On the birthday of “Zhou Dong”, nearly a hundred “Phantom Bears” holders redeem the real objects in Jay Chou’s tide brand.

On January 18th, Blue Whale Finance learned that on Jay Chou’s birthday, its tide brand Phantaci Shanghai offline stores carried out activities. In addition to the black gold club, Phanta Bear (Phantom Bear/Phantom Bear) holders can receive the internal clothing of the store.

The image of the Phantom Bear is a cartoon bear wearing star sunglasses and different professional images. The project is NFT in the form of pictures. Through the above -mentioned activities, NFT, nicknamed “JPG Picture”, can indirectly obtain physical items.

The minimum transaction price has increased more than ten times compared to the issuance price, and the highest unit price has reached millions of yuan

Since its release on January 1, the issue price of the fantasy bears is 0.26ETH (Ethereum) and a scale of 10,000. According to statistics, all products are sold out in 40 minutes. Compared with the NFT “seconds” record during the bull market in 2021, the industry is relatively cooling, but this is still a hot project at the same time.

After the issuance, the price of illusion bears rose sharply, and the lowest price of the trading platform Opensea exceeded 8ETH in a short time, which is currently about RMB 150,000. In addition, on January 11, the Phantom Bear 9999 was sold for 148ETH, about 460,000 US dollars, or about RMB 2.92 million. From the perspective of other similar products traded on the day, the price is generally 5 to 10 ETH, and the unit price of 148ETH is an abnormal value.

As of January 18, the floor price of the illusion bear rose from 3ETH to 3.14ETH, which was about 60,000 yuan, which was the highest price, but it had been over 10 times more than the time. The highest bidding price of the racer image fantasy bears 9999 sold by 148ETH is 1.18ETH. The holder “SAXBOOM” joined OpenSea in 2020. At present, it still holds dozens of NFTs on the platform, most of which belong to the same project and holds the illusion bear 8656.

Since the launch of 18 days, the transaction volume of the illusion bear on Opensea is 265.22 million ETH, which is about 500 million yuan, and the trading peak is from 8 to 12. According to the OpenSea platform data, the Phantom Bear NFT is currently ranked 10th, with over 5,300 holding accounts.

Jay Chou’s friend Liu Genghong was accused of being the founder of the project party, and Jewell Music denied that Jay Chou made a profit through the project

Phantaci official website introduced that the brand was established in 2006 and was jointly created by Jay Chou and the team. According to the project party “EZEKCLUB” disclosed in social media, the illusion bear project was jointly initiated by Phantaci and EZEK, and the EZEK parent company was Starvision EntertainmentLtd. (S.E.L).

Some community netizens have noticed that EZEK founder Will L is the English name of Jay Chou’s friend Liu Genghong. EZEK.io’s official website introduced that Will L filled out the lyrics for Jay Chou. According to the MINT price and scale of the early stage of the illusion bear, the founding team brought more than 60 million income.

On December 31, 2021, the Jay Chou Kunling couple exposed the image of an illusion bear NFT in the social platform, expressed that they received the “first special gift”.

On January 3, 2022, Jay Chou replaced Instagram’s avatar with Phantom NFT works, and said that he “changed the avatar for a few months and felt the feeling of the Yuan universe.” As of now, the two are still using Phantom Bear 10000 and Phantom Bear 8938 as the avatar. The clothing in the bear is printed with Jay Chou’s birthday “18 days”. The current maximum bids of two NFTs are 8.88ETH and 2.1ETH.

Jay Chou is considered a project platform and the founder of Phantaci, the participant, and the Jechwell Music Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jewell Music”) he founded by Jay Chou’s participation in this project.

Jewell Music posted on Weibo, “Recently, the outside world mistakenly believes that Phantaci is related to the” Phanta Bear’NFT launched by a website. I only received the ‘Phanta Bear’nFT gift from Phantaci, and I was also happy to be successful for the sales of the product, but Jay Chou never participated in any planning operation of the project or obtained any benefits, hereby explain. “

Response denied that Jay Chou and the project party tens of millions of benefits.

Jay Chou’s birthday, Fantasy Bear NFT holder to receive gifts

On January 18, Jay Chou’s Instagran also posted a express video to mention a post. The content of the post shows that on the Phantaci offline store on the day of Jay Chou’s birthday, all the phantom bear NFT holders, VIP black cards, and black gold members can receive 1 T -shirt.

Blue Whale Finance went to the store on the 18th that it was limited to 100 pieces that day, and non -joint T -shirts could be received. The price was generally more than 300 yuan. A single NFT account could only be received. In this mainland’s only store, the cost of this activity should be less than 40,000 yuan. Before 8 pm, more than 70 people have received, and NFT holders continue to enter the store. From the perspective of the situation in the store, within an hour, customers continue to receive it, and they are all holders of Phantom Bear NFT.

A phantom bear NFT holder told Blue Whale Finance that he had previously participated in NFT investment and purchased multiple illusion bears NFT in the early stage of the project. In addition, the holding of the Phantom Bear NFT has the identity of Jay Chou fans and the encrypted market participants. He has Mint two NFTs and sold one of them to return to profit.

The staff in the store responded that the day was Jay Chou’s birthday. As long as it was a black -gold member, he could receive a T -shirt. The store would send 100 items first, first, and the NFT holder can be received in the later period. It revealed that there were many store customers on the day and said that they did not know about NFT. The main stores were mainly selling clothing.

It is reported that earlier that day, the clerk did not know that the imaginary bear NFT holder could exchange T -shirts, and some customers returned empty -handed after arriving at the store. In the evening, the clerk has proficiently consulted the encrypted asset information provided by the customer.

On the same day, by holding a fantasy bear NFT to receive gifts, we need to add customer service WeChat to provide encrypted wallet addresses, the coding of the illusion bear, and the name and telephone information. Some customers receive it for others.

The handling fee of the phantom bears is more than 1,000 yuan.

Just as Jay Chou and Kun Ling couples, Phantom Bears are used as NFTs in the form of picture forms, and holders are usually used as avatars on social platforms.

According to public information, the illusion bear NFT can be used as a member card of the EZEK club. In the future, it is planned to participate in the later period of the digital voucher to participate in the Yuan universe, and to participate in the VR/XR concert hosted by EZEK.

In addition, NFT has a limited role in offline. For this activity of receiving T -shirts with the illusion bear NFT, some NFT investors have said that there are also projects to give physical models in the past, which is not a new gameplay.

In recent years, the popular pictures NFT projects have appeared in the form of blind boxes. The issuance behavior is called “Mint” (Mint), and the image image obtained will be revealed at a specific date. Similarly, some art works have been “cast” into NFT online platforms.

During the hot period of NFT in 2021, due to the crowded transaction data, the procedures for ledger records (GAS) can reach several ETHs. Analyst Banterlytics found that in September 2021, when there was an address to buy NFT of Times Weekly, the GAS fee exceeded 10 ETHs, equivalent to hundreds of thousands of yuan. According to the Phantom Bear holders, the handling fee of more than 1,000 yuan when they purchased.

Before the use scenario was fully explored, the picture form NFT exerted more social attributes. The floor price of NFT originator Crypto Punk once exceeded 100ETH. Therefore, using the image of Crypto Punk as the avatar of social platforms has become an opportunity for people to display assets in the encryption industry. Well -known VC investor Feng Bo bought 9 Crypto Punk NFT at the time worth more than 60 million yuan.

NFT’s speculative attributes cannot be ignored. Some participants revealed that since the fourth quarter of 2021, the NFT market has cooled down, and the part of the NFT held is almost zero. In the end of the year and early 2022, the market recovered, and the NFT will be sold one after another.

NFT (NON-FUNGIBLE token) is interpreted as an informal token. NON-FUNGIBLE itself describes irreplaceable. NFT is considered a unique digital certificate carrier, which is different from tokens that can be exchanged for equivalent exchange, including Ethereum. The form of NFT is not limited to art works, but also includes virtual pets, star cards, game equipment, records, text information, domain names, etc., which are endless and iterate.

In early 2021, Beeple’s work opened the NFT’s fanaticism in Nifty Gateway for millions of dollars. In March 2021, Christie’s Auction Fair and MetapUrse issued a joint statement, which was sold at the “The First 5000 Days” of the NFT work “The First 5000 Days” at a sky -high price price of US $ 69.4625 million.

The Okun Cloud Chain Research Institute stated that the high -priced NFT pricing logic is part of it really has art or collection value, but there are many high -priced NFT hype, even involving fraud.

Recently, a young Indonesian NFT was fired. The project is called Ghozali Everyday, which sells 933 selfies as NFT.

There are many other encrypted industries KOL produced as NFT with their own photos, and some unit prices have reached several ETH. According to the LoreNedao party “Lorena” in social media, its private photo production NFT can be used as a voucher for joining its community and is used as a pass for future cooperation projects.

Industry people believe that many NFT participants are large coins and are willing to pay for high -priced NFT. The fiery NFT project also provides investment in investors with funds. It is worth noting that large -scale encrypted assets are not easy to pay, and the cost of holdings of early investors in crypto assets is relatively low.

The three major male leaders of “Initial D” have entered NFT

On January 6, May God sang Axin and singer Lin Junjie on Instagram to show his illusion bear NFT. On January 8, Edison Chen also joined it, and more and more public figures participated in the project. Except for Jay Chou, many Hong Kong and Taiwan stars have joined the NFT market.

In November 2021, Lin Junjie announced that he held the virtual land of the Yuan universe in Decentraland. Such groups were called Yuan universe speculation groups. Its purchase of these three “land” is estimated to have spent about $ 123,000.

Jay Chou was not involved in NFT for the first time. In October 2021, Fang Wenshan cooperated with the Asian art agent Suca Art cooperation, and launched the limited edition “Punk Mat Stintin” (blue and white porcelain) doll of Fang Wenshan and Jay Chou.

Today, the male starring star in “Initial D” gathers the NFT boom.

Yu Wenle purchased Cryptopunk NFT with 120 ETH and traded multiple NFTs of this series. In April 2021, it used the Cryptopunk NFT image as an Instagram avatar.

In September 2021, Christie’s auction Yu Wenle had previously collected private collection including Cryptopunk9997, Bored Ape Yacht Club (Bayc) No. 8746, etc., and plans to use some auctioned income to donate the “wish to be true fund”. The price was sold at 33.85 million Hong Kong dollars.

On January 14, Yu Wenle released the text of “‘Coming Soon’#NFT” in social media and is equipped with a picture of “Zombie”. It is suspected that there will be a “Zombie” series NFT.

On January 10, Chen Guanxi said in the community that he would release some NFT projects that cooperate with Jay Chou. According to previous news, the NFT project TheHeartProject said on social media on January 9 that its cooperation with Edison Chen will be released on February 1, and the holders of TheHeartProject NFT can give priority to participation.

In September 2021, Edison Chen released the latest developments on Instagram. The picture is the NFT project of TheHeartProject. “This is the first time I tried to enter the digital world.” Public information shows that the founders of Theheadproject NFT are Stefan Meier and Aidan Cullen.

Three days ago, Edison Chen once again used the image of TheHeartProject in the social media, and mentioned the social account of TheheadProject.

In addition to the participation of celebrities, at present, various “big factories” have launched related platforms one after another, including ant chain fan grains to be renamed “whale probe”, Tencent Phantom nuclear platform, Jingdong Zhizhen Chain Lares Platform, Baidu Yuan Cosmic Platform Hitchi Wait. Since October 2021, the “Big Factory” stated that the product was not NFT, but a digital collection and cannot be resold. When the early NFT product Cryptokitten burst into fire, Baidu launched the Leitz dog, 360 launched block cats, Xiaomi to launch encrypted rabbits, etc., and now they have disappeared.

EZEK, an illusion bear project party held by Jay Chou, also issued a similar statement of exemption, saying that this product is not a financial product or any investment wealth management product, and the design purpose of the product is not used as an investment.

This article comes from Blue Whale Finance


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