This year’s popular way of wear is called: “stockings+canvas shoes”, fashionable and eye -catching, stars are all on it

It is said that “fashion is a circle”, the classic style will not only be remembered by everyone, but also continue in the trend of popularity.


It is adopted by everyone, and those fashionable and fashionable essences will also wear new tricks in combination with the current popular elements.

The trend brought by Blacks is still in the 20th century. Everyone likes to use it in autumn and winter as a base. It is paired with a black silk under the wide sweater and a pair of high heels. This group of old CP is a classic impression left by stockings. It’s right.

Nowadays, these stockings have been fiddled with new tricks by fashionable sophisticated again. Not only have diverse applications in color, they also use casual fashion properly in combination. Not only are the trendy and eye -catching, but they are also daily.

1. Why can stockings stand out from many items

① There are many types

As a single product on the feet, socks play a role in connection. Its connection can also make the clothing style more specific and clear.

Long Stockings:

The long -term stockings are the length of the thighs. Its scope of application is also a short style for short skirts and super shorts. It shows a unique charm by wearing a black stockings.

Midtop stockings:

The length of the middle socks is usually in the calf belly. Its style is more oriented to the young girl’s sense of age. Often show


The pleated skirt and middle stockings are matched with a proper purity, which is not only tender, but also full of vitality.

Conventional stockings:

Conventional stockings are the length of the ankle. A single product active in spring and autumn also appear on the stage of summer. A loose casual shorts with conventional stockings, not only full of leisure, but also the unique effect of showing slender legs.

② Proper features of stockings

In addition to the thin and breathable characteristics of stockings, its style design is also a relatively novel type. In addition to the coolness in summer, net socks and letters socks can also break the unique femininity of conventional socks.

③ The unique advantage of stockings

Highlight long legs:

Stockings and middle socks are also the favorite of rough legs. The prominent length of the socks also has a better modification effect on the contour of the legs. Not only can it be visually stretched out the proportion of leg length, but also looks straight.

The color echoes:

Stockings not only have room for development in the style, but also open a wider path for it in color. The color of the color of stockings and the shirt is also verified by many stars.

For colorful tops, if there are many color elements, one of the elements can be selected, there will be a kind of upright and three -dimensional coherence. For solid color tops, choosing the corresponding color can also create the same effect.

Second, “stockings+canvas shoes” dressing

The past matching of stockings is mainly high -heeled shoes, but the fashionables combined canvas shoes with stockings, not only wearing a trendy trend, but even the stars have become new audiences.

① Pole pants pants+fishing net socks+high -top canvas shoes

The combination of “pants+fishing net socks” may make people who have just touched such wearing dare. Stockings can originally wear it alone. Isn’t it more than this pants?

Of course not! Taking the fishing net socks as the background, plus the superimposed pants, it can increase the overall layering of clothes.

As for the choice of canvas shoes, high -top canvas shoes are the best. The position of the hole is already the focus, and the focus of the bottom is just a hole in the knee. If you choose a low -top canvas shoes, you will show the same background color with the same fishing net. At the same time, the two highlights will feel a mess.

② Double stockings superimposed+canvas shoes

In addition to the difference in color, there have been new changes in the form of dressing.

The tightness of long stockings can outline slender legs. At this time, the choice of stockings should be close to your skin color.

The superimposed color can be the color that corresponds to the top. A “echo” will also increase the consistency of the overall clothing.

“Double overlapping of stockings+canvas shoes” creates a sense of layering with simple stockings items. Not only will it have a casual and comfortable feeling, but it will also increase the proportion of the lower body visually, highlighting the light and refreshing sense of the figure.

In addition to choosing stockings similar to your skin tone, fishing net socks can also be used as a choice of cool route. The grid with the same rules, not only

It can be prominent

The charming temperament will add a lot of charm to the whole person.

Third, the driving style of “stockings+canvas shoes”

The combination of “stockings+canvas shoes” itself reveals the leisure style, and the blessing of color will be enlarged by the style.

① Pure desire style

Pleated skirt+grid stockings+low -top shoes

Grid socks are the best reflection of pure desire. Net socks can choose large parshes and black, and there will be a simple and clear feeling. Coupled with a pair of black low canvas shoes, it will not only give people a mysterious sense of atmosphere, but also add a sexy charm of a woman.

The pleated skirt is like the existence of God, which can be low -saturated colors. The jumping color not only does not make the overall match, but it will have a regulatory effect. It has a pure and beautiful sense of beauty.

Choosing black or gray pleated skirts will also enhance the mysterious feeling. A black plus fishing net stockings, like a female killer in American dramas, not only shows femininity, but also a sense of purity.

② Neutral casual style

Shorts+medium stockings+low -top canvas shoes

In the final analysis, the neutral style is the comfort of loose and leisure. Short pants are essential for summer. For thick -legged star people, the small thick legs are completely exposed not only the clothes are not worn, but the whole person does not feel simple.

With medium socks, the leg shape can be modified, but for neutral style, while shaping a simple style, it also creates a overall layering. Canvas shoes are neutral -style pushing hands, not only look more light, but also more convenient in daily activities.

③ The style of age reduction college

Black pleated skirt+medium stockings+black canvas shoes

Pure and age -reducing girl dress can resist what they are against it


Intersection The combination of black pleated skirts and white mid -stockings, the contrast between black and white, the color block of the skin color is white, and the layers are full of age.

At this time, a pair of canvas shoes are the finishing touch of tender. Choose black canvas shoes. The entire lower body has the “Oreo” color matching. Not only the people who set off are clean and refreshing, but also the school style of the college style.

The combination of “stockings+canvas shoes” breaks through everyone’s inherent way of wearing traditional stockings and canvas shoes. Fashionable and eye -catching, frequently use new skills in many stars, let go!


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