle.

The correction related to production has adjusted the price of some items:

It will not be able to buy and sell epic quality paintings “Untitled 18 -Blancisi, 2021” to brush the money now.

Added quality settings to the production specifications of Sa’ANwestan fragments.

Re -balance and add part of the drop, the problem that the various items cannot be collected:

Fixed the problems that various items cannot pick up.

Fixed the icon displayed when picking up the shoes.

Fixed a problem that can pick up Jack’s immortal pistols in the North District.

Fixed the problem that a player can kill the black super -dream trafficker who can kill the task “no alone”, and pick up inventory items from his body.

Repeated drops of an open world incident in Taipingzhou.

Fixed the appearance of a junk item.

Add a drop to the empty box behind the company square.

Fixed a problem that some rare items dropped when it should not fall.

Now Adam’s heavy hammer will drop other items in addition to accessing tokens.

Fixed the problem that some boxes could not be opened in the control of the task “Raising the hand”.

Remove the legendary praying mantis knife in Royce’s office in the mission.

Add new items to some vendors’ inventory and remove duplicate items:

Repeated production specifications in Lijing District, Valley, Coronado, evil soil and Taipingzhou weapon stores.

Add food to the inventory of food vendors for trailer parks.

Fixed AI logic and screen effects of multiple devices:

The problem of inconsistent appearance and inventory of some vending machines is fixed.

Various equipment -related optimization.

Fixed a problem of displaying text when scanning the machine in the mission “Criminal Report: Remnant leftovers”.

Fixed a problem that could not use a small keyboard next to the garage of “love than Jinjian”.

Fixed an animation that the enemy was attracted by the sprinkler.

Fixed the problem that the text displayed when scanning the weapon vending machine was not translated.

Amended a lack of the lack of a Kazuko’s Bai Qingge shop.

Fixed a problem that the collision of mines in various tasks was too large.

The NPC in a mission “Stealing” will not be attracted by TV and camera.

Adjust the appearance of the access point antenna.

Added a lack of interactive action in a mission “Entrustment: Little White Rat”.

Fixed the light of certain access points.

Fixed a problem that a boiler collision was determined too much.

Remove the task “commission: resignation compensation” excess personal connection icon on the interactive equipment in China and Africa.

Remove the extra scanning components on the shelf at the hidden access point.

The NPC, which is now killed by a car lifting station, will not wear mold or play it on its surface.

Fixed the problem that the text displayed on the screen screen was not translated.

The holographic decoration no longer has a collision effect.

Fixed a problem of displaying texts that were not translated when scanning a forklift.

When the task “Breaking the Storm” scanning the barracks of the barracks in the barracks, a certain enemy outside the fork car will be highlighted.

Fixed a problem that the forklift will be disconnected to the forklift when an ice cone was uploaded to a forklift puppet near the task of attacking a case in the Kabuki district.

Now the ceiling turret will not fire before facing the target.

Now taking over the camera during swimming will not destroy UI, lens perspective and animation.

Except for their laser effects after using the “burning circuit” interactive action.

The special effects of interactive action when using the “burning circuit” were added.

Fixed a problem that will be opened when the camera that is closed.

Fixed a problem that does not cause any damage.

Added the lack of animation of the device in the mission “Entrust: Entrusted: Enemies in the past.”

Now V squatting or hiding in the bunker will not be discovered by the monitoring probe.

Fixed a problem that the text was not translated on the screen on the screen of the mission “when the dream wrapped”.

Fixed various elevators related questions:

Players will not be stuck in the elevator of the H10 of the Super skyscraper.

The elevator who uses the task to “declare war on the law” will not leave the elevator when going to the top apartment.

The “scanning” access authorization time for the elevator was shortened.

Adjust the lit up on the UI panel according to the direction of the elevator.

Various amendments and improvements of AI logic and reactions of NPC and urban activities:

The goal of the turret will be consistent with the NPC now.

Adjust the AI ​​logic when the NPC vehicle was stolen.

Now NPCs will not respond to all shots.

Fixed a problem that some NPCs would not escape from the battle scene.

Now the traffic vehicle will flute after hitting V.

Now the vehicle is empty and reads the game will not be stuck in place.

Fixed various issues related to fast cracking and scanning. Small -scale adjustment and improvement:

Fixed a first -person perspective lens so that players will not look down when they start scanning.

Improve the game performance when opening the scanning menu.

The monitoring probe that has been affected by the “burning circuit” cannot be cracked.

Fixed a problem that can be cracked and repeated quickly.

Added NPC to be quickly cracked: the death animation when weak short -circuit killing.

The boss of the tiger’s claws in the task “Thousands of people” can be invaded during the battle.

Now you can use the holographic table quickly to crack the holographic table in the mission “Night Song OP.55 N.1”: lure the enemy.

Fixed a problem that scanning the enemy’s NPC in the car will let the car fly to the sky.

The scanning ladder will no longer be displayed as “open.”

If a player is scanned when you get off the car, the problem that scan the mask will stay on the screen.

Fixed the problem of scanning general NCPD police officers.

Now scanning robots and mechs will not display human names on their heads.

Monitor the control of the probe when smooth remote control drone.

Improve the AI ​​logic of NPC in the battle, and correct various issues related to it:

The task “Fire with my body”: Adam · Hearing his footsteps when he chased behind V.

The mission “Tiger mouth tooth extraction”: Fixed the problem of his praying mantis knife pattern when he was defeated.

The mission “Boo forward”: The problem that a savage king did not use Siawostan but still had visual effects.

The task “Fire with my body”: Now the player will not be able to attack him during the animation of Adam · Hammer.

The task “Tiger mouth tooth extraction”: The problem of stealthing a small field when it is too far away.

Task “take the goods”: Now after using “weak short circuit” for Royce, Royce’s men will not put on the T -shaped shape.

The mission “Black Boxing: Taipingzhou”: Now the nose of Ozbu will cause additional damage to him correctly.

The mission “Black Boxing: Kabuki District”: Now V follows the twins after winning the boxing match, they will not play defensive animation circularly.

The mission “brave forward”: Now V sneaks and bypass the animal gang, they will not ignore the collision of the roller door.

Revisiting is delayed now, so constantly throwing grenades to Cyber’s mental illness will not cause infinite fainting.

The task “Faith is a bullet”: At present, in the task area, it is no longer a member of the sixth street gang.

Now the drone will be destroyed after the explosion of the drone.

Now NPC will not hide behind the bunker after being copied.

Optimized the throwing of the grenades from the perspective of the limit angle.


Players cannot interact with the mirror during the battle.

Adjust and improve some player mechanisms:

Fixed a problem that could not be performed during a holographic call.

Fixed a problem that V to fly to the air when I tried to skip or climb in various terrain in the night city.

Now put NPCs into Tingweigana’s “ghoul” trunk, they will not get stuck outside.

Fixed a problem that using a mouse roller key to quickly choose weapons to make them invisible.

When the vehicle in the mission “entrustment: hunting monsters” is pretending to be in the body of Chengtaro’s body, the player will not be able to open its trunk.

Added an animation to carry the NPC and put them into the trunk of the vehicle.

Fixed an animation problem that carried the NPC from the truck and put them into the truck.

Multiple NPCs can be placed in the trunk of Villektis now.

When a player chose to go to the garage with Claire in the mission “Beast Beast: Municipal Center”, Claire’s car would turn around instead of driving away.

When being wanted by the police, players will not be able to use the frightened NPC as a meat shield.

The problem that a V cannot quickly climb the ladder or slide down the ladder.

Fixed multiple problems in terms of bodies:

Now righteous body: Titanium bones will not appear repeatedly at the righteous doctor in Meiquan District.

Fixed a problem that the righteous body does not show the name when cooling.

Adjust the function of some plug -in::

Now clothing plug -in: God guns can work normally.

Now clothing plug -in: Bright eyes and insulation can protect electromagnetic pulse mines.

The stability and performance of each platform:

The change of this part covers all platforms, but it has more obvious effects on the prestigious and low -performance platforms.

Multiple aspects of performance improvement, including but not limited to:

Improve dynamic resolution adjustment.

Improving the stability of the number of frames, especially the reduction of significant fluctuations and faults in the battle.

Various dynamic load improvement, including but not limited to:

Fixed a dynamic load that affects the performance of the municipal center.

Memory optimization and memory management improvement of various systems (reducing the number of game collapse), several collapse corrections, including but not limited to:

After the player reads a storage document after the player fights with Agamine Agent, the game will collapse.

Fixed a problem that the game would collapse when the player waited for Thompson before leaving Atlantis in the mission “Never Passing”.

Fixed a problem that the game would collapse when the “small map crowd” option was switched and switched multiple times in the settings.


Now that V will get off too quickly after completing the task “Going home: evil soil”, Draman’s avatar will not be stuck in the holographic phone.

When the content of the item prompts is too long, the text will not disappear.

Fixed various typos in subtitles, separation chips, tasks and weapons descriptions.

Add the text messages received by the player after leaving the Draman taxi caused the mission “Going Home: North Emperolar District”.

The fast moving point name near the V apartment is re -changed to “Super skyscraper H10”.

The items that are labeled “None” and do not have the right icon are removed from the item bar.

Now if the items have multiple plug -ins, the suspension menu will display its attribute correctly.

Fixed a Polish problem with a Men’s VR tutorial in the Brazilian Portuguese version of the game.

Now plug -in: The description of the black market battery will correctly display the attributes of the item.

Fixed a quick crack: the problem of the lack of icons outside the item column with the infected picture.

The status effect icon of “Ru Mao Drinking Blood” is now replaced with snowflakes.

It is now displayed normally when equipped with punk double vest.

Added a reading screen prompt text to an introduction to the fast -moving settings.

Fixed the name of the Galina gecko next to the pop -up prompt.

In the current task “No ideals, no sadness/opinion leader”, the pictures in the second message sent by Nanyi Hartley will be displayed normally.

The wording of the progress reward of the production skills related to upgrade cost reduction is adjusted.

The picture of McKino MTL1 in the “Call Vehicle” menu will match the vehicle model.

The debug string of the “Golden Dart” prompts was removed.

The icon group will not be disconnected from the corresponding position when zooming the map now.

When the endurance slot is exhausted now, the correct icon will be displayed next to the life value slot rather than the top of the head.

The instructions of the Villard Alvarado V4F 570 regiment are now correctly stated that this is a rear drive.

(When the language of the game is Polish) The correct value of the effective time will be displayed in the instructions of the synapse accelerator.

Now the instructions of the weapon ring will show the correct type of items.

Fixed a text on the Chiba-11 area in the separated chip.

When the photo mode and the vendor menu are now quickly opened, the game will not get stuck.

Now the small map will display the immortal drop icon.

Fixed a situation where the destination of the enemy turret is not displayed and the killing confirmation is not displayed.

Fixed the problem of incorrect colors of the marked colors of the anti -preparation enemy. The mark is now displayed as yellow instead of red.

Fixed a problem with incorrect display when the RAM recovery rate is less than 0.50.

Fixed a problem with an incorrect disassembly button.

Fixed an error of a switching plug -in warning button mechanism.

The prompt key position without actual function when using the invasion protocol.

Remove the excess input prompts on the network access warehouse panel.

Graphics, audio and animation


Now enhanced the words of rock in the composite lining.

Fixed the problem of a single molecular line that will be slightly disconnected from the male V’s arm and wearing molds.

Fixed a task “Stealing” small and small flat boxes in the small and small head of the small and medium -sized flat heads in the hotel room of the Bibi Building to block the aisle.

Fixed a problem that the background music and automotive radio will be affected when the sound volume is changed in the sound settings.

Fixed a problem that the voice of the task “Old Friends of the Wild Street” Zhongzhu Village will play the same time at the same time when talking with V in the truck.

Fixed the problem of a hacker service and female V’s legs and male V’s trousers.

Fixed the problem of running the animation after jumping down or upward slope.

Sometimes the effect of dust particles shows incorrect problems.

Now the skin’s skin will not be too bright in the dark area.

Now that players will retreat to the super dream experience in the mission “intelligence”, the shadow of the heavy hammer will not appear on the elevator door.

When returning to the mission “Room 303” to rescue the bamboo village, the problem that the Antaka soldiers would generate in front of the player.

Environment and level

Fixed the lack of terrain in Watson, Municipal Center, Westbrook, Head, and San Domingo.

Fixed a way to find the vehicle in the central center of the municipal center.

Fixed a number of places that can cause players permanently.

Fixed the problem of disappearance of multiple environments.

Fixed the problems that suddenly appeared in front of the player.

The GPS in the biotechnology apartment will not bring players to the area where they cannot go.


Re -classify the correct classification for the separation chip.

The call of a mission NPC will suddenly end, resulting in NPC appearing in other calls, and may interrupt other holographic phone calls from NPC.

Fixed a discontinued holographic phone with other calls to recover, causing NPC to appear in other calls, and may interrupt other holographic calls from NPC.

No alone

Fixed a problem that Judy would not generate in the truck after finding the black super dream.

Fixed a problem that Judy’s trucks will generate the progress after finding Black Chao Meng.

Now that the player completes the task “No Merism”, visit the Chao Meng Experience Studio again will not be locked in the basement.

Dangerous game

Fixed a problem that could not interact with Zhucun to complete the goal “meeting with Zhucun”.

Go forward

The rolling door of the cinema will not be closed now.

Now that the Savage King is defeated by the savage king, the door to the Internet monitoring hackers will open normally.

Tiger mouth tooth extraction

Fixed a problem that interrupted a holographic phone to block the call of bamboo village.

Various small amendments to the festival have optimized the overall perception.


Move the RELIC failure effect when talking to Brandon.

Need to respond

The task will not be kept in a “not found” state when interacting with Brandon.

Better Spring Dream

Stephen will not be missing now.

The problem that a player cannot store the commissioned task items at the corresponding delivery point.

Now players cannot use Stephen’s super dream experience on motorcycles.

Advanced Animal

Fixed the problem that a player could not leave Genting because of the air wall.

After the “intelligence” of the mission “intelligence”, Evilin will not be removed from Judy’s working room, causing the player to be blocked by the air wall that cannot talk to Judy.

Fixed a problem that killing VIP guards in a certain order will cause the task goal to disappear and stuck the progress.

It will not be stuck inside without entering Genting from the front desk.

Black fist

Fixed a player after defeating the rhino too fast, so that Fred would not call the player to make the final, so as to get stuck in the task.

River Valley District: Now you can get money from him after defeating Buck.

Kabuki District: Fixed a problem that the twins may not want to compare after a fixed V failure.

East East First Class

The tiger claws will not fight with each other.

Now players will fail to leave the vehicle after jumping into the water (avoid the game cannot be advanced).

When dreaming

The task of the mission after a correction with Rog Ge came to the silver curtain.

Fire and wine

Now V choices will not fail to return to the city and use fast movement to complete the task, the task will not fail.


Now Johnny’s leaning on Judy’s mirror will not be able to interact with the mirror.

Don’t lose yourself

Fixed a problem that a player will be locked outside when it is quickly entering and out of Draman’s core room.

Old Friends

Fixed a question that could not be talked with Gezi.

Dream continue

Fixed a problem that you can come to the truck without triggering the battle.

Now Elizabeth will follow V normally.

The company’s agents will be removed after the chase fails.

Now that the player will destroy the attacker before calling Elizabeth, the task target “connect with the access point of the truck” will not appear again.


Fixed a problem that was still activated after completion.


The problem that could not get a gun from Wilson after the task was completed.

Who is the beam?

Now the roof of players can never jump into the open world.

Change the kidney

The icons at important places now display normally on the map.

Looking forward to death

Fixed a problem that a military science and technology aid will fly away on the battlefield on the battlefield, so as to stuck the progress.

The problem that a magic lizard will be stuck after the stray camp collides with other vehicles.


Fixed a problem that the task would not continue when defeating Sandra under certain conditions.

Dead city

The appearance of a gang was adjusted to avoid modeling.

Now that players will leave the town area in Panan, Daka will not call V.

Amended a problem that the game would collapse when the substation waiting for Panan.

Fixed a problem that she would not hang up when she was close to Panan to get stuck.

Now the player cannot call the vehicle at the chaotic knife to avoid conflicts during the mission and scenes and NPCs.

Panan will not hit the car on the way out of the tunnel.

When you stare at the abyss

During the current target “talking to Barry”, players will not fail the task in the area outside Barry apartment.

Now the player told the Andrew’s niche that the NCPD police officer who ran into Barry would not be locked inside.

Goodbye Jack

Now if the player leaves and completes the mission “Entrust: Give me the head of Gustavo Olta”, then Gustavo and Martha will not appear in the wild wolf bar.

Now players and Valentino will not be stuck in Jack’s garage when fighting.

Declare war on the law

Now the player sprints in the elevator after being discovered by the enemy.

Now players will not be able to leave the conference room during the super dream experience.

Amended a problem that the holographic phone could not end normally when leaving the task area in advance under specific conditions.

Opinion leader

Fixed a problem that a player could not talk to Johnny next to the prophecy machine.

Passengers in the sky

Fixed a problem that a floating door will not open and make it impossible for players to pick up the items.

Now the player cannot summon any vehicle at the falling place where the floating vehicle crashes.


Fixed a problem that the task goal will be triggered again under specific conditions to stuck the progress.

I feel like a fire

Now players cannot use the helicopter rotor to walk out of the roof area.

When will the prey come

Fixed a problem that a player could not follow Pracid because of the door closure in the Batti Hotel.

Fixed the problem that he could not receive Mr. Hans’ calls or cannot call Mr. Hans. Please note that you may need to leave the chapel to unlock the call and advance the task progress.

Night song OP.55 N.1

Now the sniper rifle after the key turning point: Watch will not be removed from the player’s item bar. In order to retrieve the item, players need to read the deposit file of the previous time point, and push the game progress to a critical turning point again.

Carefulness can make a coincidence

Fixed a problem that the enemy would stuck in the wall during a VR tutorial.

Song of Pyramid

Now players cannot save the game during the intimate period with Judy.


The mission of the vehicle at the entrance of the building now will not fail. // Creating Cylonia’s parking phobia.

Break through the storm

There will be no empty cars during chasing scenes now.

Fixed a problem that a player entered the night swimming ghost camp through the tunnel and left from the front door, Panan’s trucks would make mistakes to generate the progress of the progress.

Fixed a problem that the progress will be stuck after restoring the electricity under specific conditions.

Second -time conflict

Fixed a sign of the vortex gang and Patrisia’s lack of indicator marks.

Now that the player enters the dance of death in Nanxi through other routes, the task will not be stuck.

Flammable and explosive

Now the player drove Ozbu during the target “Talking with Ozob”, ​​and the progress will not be stuck.



Everyone earns money

Even if players do not trigger a dialogue with Johnny on the stairs, they can interact with Kirk.

Outer strange thing

After a correction of one of the tramps, the player will be blocked by his body that cannot obtain a laptop.

Faith is a bullet

Fixed a problem that a player would fight with Liujie Gang after completing the challenge, and the task will not be able to complete.

Buck Rivers Love Song

Fixed the lack of instructions for Johnny during the street performance.

Trapped beast

Now the player will not be able to start any car race in the battle.

When a player went to Claire’s garage to meet her, Claire’s vehicle was incorrectly generated and caused the problem that the dialogue could not be performed.

Company dog

The problem that a player could not choose the destination after entering the floating car.


Fixed a problem that did not take a gun from Wilson.


Fixed a problem that Jack would disappear when a player was next to the Draiman taxi near the coming life or waiting inside the Bibi Building.

Fixed the problem that the task progress will be stuck after the player and the first camera connection in Xiaoping’s first camera.


Fixed a player if he had an appointment with Merides in the mission “Wire wearing fur” but did not go to the appointment, so that there would be no goal in the log to cause the task to be stuck, and the Nazre Erijin is true. It will be added to the problem that already has a vehicle.


Fixed a problem that the pop -up prompts that “use” will not be activated, and the player cannot investigate the problem of the computer to get stuck.

Take the goods

Fixed a problem that a player would fight with the vortex gang of the main hall at a specific moment, and Dum Dum will constantly generate and remove the problem.

Fixed a player if you kill Royce from the balcony, then Jack will stuck in the problem that the progress can not be advanced in the whole food factory.

Fixed a problem if a player kills Dum Dummu before reaching the boss’s room, then the progress will be stuck on the target “Follow Dum Dum”.

After a correction of a Bridge was killed, the optional target “talking to Brick” will still occur.

Fixed a problem that the player could not complete the dialogue with the military science and technology agent under certain conditions to stuck the progress.

Now Jack and Rickina’s hostess calls will not overlap.

The garage door will not be closed when the battle is triggered.

If the player now uses an invasion agreement in advance, the goal “Stepping to bypass Royce” will not fail.

Amended a player’s hostile route to the full food factory during the call with Merrids Stock.


After leaving Dexter’s extended luxury car now, call Jack immediately, and the player will not be stuck on the interrupt holographic phone.


Fixed a problem that a finger brother will not appear in his clinic.

All deeds

Now, if the player has already fought against Lijie during the mission “belief is a bullet”, the task will not fail.

Electric wave

Fixed a problem that the game will be stuck in the black screen after entering the cyber space.

Fixed a problem that the player would be stuck when the call with Maman Brutia was interrupted.

Players can summon the vehicle after leaving the chapel now.

Wearing fur Venus

Players will not be stuck in the room with Merides Stock.

War pig

Fixed a problem that Johnny did not generate during the mission goal “Talking with Johnny”.

On the eve of the storm

Fixed a guidance mark to Sol before the wanderer enlistment ceremony.

Fixed a question that could not talk to Mijel.


Fixed a problem that some players will get stuck in the target “Waiting Wanderer” when listening to Panan’s briefing.

Now players can more conveniently drive Sol’s rewards to open the garage of sunset motels.

After telling Panan’s plan now, the progress will not be stuck when the vehicle obtained from him is destroyed. This task will fail, and players will not get the vehicle.

Open the world:

Fixed a number of tasks of a middleman to report the holographic telephone will be played at the same time, causing various commissioned issues that cannot be completed. (For example, the mission “commission: lack of compassion”, “commission: middleman, mercenary, soldiers, spy”, etc.). Officials are also continuing to solve graphic problems related to the entrusted card in the log, the latter will not affect the unlocking of regional achievements.

Remove the excess drop of the corpse of the Ferris wheel.

Fixed a problem that a player can destroy it before purchasing the Goodra 66, which causes the relevant “purchase vehicle” task to be carried out, and achieves the problem that the “love car is like life” may not be completed.

Fixed the problem of invincible enemies due to the triggering area in the battle scene of Meiquan District.

Entrusted: olive branches

Fixed a problem that a vehicle will generate underground.

Entrusted: Lone bet

Now the task will be normally included in the achievement “This is the basic interpretation method, Watson.”

Witness to Cyber ​​mental illness: there must be monsters if they are abnormal

Now, if V encounters Cyber’s mental illness before the holographic call of Reggina, the task will be updated normally.

Entrusted: Bear Heart Leopard Gold

Fixed a question that V, no matter where Huangfu goes. Now V will fail to leave the motel area.

View: Say my name

Fixed a problem that could not destroy the flashing equipment.

Now players cannot destroy glittering equipment before entering the laboratory.

Witness to Cyber ​​Psychiatric: Discount Doctor

Fixed a problem that a player hits Cyber’s mental illness or throw grenades at the arena in the arena, and the other party will not enter the battle.

Entrustment: Lack of sympathy

Fixed a problem that a player can interact with the computer before the briefing to get stuck in progress.

Entrust: the more helpful

Fixed a problem that Dano’s call V will stay on the screen twice.

Entrust: Speed ​​up to the medical treatment

Fixed a problem that the goal of “going to the designated residence” after entering the house will not be updated.

Entrust: Bloody sports

Now after the player completes the task and drives away, the task will not be stuck in the log.

Entrust: Give me the head of Gustovo Alta

Players can now carry Gustovo to take the elevator.

Entrustment: Hedako

Fixed a problem that a player can kill Dan and stuck the progress.

Entrust: High body temperature …

Fixed a problem that a player would float in the air if he threw the little demon’s body.

Fixed the problem that a player could not carry the little demon.


Fixed an incorrect GPS path to the place where the direction and the wanderer meeting.

Entrusted: Save death and wounded

The problem that a player cannot use weapons and shortcut menu items.

Entrust: Lives disappear

Fixed a problem that people who do not occur at the meeting place.


Amended a task card in the target “Finding Chengtaro”.

Commission: No middlemen earn the difference

Fixed the problem of closing the door of the safe house of Dakota.

Entrusted: Rope with the law

Fixed a problem that a bus will generate at the same place.

Fixed the problem that the task target “eliminating the Herse Lulis” after defeating the Hesse will not be updated.

Fixed a problem that a player could not receive the reward to complete the task.

Entrusted: Rice Circle Brain Disabled Powder

Fixed a problem that did not store the options for the delivery point.

Entrust: Police are reliable, sows can go to the tree

Fixed a player’s rapid solution to Aaron McCanson: the problem of causing the enemy will cause the progress to get stuck.

Commission: serious side effects

Amended a problem that did not store β-acid options.

Commission: Mr. Radriro’s private collection

Fixed a problem that a player has 5/5 technical strength points, but the technical dialogue option is still unavailable.

Entrustment: Sitting and receiving fisheries

After the task fails now, the task will not remain in the activation state.


Fixed a problem that a living door could not open and stuck.

Entrust: Your wife is in our hands

Fixed a problem that the player could not talk to her after sending Lauren.

Entrust: out of the mud without dyeing

Fixed a problem that a player needs to pay double rooms to open the room.

Suspected of organizing criminal activities: violation of privacy policies

Amended a problem that reinforcements stuck in the air.


Fixed a problem that NPCs did not look at V in various scenarios.

Fixed a player every time you save a dial and get a pistol: a unified problem.

The facial animation when V shirts is now played normally.

After amending a call to Roger and asking her to Agam’s heavy hammer, she would generate the problem with the player.

Fixed a problem of some NPCs stop playing animation after playing games for a long time.

Fixed the problem of incorrect multiplication of NPCs.

Fixed the problem of incorrect NPC positions and the problems of the items after reading the archives.

Fixed the problem of the NPC in various tasks to play animation at the wrong place.

Fixed a problem that Jack will generate in front of the player in the eyes of the player for one and half a year.

Fixed the problem that the appearance of NPC after moving the lens will change randomly.

Fixed a problem that a task and scene will be promoted before the reading screen disappear.

Two lives

Fixed a problem that the head will float in the air during the super dream experience.

Fixed a problem that Judi would stand next to the table after watching the super dream experience instead of sitting on the chair.

Who is the beam?

Fixed a problem that a Rog’s floating car was hit after being hit.

Dead city

When the player reads the archives stored during the car, V will not be generated on the driver’s position and Panan.

Players cannot inject them after the death of the vortex gang members who are injured now.

Dangerous game

When a player did not take the elevator but walked the stairs, Zhucun would always stuck in the elevator at the construction site.

Declare war on the law

Fixed the animation of Cyber’s psychiatric mantis knife.


Fixed a problem that a player will not advance after entering the super dream experience.


After fixed a player’s connection to Panan’s car, Johnny will not occur in the back seat.

Fixed a problem that Panan’s conversation may be interrupted by the screen.

Fixed a unnatural movement in the French version of the game.

I feel like a fire

Fixed a problem that Kerry would come when Johnny approached the microphone.

At the beginning of the background scene, Johnny will not fall below the ground.

Never pass away

Fixed a problem that the details displayed by Johnny in the field were too low.

Night song OP.55 N.1

Now Mithdi draws the Tarot card: when the demon and the moon, they will not exchange each other.


Now when the player enters the NCPD police car, the police officer will drive the car away when the NCPD police car is opened.


Fixed a problem that a Dexter would mistakenly appear in the landfill scene and caused the model to wear.

Song of Pyramid

Judy’s hair is now displayed normally when wearing chlorine rubber diving clothes.

Now that the player leaves the city after the mission, she will not appear in her apartment.

Room 303

If a player quickly went to the exit after rescing Zhucun, there would be a problem that Arakasaka soldiers appeared on the field and shooting towards V.

Crime and punishment

The problem that Joshua would transmit Enter and trapped in the progress of the progress.

The stairs leading to the kingdom of heaven, numbness

When a player enters the super dream experience, the game will be stuck in the white screen state that cannot be advanced.

裂 蚴 蚴 蚴

The current female V’s feet will not deform in one of the scenarios.

Evil: After a correction of a player, after choosing to wait for Claire, the game will be stuck in the black screen.

Municipal Center: After the player completes the game, Claire’s hand will be attached to a rifle.

Fixed a problem that the person who reads basketball after reading the archive of Lizi Bar will change the position.

Fixed a problem that unmanned opportunities to generate progress under the map to get stuck.

Fixed the problem that a Saburo would stand after being killed.

After reading a archive in Lai Xuan’s top apartment, the RELIC box will disappear from Jack’s hand.

Fixed a problem in Jos’s house to generate an excess NPC.

After the failure of a task, Dorian and Monick would stand by the bed and enter the standby state.

Fixed a problem that the second super dream experience cannot be advanced.

Fixed a problem that a player could not get in the car from Ruver’s car.

When the player is in the bathroom, he will not be able to choose to sit on the sofa.


Now that players watch the Super Dream experience, Evilin will not sit in the air next to the chair.

After the dialogue was too fast, Evilin would slide with a sitting position instead of walking.

Fixed a problem that the head will disappear when the super -dream experience is worn on the V head when the head is worn on the V head.


Fixed the problem of the TV screen function on a panel on a box.

Now the player will not be able to get on the bus when standing on the roof.

Now the player will not be able to open the door of the radio tower when the car is in the car.

Now the animation of Dum Dum about the animation of Dum Dum in the German version of the game will be synchronized normally.

Fixed the problem of not holding a military technology chip when I paid the Vortex Gang.

After a fixed news that a player calls Rickina and inquired with Royce to her, she will generate the problem with the player.


Fixed the problem of lack of weapons during the shooting of the gangsters with the Robbing Robot Team.

Fixed a problem that a player has always been sitting in the scene of Qingdaofu’s chasing car.


Fixed a pistol when a player left Victor’s clinic: the problem that disappears from the item bar.

Fixed the problem of eating a Jack with two chopsticks.

Street boy

Fixed a problem that Jack’s mouth was not right and he would continue to stand up when he talked on the stairs.

Meng’an sleeps in Jiuxiao

Fixed the problem of the personal connection of V’s personal connection during the test of Professor Cao Tsui.

Fixed a problem that a punch card will be displayed as a cigarette.


After completing the love branch mission with Judy and receiving the news about the gift, the player can find a gift from Judy in V’s apartment.

Fixed some inconsistent content in the wireless radio.

Fixed a problem that the black screen effect of the mission “My heart is like fire” in a specific language version will not end.

PC exclusive:

The problem that the 8K resolution screen cannot correctly display the tutorial prompt text.

Trapped beast

Company dog



Take the goods


Entrusted: Save death and wounded

Fixed a problem that the damage of the preview of the deposit session will cause the game to crash.

Fixed the problem of using shortcut Alt+Enter to switch windowization and full -screen mode.

Now players can press the TAB to exit the lock -locked scan mask interface.

Add a more compact PC version of the mouse cog.

Exclusive host:

The internal dead areas are now suitable for game menu.

[PlayStation] Now NPC will not speak after being killed.

Improved the dynamic load of urban light.

When the player’s memory space is insufficient, the cover of the game will not damage the archive.

The masks and pipes in the position of the mission “Hunting” will be displayed normally.

Now Rogge will not wear models with Johnny in the mission “Dead City”, and can correctly hold the cup.

If the player in a mission “Save people”, if the player reads the archive in front of the police’s road barrier, it will cause the NCPD police officer to not start dialogue and stuck the progress.

Fixed a problem that Judi and the sexual puppet meeting scenes in the mission “Thousands of people and thousands of faces” on the PS4 platform cannot start normally.

[Xbox] Some of the problems that were cut off after the screen faded in a mission “Metal Madman”.

Fixed a problem that the field error occurred when assigned the weapon field in the backpack.

Source: CDPR


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