Is it forced to adapt or save? 0 ~ 12-year-old safety seat selection Raiders and products to buy a list

I believe that many friends have already owned or will have their own baby. As a car family, is there a warm self-driving tour with a lovely baby? As a parent, I always want to give my family’s best care, and the child safety seat is an indispensable safety of the driving of the baby. Maybe you think it is a bit more expensive, maybe you think it takes more than one person The rear space, but it does provide the most important guarantee for your baby.

Officially implemented on June 1, 2021


The new revised “Minor Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China” clearly proposed that the guardian should be equipped with a child safety seat. This laid a solid legal basis for the traffic injury of China’s preventing minors, and also makes the child safety seats become a must option for children.

At present, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Fujian and other regions have introduced local regulations that enforce children’s safety seats. For example, Fujian Province clearly stipulates that from January 1, 2022, children under the age of 4 must be equipped with a child safety seat, and the violation will be punished by a warning or fines. As a responsible parent, whether or not the region you live has introduced a mandatory child safety seat, for the child’s travel safety, the child safety seat on the back seat of the car is definitely a necessary product.

First, children’s safety seat classification

There are many brands in children’s safety seats, and there are many types of models, and even more classifications for different specific ages. Many Bao Ma Bao dad makes confused, even more about the specific brand and models. Commonly divided children’s safety seats include:


Take a basket-type child safety seat, 0-4 years old, 0-7 years old, 0-12 years old, September-12 years old and 3-12 years old.


For parents of newborns, it is best to choose a child safety seat at the age of 0. So, what is the difference between different child safety seats in these ages? How do our parents choose, let’s analyze it one by one, compare.


Take a basket-type child safety seat: tapped in the basket is very good, the angle of lying is also very comfortable. However, the shortcomings of the basket are too short, theoretically marked, the baby can be used for 0 ~ 15 months, but now the baby is large, the basics are not about 1 year old, it has not been thrown, winter use is limit, There is also a safety seat that can be ride in reverse.

So in the basket as a simple transition is ok, but better in the basket is basically more than 500, some are still one or two thousand, and most of the 0-year-old safety seat has also covered the use of the basket. There is really no need to buy a basket.

4 years old: 0-4 years old seats are compared to newborns’ ride needs. If your budget is sufficient, you can consider buying a child safety seat from 0 to 4 years old, following for a three-to 12-year-old safety seat, so that you can maximize your child’s ride needs.

When you choose 0-4 years old, you also need to combine the actual ride space of the seat, and the height of your child, a lot of space is not sitting in less than 2 years old, replacing 3-12 is also awkward Pay special attention to when you choose.

7-year old:

The 0-7-year-old seat is the same as a seat for 3 to 12 years old. But there are many parents who only want to buy a seat, think that the child has this seat, no longer need a child safety seat, use the car seat belt.

But most of the safety seats aged 0-7 can only be used in 4 years old. Some people have insufficient space or children with a child’s body size, even less than 4 years old. If you use a seat belt, the seat belt will take your neck or Slide out directly, it will be more dangerous. Therefore, buy 0-7 seats, there must be a 3-12-year-old seat.

12 years old: Suitable for using the entire age of the 0-12 years, it is necessary to have a ride requirement for infants and children, and there is a stricter requirement for the safety and production technology of the seat.

Compared to other models that require a variety of safety seats, the use cycle is the longest, and the cost performance is also the highest. Many families directly directly 0 ~ 12 safety seats, directly to all the use phases of the child, is comparison Submission selection.

Choosing a 6-year-old safety seat, you need to pay attention to whether the comfort and safety function of infants can meet the requirements, and it is also necessary to pay special attention to the actual ride space of older children.


9 months – 12 years old: This model is actually a more embarrassing, theoretically need to use baskets, but this model does not have reverse ride function, and the seat is relatively upright, the adjustment angle is also very limited, one Children under the age of or less is not only comfortable enough, but also safety protection is not good enough.

If the basket is replaced with a 9-month-12-year-old seat, it can only ride upright, not only the safety is not good, but also affects children’s development. If you choose 9 months-12 years old, it is best to use the baby after one and a half years old, but you need to choose the safety seat for your baby before one year and a half years old.


12 years old: I said before, this or use it with 0-4 years old / 0-7 years old, if the child is 3 years old, you can also purchase a 3-12-year-old safety seat. Because this seat is suitable for older children, the angle is relatively upright, and there is no reverse ride function, not suitable for children under 3 years old.

In integrated, the 6-year-old safety seat is the highest price option. However, children’s safety seats in this stage need to meet the ride requirements of children in different ages. It is relatively complicated in design and crafts, so more test brands have been taken, and it is recommended to purchase powerful brand products.

If you purchased some unreasonable products, it is very likely to force the body of a child of 0-12 years old, and most of the big brands have such problems, it can be said to be a peaceful choice.

Second, what information needs to pay attention to when purchasing?

Industry official certification

There are three common children’s safety seat certifications on the market: China’s CCC certification, Europe ECE R44 certification, and ECE R129 certification is also the I-size certification we often say.

3C certification: This is the most basic authentication, all child safety seats sold in China’s market need to pass 3C certification, otherwise it will not be sold in the market. If a brand only passes 3C certification, it can only explain a little – its home seat is just a qualified level.


Ece R44 Certification: This is the long-standing certification standard for the long time in Europe. European car penetration rates, children’s safety seats and penetration rates and children’s safety seats are much higher than in China, which is why European standards are more stringent and common. This is also the mainstream medium and high-end child safety seat brand that is generally from Europe. However, with the technical progress and experimental standards, the European standard ECE R44 has been gradually replaced by more stringent I-SIZE. .

i-size certification: This is the highest specifications of the highest specifications in the mainstream market. I-


The SIZE certification standard is a more stringent safety seat test based on ECE R44 standard. Not only does the seat must be the ISOFIX interface fixed, but also require analog test to join the side impact, head acceleration, and improve infants and young children reverse ride requirements. Waiting for a series of safety test projects, I-SIZE authentication is the top security certification standard in the safety seat.

If the budget is relatively sufficient, I am strongly recommended to purchase a safety seat through the I-size certified, after all, it is more secure.

In addition, when purchasing i-size certified children’s safety seats, pay attention to whether or not there is an I-Size tag and whether there is a number of certification certificates to avoid spending the same money, bought “false I -Size products.

In addition to pay attention to the authenticity of i-size authentication, pay attention to the specific range of I-Size certification passed by the security seat. Some safety seat brands promote their 0-7-year-old safety seats have passed I-size certification, and it also has the I-Size certification certificate, but certification only has passed some age.

What does it mean? For example, the safety seat of 0-7 (40 ~ 125cm) is actually only 0 ~ 4 (40 ~ 105cm) i-size certification, as for other ages of other ages within the ride, it is unable to Get guaranteed. This is equivalent to spending a 0-7-year-old safety seat, in fact, only bought a seat that meets the safety of 0-4 years old I-size certified security, this is not a big loss. So don’t look at there is any I-Size certificate, but also pay more attention to the specific value on the certificate.

Side hit protection

Although most car accidents come from the front and rear side collisions, there is no anti-collision capability zone on the side of the car, and the hurt value is often higher. There are anti-collision beams and suggesters before and after the car, and there is also the strongest A column and c column in the whole car. And the side collision is extremely small, the luck is good, there is a good pillar, the C column block, the luck is not good to collide, only the thin iron skin on the door, and a thin steel bar to resist collision Even if it is a very low speed, it is possible to bring great harm to the rear passenger.


As a child safety seat placed behind the seat, the anti-collision device of its side is critical. In fact, I-SIZE certification also includes the requirements for risking protection, and ECE R44 has no hard requirements.

Side collision protection must not go through the field, some safety seats have set a side-colored suction cassette of the United States to deal with things. In fact, a simple plastic shell does not play the effect of actual anti-collision.

Currently, effective risking protection is airbag and press-based dynamic protection. The airbag is similar to the car airbag, the actual buffer effect is limited. The pressing is composed of a groove, an elastic member, and a dependent member.

At present, the most advanced is a triple anti-collision structure. When the impact is encountered, the force part transmits the impact force to the first elastic member, the first elastic member can restart the impact, if the impact is too large, the entire structure continues to collapse The second or even third power parts and elastic parts. The whole process is very like a car’s collapse resistance structure, that is, it is slightly soft, closer closer to the body, and extract the impact level.


Of course, the headrest of the safety seat also assumes an important side hit protection mission, which we will say.

Connection method

There are three commonly located between the safety seat and the car: latch, seat belt and ISOFIX.

It is only fixed with a seat belt, indicating that no safety seat interface is reserved in the car, commonly seen in some low-end ahead and corresponding simple safety seats.

The Latch interface is a standard from the United States, mainly connected to the car through three hooks in the top of the seat and left and right, thereby achieving a stable three-point fixation. However, since the three are soft connections made by hooks and lines, the seat stability will be a little bit.

The ISOFIX interface is currently the leading fixed system in the industry. In recent years, the popularity has become higher and higher. Most mainstream cars reserve ISOFIX interfaces. It is hard to secure and secure metal columns on both sides under the seat under the seat, and the advantage is that the installation is convenient and stabilizes.


In addition to the traditional ISOFIX interface, some products also add anti-turning devices to function, more stable and safe.


Third, 0-12 years old safety seat purchase points

Understand the three points of the above purchase of safety seats, then we need to understand the specific functions and details of the 0 ~ 12-year-old safety seats. 0-12 years old safety seat as the name suggests, both to both the function of infant safety seats, but also adapt to the body of the childhood. So below we will analyze two aspects from the purchase points and children’s phases of the childhood phase:

(1) Infant stage purchase points:


Support reverse ride

It can be said that this function is completely 0 ~ 4, 0 ~ 7, 0 to 12 years old this age group of children’s safety seats. This feature is not supported because there are many 9 months to 12 years old and almost all 3 to 12 years old safety seats.

ECE R44 standard requires that the following seats must be reverse in 9 months, and I-size requires 15 months below to be reversed, and the largest agenda of the market is currently 4 years old.

Many Bao Da Bao Ma will be curious, and the child safety seat is very safe, why is the baby of the small moon be sure to ride in reverse? This has to mention the benefits of reverse ride.

First, in reverse ride a child safety seat is safer for newborns. Unlike adults, newborns head account for a larger body proportion, about 25% of the total weight of the body, but the neck and spinal muscles of newborns have not developed completely, they cannot withstand huge impact, especially in collision, especially special protection .


When a collision occurs, the baby who is riding the safety seat will be forwarded to the front of the 5-point seat belt, the stress point will focus on 2 points of the baby shoulder, 2 points of the hip and 1 On the point, the fragile cervical vertebra of infants and young children will bear great pulling force, very dangerous.

Reverse mounted children’s safety seats can better bear newborns head and neck, and the baby has a large-scale force to effectively reduce the spine pressure, reduce the head of the head injured by more than 80%, so reverse The installed child safety seat can play a better protection and buffer.


Second, the reverse ride is also convenient for parents to pay attention to the child’s dynamics, and can also carry some small interactions with the child, such as feeding, replacement of urine and so on.


In addition, the reverse ride makes the safety seat lying angle, the baby is like lying in her mother’s embrace, which is more comfortable, which is also conducive to the cultivation of children to take children’s safety seat habits.

In order to give your baby a better safety, I am here to call home is a baby in the small moon. Be sure to ride, and the longer the time in reverse ride, at least wait for the baby 1 year and a half, according to the baby’s body development Appropriately choose to ride forward.

In addition, the reverse ride also needs to consider the reverse angle. At present, most brands use 160 ° lying angles as the basic standards, which is mainly due to comfort and safety.


Because lying angles are greater than 160 °, for little babies, it is too flat to lay, and it is easy to happen when feeding or pulling the brakes. Also don’t forget, cars have not necessarily flat, in case the car is in an urgent holiday, the lying is too big, the baby’s head is straight down.

When lying is too small (when less than 160 °), first, the baby will feel uncomfortable, especially the baby of small moon. It took a long time to sit on the seat to bring a lot of pressure to the baby’s neuroplastic spine and cervical vertebrae, affecting the development of baby spine and cervical vertebrae. Second, some cars use a high-level design or a car in the top of the road, and the actual lying angle of the child safety seat will shrink. So now 160 ° is a relatively reasonable lying angle, which can meet the comfort of your baby, but also guarantees safety.


Different chair shape difference

The shape of the chair is as important as the lying angle, which is directly related to the baby’s ride comfort and even affect the baby’s spine development. Common safety seat chair has a shape of L-type, C-type and egg type. Let’s take a look at the shape of different chairs.


L-Type: Like our home chairs, it is basically a 90 ° right angle, and when you ride this shape, it is stressed in the lumbar spine of the child. If it is a big child over 6 years old, the child’s spine is not mature in three years old, which is not only uncomfortable, but it is easy to trigger spine deformation.


C-type: As the name suggests, the overall shape is almost a circle, which looks very safe, the package is good. However, this kind of safety seat is the biggest pathogenesis is easy to neck when you are riding, and you will have an adverse effect on your baby’s spine development for a long time.


Egg shape: Recommended this type, back to the baby, neck, the fitness of the back of the brain is better, the package is also good, more suitable for the ride requirements of newborns.

Bush material comparison

Even if there is no accident, daily acceleration, brake, and turn-bend, the comfort of the child safety seat is also affected by the impact. In addition, because the safety seat is thicker than our daily car seat, it is also very important. Which material is breathable and comfortable? At present, the mainstream buffer has: EPS, EPP, and X90.


EPS: has a variety of features such as light, insulation, sound absorption and shock absorption, which has very good protection, but the disadvantage is that it is crisp at low temperatures, and it is easy to break for a long time, and the durability is not good.

EPP: The cost is high, light, light, flexible, has good seismic and compressiveness, the denaturation recovery rate is very good, the child is sitting in a few years, don’t worry that it will be deformed. In addition, its properties are stable, oil resistant, acid and alkali, abnormal chemical solvents, non-water, insulating, and heat resistant.

X90: It is the latest cushioning material, not Walvo’s SUV. This material is very common on the high-grade mattress. The X-type high-elastic fibers are rebounded back, and they will return to unineral power when they receive impact, and they will recover quickly. For example, EPS may directly break directly in collision, greatly reduced Buffer performance.

The advantage of X90 is that on the basis of ensuring high quality buffering performance, it solves the shortcomings of the foam type buffer material and avoids the baby to sweat in the summer. Of course, the disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high, and there is currently less secure seat to use this high-end material as a buffer material.

Baby pad selection

For small babies within 1 year, because small body is small, bone development is incomplete, the use of children’s safety seat supporting liner to improve the baby’s wrap resistance, thereby achieving better protection. If a safe seat at the age of 0, is not equipped with a pad, then it is not recommended to buy a parent of the baby within 1 year old.

In addition, the pad is also a single layer and a double layer. Single-layer liner is equivalent to only one gear adjustment, the use of space is limited, and the difference is relatively large when used, and the child will feel uncomfortable.


The safety seat of the double liner can increase or decrease the liner according to the growth of the child’s body type, which is equivalent to adjustment, selective, more adapter, and more adapter. Baby in different age stages. .


It is also important to pay special attention to the child, especially the newborn’s skin is very delicate, and it is necessary to have skinless, choose in liner fabric.

There are OEKO-TEX certified fabrics more suitable for infants, this certification is mainly detected by toxic and hazardous substances such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, and more skin-friendly.

360 ° Rotation and 90 ° hover function

This feature can be seen as a reverse version of the enhancement, which is equivalent to providing a ride in other directions in addition to the ride in other directions.

PS: The car is still necessary to keep forward or reverse during driving.


Taking the child safety seat installed in the rear seat of the driver’s seat as an example, the left hover is facing the car, this angle and function is very convenient for the baby to get off, especially the newborn of the safety seat. It can be tried, if there is no such 360 ° rotation and 90 ° hover function, the baby takes a parents for a long time to bend the bow back every time, don’t mention more wolves.

In addition, this feature wants to maximize the role, which must be very convenient to operate. If you need a lot of effort every time you need to adjust, how long we can’t use it. . Therefore, it is convenient to choose whether the seat with 360 ° rotating + 90 ° hover function is convenient. For example, some brands support single-hand one-click rotation, this operation is very convenient.

The child does not stop growing up, and if the child can always be comfortable, there is a safe seat for adjustable range. Therefore, for children’s stage, you must pay special attention to the adjustability and matching portability of the seat space.

Children’s stage purchase points:

Seat space design

One is the liner mentioned above, and the combination of multi-layer pads and hits are adapted to space demand for children in different ages. .


And for big babies, the most important thing is the adjustment of the height of the headrest. At present, most of the high-end children’s safety seats support headrest height adjustment, the highest can be adjusted by 27cm. Let’s convert, 100cm children and 150cm children basically half-length high-level gap are 20 ~ 25cm, so generally 25cm adjustable headrest heights can fully satisfy children within 150cm. The child’s comfort is high. .


Fourth, high quality 0-12 years old children’s safety seat list


I have seen so many purchase points, we also know that the current child safety seat of the 6th year old is the highest price option for ordinary consumers. So which high quality children’s safety seats are worth buying? As mentioned earlier, the full-age seating safety seat is higher for brand requirements, so the next recommendation is a big brand product with good reputation.

Osann Ou Hero, Germany

Ou 颂 is a brand from Germany to produce safety seats, and is also the first German child safety seat brand in China. Ou Chong maintains German brand conscience and fine workmanship, there are still many special ideas. Hero Explore the number through China CCC and I-size’s dual certification, and is the first child safety seat in the market.


In addition to using ISOFIX + Latch pull-up belt, it also uses the intensity of the overturning plate and the whole steel skeleton, full of safety.

Its reverse ride is 105cm high, weighs 18kg, which can be used to 4 years old for most children. In addition, the exploration number uses a triple press-based dynamic capability side defense device, and the collision force from the side can be resolved step by step.

The seat part uses an exclusive X90 breathable reduced pressure material + native PP full injection molding mode, combined with comfortable breathability and safety. .

Exploring the number also has very perfect protection for newborns, including use


OEKO-TEX certified fabric production


Baby headrest and combined pads can be very flexible to adjust the seat space and provide a small baby’s gentle and comfortable package. .

Supports full-speed bit one-click 360 ° rotation + 90 ° hover, one hand can complete the rotation operation, with 160 ° elevation angle, provide comfort and convenience of newborns. . The headrest part supports 27cm height adjustment, above 25cm of the general product

Overall, the HERO exploration number of the European 颂 is a reasonable design, very good performance, a high comprehensive price.

Smart – SEAT4 FIX

Smart is a safe seat brand from Italy. This also supports children aged 0-12 years old, but SEAT4FIX has passed the domestic CCC and Europe Ece R44 certification, and there is no regret to pass I-Size certification.

Supports 360 ° free rotation and 90 ° hovering function, which also supports children within 18kg of 105cm height. The whole steel skeleton is used to ensure the overall strength of the seat, fit the pop-up anti-side mounting device, the suction headrest and the wrapped flank can give the baby a comprehensive protection.

Supports up to 15 paragraphs of height adjustment, high-end also equipped with AIR 3D air cooling cycle systems, allowing babies to be more cool in the summer. A special headrest and single-layer liner are equipped with newborn.

The Zhiqi also paired this seat, I feel that it is very meaningful. From the personal experience, there is a baby’s call after the family, it is recommended to match the dark glass film or sunshade, convenient for the baby to feed the child. The meaning of the seat is not big.

Mai Shi Shi Shi Sonar360 °


Mai can be a famous European security seat brand from the Netherlands, and it is also one of the European brands entering the Chinese market. This Sonar360 ° can be comparable to the budget-based family regardless of the function or price. In addition to the basic ISOFIX interface, there is a one-button unlocking device in front of the seat to facilitate flexible disassembly. This seat also supports 360 ° free rotation function and the reverse installation of babies within 18kg.

It has the protection of AIR Protect, and the advanced air release system can increase to 8 times buffer time, better alleviation from the side impact.

Sonar360 ° has a martyr mine for neonatal, 3D cut, thin thickness. Combined with 6 gear sitting adjustments, you can better disperse the pressure of newborn hips. In terms of reverse ride adjustment perspective, support the maximum lying angle is only 150 °. The 4-way angle of 100 ° ~ 115 ° is adjusted is adjusted, and the skin of the whole seat has adopted a high-elastic skin-friendly skin that passes Germany TUV, soft and breathable.


Mai Ke is suitable for seat protection and comfort, the brand is also good in domestic sales, but I have been looking for a long time, I only saw it passed 3C certification, didn’t see if I passed Ece R44 or I -Size certified related descriptions and certification materials. .


Qiao Chin – C1602AANBZ, YJLX


This Qiao is a safe seat brand in the UK, which has a lot of highlights in design. Like the previous 0 ~ 12-year-old safety seat, use ISOFIX + back LATCH connection. Support 360 ° adjustment and 18kg in reverse ride.

This seat has a large highlight of the growth-shaped wing increase system. With the pulse of the tape from the head, the 10-speed adjustment is supported.

The head is partially upgraded to the EPO shock absorbing material, and the built-in EPS system and the side wings are built into the side wings, which can better protect the baby in the seat when the side wing collision occurs.


The skeleton of the seat is integrated into an integrated injection molding material, supports 4th files forward, adjusted to the 2-port seat angle to meet the multi-ride requirements of the baby. The built-in five-point seat belt storage dark groove, 4 years old, can be accommodated to the seat to prevent loss of removal.

The headrest supports up to 23.5cm height adjustment, but the child is now widely developed, and this adjustment is highly unable to meet the age of a slightly large child. The seat side has a pocket, which is convenient to put some baby related items. The chair sleeve is detachable and is easy to clean.

In terms of safety certification, this is also only seen on the page through 3C authentication, did not see the words of ECE R44 and I-SIZE authentication.

About safe seat purchase Raiders and product list for your reference, the last sentence is what I want to say:

The protection of child safety seats is important. It is more important to take care of you behind you. You and your family’s security, master your own hands.


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