All Qujing people, warm up in winter, which one do you choose?

Qu Jingxun on the palm

(Qu Jing Daily intern Tian Pujing) As the solar terms “heavy snow” passed, Qu Jing was regarded as entering the cold winter. Love.

Convenient and practical hot water bag

The traditional hot water bottle is generally made of rubber. When used, you only need to pour the hot water that was burned in advance into the hot water bottle. This hot water bottle is loved by grandparents and grandma, because it is convenient and safe, cheap and practical, but compared with comparison In the case of, its insulation time is short. After cold, pour the water directly, and waste water resources.

Make a warm bag at any time

With the advancement of the times, a variety of fancy electric heating bags appeared in the market, and major shopping malls were sold. When you come to the corresponding area of ​​Wal -Mart Shopping Center, you can see that the brands of electric bags on the shelves are diverse and rich in types. The price ranges from 39.9 yuan to 89.9 yuan. Auntie on the side reminded: “When choosing a electric heating bag, you must pay attention to whether there is a special exhaust hole on the electric heating bag, because the electric bag with an exhaust hole has explosion -proof function. All rainbow cards in the market. The electric heating bags are equipped with exhaust holes. In addition, our electric bag charger this year is different from the previous years. It uses a bracket design to reduce the possibility of an electric heating bag explosion to a certain extent. ” Auntie added.

Warm reminder: The electric heating bag cannot be used when charging. It should be placed in a place where the child is not enough. Try to stay away from as much as possible and observe. When you see the electric heating bag swell, disconnect the power in time and turn on the exhaust hole. Release some gases appropriately.

The author learned that the “cake -shaped” hand warming treasure is the “newly promoted red niche” in the electric bag industry. With its small body, fast charging, high safety factor, and long thermal insulation time, many similar products have been eliminated. Its price is relatively high, but its service life is generally more than three years, and its cost is relatively high.

Warm reminder: The precautions of the “cake -shaped” hand warming treasure during charging are different from ordinary electric heating bags. When charging, the special charger jack must be connected to the hand warming treasure, and then inserted the other end plug into the other end plug into Power supply; people must not leave when they are powered on. They should pay attention to observing their indicators. The indicator lights of 5 to 8 minutes go out, indicating that the power storage is complete, and people cannot touch during the period; After the power is disconnected, there is a heating process. In order to ensure safe use, the hand warming treasure should be packed into the insured bag (presented at the time of purchase) to prevent burns.

Must -have heater at home

Needless to doubt, heater is definitely a must -have at home in winter. It is understood that there are many types of heater. The most common are the square furnaces, small solars, electrical membranes, oil tin, heater, etc. The main brands include Pioneer and Emiut. Aunt Yan, the salesperson of the Sifang furnace, told the author: “In our store, the shipments of the Sifang furnace and the small sun are the largest, and their price is relatively cheap.”

Yanting is also called a charging heater. The appearance is similar to the radiator. It is heated in the method of baking. The indoor heating is heated by heating blades. The characteristics of silence and lightness, safety and hygiene, the dual -metal temperature control element it is equipped can also disconnect the power by itself when the temperature reaches the temperature, which is more artificially intelligent. In the case of sudden power outage, it can maintain a certain temperature for a long time. It can be seen that Yanting heater is a very good choice.

Safety -saving electric blankets

In the Wal -Mart Supermarket, I saw a large number of old brands Rainbow Brand and the new brand Caiyang brand electric blanket, which are basically dual -control and dual temperature. The price ranges from 139 yuan to 169 yuan. The power of the Caiyang brand is generally between 90W and 110W, and it also has the function of adjusting the temperature. The price is between 89 yuan and 199 yuan.

The safe demonstration of the rainbow electric blanket soaked in water attracted everyone’s attention. The salesperson put the electricity of the rainbow brand electric blanket in the fish tank, and a few small fish were still leisurely in it.

Warm reminder: When it comes to electric blankets, people suddenly pop up “radiation”, “skin diseases”, “electric shock” and other words, but in fact, the clear damage of electric blankets is as follows: 1. Inferior, old electric heating The blanket will lead to leakage and cause an electric shock. 2. In the case of no one, it has long turned on and caused overheating and caused fire; 3. For special groups that need to take care of, such as elderly people, children, and paralyzed people have potential burns.

Special reminder: When buying heating supplies, try to buy from regular shopping malls and keep shopping vouchers. When using, carefully read the instructions and precautions of the product, let us have a safe and warm winter together.


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