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Business airlines are based on the special requirements of a passenger or institution, and through the specially designed route, it provides passengers with charter flight services within the agreed time. Many large companies use official aircraft transporters and emergency items to companies or customers distributed in various places. The total number of civil aircraft in the world is about 380,000, but less than 10%of flight aircraft, and more than 90%are official aircraft and industrial, agricultural, entertainment and sporting aircraft.


The development of official aviation has a long history. In 1932, Beechcral, the United States, successfully launched the Biki 17 double -wing machine, which is considered the world’s first specially designed official aircraft. Biqi 17 is very successful, it has been produced for 17 consecutive years, and has produced more than 800.

Another milestone in the official aviation industry occurred in 1958. At that time, Pan -American Airlines began to use Boeing 707 aircraft, while Grumen Aircraft began to produce “Bay Stream” Ⅰ double -hair propeller aircraft. The aircraft was the world’s number one Corporation sells for more than $ 1 million (monetary price in 1995). The first jet business jet in the world was the Lier 23 aircraft produced in 1962.

Soon after, the “Falcon” 20 aircraft of the France’s Dasassa Airlines, the BAE125 aircraft of the British Aerospace, and the “Bay Stream” Ⅱ aircraft of the Bay Stream Aviation Company was put into use, and the official aircraft officially entered the era of jet jet. At the same time, the Western business aviation industry has begun to develop rapidly.


The history of Chinese official aviation began in 1995. At that time, Hainan Airlines (Hainan Airlines today) established the VIP branch (today’s Golden Deer Business Airlines) and purchased the Lille 55 aircraft of the Pombardi Corporal Corporation Company, the first business jet in my country. Subsequently, the company began to engage in business charter business.


According to the “2011 Purchase Planning HandBook” released by the world -renowned business engine magazine B & CA, the business jet can be divided into ultra -light, light, medium, large, and large -scale data according to the price, voyage, cabin volume and other data. According to the data released by Zunfei Private Wing official aircraft on its website, as of the end of 2006, there were 48 types of general aircraft models issued by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, of which 33 were official aircraft models.


The most prestigious Teal company in the aviation industry predicts that in the next 10 years, the world’s demand for official aircraft will reach 9,000, with a total value of about 94.4 billion US dollars. China is one of the most potential markets. It reaches 600-1200. If these aircraft fly at full load, the annual turnover is expected to reach 60 billion yuan.

1. Biki 17 double -wing machine (the earliest aircraft used in the world for official use)


Beechcrap was founded during the Grand Depression in the United States. Its aircraft products were widely involved from single private aircraft to large military transport aircraft. On November 4, 1932, Biqi 17 first flight. By the mid -1930s, Biki Aircraft Company improved the aircraft, lengthened the fuselage, and improved the flight performance of the aircraft. The launch of Bichi 17 also enabled Bichi Aircraft Corporation to establish its own position in the US civil aviation market.

Biqi 17 has a two -page metal propeller, which looks particularly beautiful. Double -wing aircraft was very popular in the early days of the development of the aircraft. Because the early aircraft adopted a large amount of wooden structure, the weight was large, and the engine power was very low. Because the total area of ​​the wing machine wing was larger than the same level of the same level, most of the early aircraft adopted the form of both wings. Used to increase lift at low speed. Biki 17 double -wing aircraft is the first aircraft that applies cross -wing structures. The two pairs of wings are not as vertical as ordinary aircraft, but the wing is in front and the upper wing is behind. This ingenious design not only makes the pilot have a good downward vision, but also reduces interference between wings and improves pneumatic efficiency. The Biqi 17 body frame is a welded steel pipe, the main material is wood, and the surface of the fuselage is covered by skin, which is very smooth. Coupled with the latter three -point landing gear that can be released, the flying speed of Bichi 17 exceeded the fighter jet at that time.


Although it has excellent performance than 17, in the 1930s, private aircraft were still very rare luxury. According to the engine model, the price of Biki 17 is between $ 14,000 and $ 17,000, which is a very luxurious choice. As a luxury, Biki 17’s workmanship has obviously exceeded private planes at the same level, which is worthy of its own price. Biki 17 has a cockpit that can accommodate five people and is very luxurious. The seats are leather, and they are covered with Angola goes.

It was born slowly than the sales of 17 under economic depression, but one year later, the sales of Biqi 17 began to rise steadily. As of the Second World War, Biqi 17 sales have exceeded 424. Its excellent performance has also been purchased by the US Air Force. Although due to the influence of World War II, Biqi 17 was suspended, and the production line opened again in August 1945 in the end of World War II. Until 1948, the Biqi 17 -wing machine was officially discontinued.

Although Biki 17 is gradually outdated and is replaced by all -metal single -wing machines. But Biki 17 is definitely a classic aircraft. Whether it is a classic double -wing layout, excellent flight performance, unparalleled details and luxurious interior, it represents the highest aesthetic standards of that era.

2. Rongcus JU52 (the first high -comfortable requirement for high comfort in the world)


Juncai started a study of JD 52 in April 1931. The results showed that two more engines could be added to the wing of JU 52/1M to greatly improve the overall performance of the aircraft. The size of the JU 52 passenger aircraft is 6.35 x 1.65 x 1.90 meters. By on the left side door of the fuselage, passengers can easily enter and exit the cabin. In addition, a row of square portholes are added on both sides of the fuselage.


In 1932, the 7 JU 52/3M CE passenger machine modified with the 7th JU 52/1M body was released. 550 horsepower. The engine of the prototype is not installed with a rectifier, and the cylinder is directly exposed to the air, which looks rough. On March 7, the three -round monster flew into the sky.


Rongcker came to operate, and JU 52/3M was very successful since the beginning. Bolivia Lloyd Aero Lab’s Bolivia Lloyd Aero Lab was interested in this three -round passenger plane and immediately ordered two JU 52/3M. This is the first order of JU 52/3M. Following the order of the aviation laboratory, the order of snow films in Finland, Romania, and Sweden came. Among them, the international aviation alliance FAI (FederationaEronAutica Internationale) for Fai President may be the first high -comfortable requirement for high -comfortable essentials in the world. Essence

Among the customers of JU 52/3M, the most important thing is the newly established Lutthaansa. Hansha won the first JU 52/3M in May 1932. Since then, JU 52/3M has become the backbone of the Hansha fleet, accounting for 75%of the entire fleet. This situation continues until the end of World War II. Until the JU 52 fleet.


On August 25, 1932, the first JU 52/3M D-2201 JU 52/3M D-2201 of Hansha was equipped with an oxygen supply device to participate in the Flying of the Alps. Hansha Company used this method to compare the three main models in active duty at the time: Donier Do K, Fox F XII and Juncker JU 52/3M. JU 52/3M has become an absolute winner.

In the next few months, Hansha also demonstrated the JU 52 flight Munich -Roman -Milan route. This difficult route must fly over the Alps. This route. Later, in August 1937, when Hansha Company opened the route from Berlin to China, the JU 52/3M D-Anoy flew over the Pamir Mountains of 7,000 meters above sea level.

The huge success of Hansha is the best advertisement of JU 52/3M. Global airlines have purchased this JU 52/3M passenger aircraft with excellent performance, including South America’s Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, also There are South Africa, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Britain, Belgium, Hungary, Estonia, Greece and Spain … a large number of JU 52/3M in Finland, Spain, Sweden as a civilian flight, transport emails in China, and then install floating boats and then in the floating boat. Canada dragged wood.

3. LEARJET2X series (the first jet business jet in the world)


The design of the Lille 23 jet was initially inspired by the Swiss P-16 aircraft. The legendary career of the business jet.


In 1963, the first Learjet23 assembly was completed and the test flight was successful. In 1964, Bill Reil officially named the company as “Lear Jet Corporation”.


Learjet 23 is a small jet business aircraft that can take 6-8 people. It uses GE’s two CJ-610 jet engines. It is equipped with two-wing ceksie like P-16. In the era when Boeing 737 was not born, its appearance can be described as the limelight, and almost overnight became a hot spot for the rich.

Lille Jets listened to customer opinions and continued to improve products. In February and August 1966, the upgraded LEARJET24 and the extended version of the Learjet 25 came out one after another. The extended version of Learjet 25 not only increased the maximum number of passengers to 10, but also increased the number of windows on each side to 5 fans. Passengers no longer had to squeeze their heads to look at the scenery.

Because of the great success of Learjet25, this product has won the “President E” award as “American Fist Products” to the world. Therefore, from 1965 to 1975, the richest countries in the world, including Argentina, Mexico, and South Africa, have reserved a large number of Learjet 25, and some of them are still in use. Lier has also succeeded. In 1974, the total flight hours of the global Lille aircraft exceeded 1 million hours. In 1975, its 500th aircraft was offline -these two records were admirable heights at that time.

Learjet has produced more than 3,000 worldwide, and those who have been in the world are still operating in many countries in the world in many countries in the world. Because of its “high -altitude and high -speed” performance, many are used as “air ambulances” -this may also be its best thing. Run almost a minute, maybe save one more life.

4. BAE146-100cc (special model of the British royal family)


BAE 146 is a four -engine short -range jet -line transport aircraft developed by British Aerospace. It was funded by the British government. It was put into use in 1983 and produced 387. It is the most successful civil aviation passenger aircraft project in the UK. Essence

In 1986, BAE146, who was just served, joined the 32nd Squadron of the Royal Air Force. The three special BAE146-100cc types became new cars for the Queen and the British royal family. The long -awaited Hock Westley Andover passenger plane, it can be said that the Queen of the United Kingdom has always used domestic aircraft, domestic cars (Rolls -Robes, Land Rover, etc.) as cars, and showed the afterglow of the old -fashioned imperial empire everywhere.

It is worth mentioning that in 1986, the Queen Britain was the only time to visit China for the first time, which was taken by the new BAE146-100cc at the time. Only the queen couple and their dogs were carried, and many of them came to Shanghai by ride by Royal Cruise “British Nia”.

The BAE146-100cc is similar to the ordinary 100 type, and the range is nearly 4,000 kilometers. Generally speaking, it is much smaller than that of China ’s domestic ARJ-21, and the voyage is roughly equivalent. Compared to the VC of the VC of the huge amount of funds from Americans’ wealth of money, the huge amount of funds modified -25 (Boeing 747-200) “Air Force No. 1”, which is very flawed in terms of voyage.

However, the security of BAE146-100cc is undoubted. Among the branch passenger planes, it is a rare 4 layout, 2 and two, and the airline may be suspected of oil. This model is equipped with missiles approaching the alarm and interference system at the tail of the machine, and the safety is much better than the general business jet.

AE 146 is a high -wing cantilever single -wing aircraft with a T -shaped tail. It has four turbine fan engines under the wings under the tower and has a three -wheeled landing rack that can be shrinking. The aircraft has very quiet operations and is widely used in several European airlines, such as Brussels Airlines, Cityjet and Swiss Global Airlines.

5. Air Force No. 1 Boeing VC-25A (US Presidential Planet)


Air Forceone is a special plane of the US president. This blue and white Boeing 747 aircraft has become a symbol of power of the United States and an international totem in the United States. Air Force No. 1 is often called “White House in the Air.”


The most commonly used President of the United States is two VC-25A aircraft, with 28000 and SAM 29000. Two aircraft are modified Boeing 747-2G4B civil aviation aircraft.

Strictly speaking, the “Air Force One” is just a symbolic title. Within the US Air Force, it does not distinguish the types and quantities of aircraft. As long as it is the current plane of the United States, it is collectively referred to as “Air Force One”. In other words, as long as it is an aircraft belonging to the US Air Force, no matter which one, as long as the current president of the United States is riding, the aircraft is called “Air Force One” from the moment he boarded the plane.

The end of the “Air Force One” is printed with a star flag, and the wings are marked and English abbreviations on the wings. There is a huge US presidential badge at the bottom right of the front cabin. All Air Force One of the Air Force One belongs to the Air Force’s military operations and is responsible for the Presidential flight group in the Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

The “Air Force One” in the United States is a veritable “White House in the Air”, which pursues the principle of “what the president can do on the ground and also do it in the air”. It is also known as the “flying elliptical office”. There are nearly 400 square meters of space on board. The president has a “presidential suite”, with Xi Meng thought bed, leather sofa, high -end carpet, electric curtains, etc.; There is also a bathroom in the suite, with complete shower equipment, and the president can enjoy comfortably. The next door of the living room is the President’s Oval Office, and there is also a studio with the latest video equipment, projection screen, and map. There are also first ladies’ special rooms, senior official rooms, etc. on the special plane. The middle section of the fuselage is a lounge for presidential assistants, journalists and other staff.

The Air Force One mainly modified the interior decoration and facilities of the aircraft, so that the president is more suitable for the president to exercise its responsibilities in the air. There are rest areas, office areas, two kitchens, a operating table, pharmacy, communication system, telephone and TV, etc. Essence In addition, the President’s family, White House employees and media reporters have retained space. In emergency conditions such as nuclear war, Air Force One can also become a military command center. In addition, the air refueling equipment and anti -ground -to -air system were added.


Although no attack weapons were installed on the “Air Force One”, many interference devices were installed to prevent missile attacks. However, since the Boeing 747-200 series aircraft in the world have basically withdrawn from service, the US President’s special plane can be said to be the oldest 747 aircraft flying passengers. Only Iranian Air Force and Iranian Air Force’s Boeing 747 fleet. In addition, Obama has previously approved the budget of the new aircraft to transform new special planes on the basis of Boeing 747-8.

6. Il 96 (Russian Presidential Piece)


The Russian Presidential Planet is the specially modified Il-96-300PU. The machine is 65 meters in length, the wing show exceeds 60.11 meters, the machine height is 15.7 meters, the maximum take-off weight is 270 tons, equipped with 4 PS90A turbofan engines, the maximum cruise speed 900 kilometers per hour, a maximum range of 9500 kilometers, and a maximum increase of 13,000 meters. The special aircraft also equipped with the latest “alarm-3” full-directional alarm self-defense device, as well as infrared and radar interference towed bait. When the missile comes, it can effectively interfere with its guidance head and deviate from the target.

“Il-96” is usually used during foreign visit to Putin. It is said that its comfort is even better than the “Air Force One”, and it is better than the “Flying Kremlin”. The cost of this “Il-96” is $ 500 million and can fly 14,000 kilometers without refueling. The presidential plane is equipped with 2 drivers and 1 commander, and 5 men and 5 women.

There are 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms, 1 conference room that can accommodate 12 people, and a medical room. Considering Putin’s love of sports, a small runway was even laid in the cabin.

Since the positioning of the special plane is the President’s “Air Office” and the President’s Air Motor Command Center for national armed forces and nuclear weapons, the special plane is equipped with the most advanced driving, navigation, audiovisual, communications, and computer equipment. Any place in the world has been contacted, and the signal has been specially encrypted, which can effectively prevent being eavesdropped and ensure that the president “can command a war in the air.”

7. Gulf flow G650 official aircraft (the fastest official in the world)


Gulf flow G650 is a product of Gulfstream Aerospace, a well -known American business jet company. Sound speed), becoming the fastest aircraft in civil aviation after Xieheye. The maximum cruise speed of the G650 aircraft is 0.925 Mach, and the speed of Mach is 13,000 kilometers at a speed of 0.85. It has the largest cockpit (RoAB) among the aircraft.


During a test flight on May 2, 2010, Gulfstream’s Bay Stream G650 official aircraft [1] flew a record 0.925 Mach in the test flight, with a flight height of about 13,000 meters. This flight speed is the highest number of Machi that can fly out of the Asian Speed ​​civil aircraft. While maintaining the maximum flight record record, the Bay flow G650 also maintains the maximum voyage record. When flying 0.85 Mach, the Bay flow G650 can reach 12964 kilometers. The Gulf G650 uses Rolls-Royce BR725 engine of Rars-Royce BR725. While having excellent flying performance, the Bay Stream G650 uses a 2.59 -meter -wide body in order to improve comfort. Its cabin area is the widest of the business jet and also has the largest portholes. Five G650 used for test flights will complete a total of 1800 hours of test flight.


8. Global 7500 (Bombardier’s new flagship official model)


Global 7500 aircraft is a large long -range business jet. The cabin is luxuriously decorated, with four independent living space, complete kitchen and unit special suite. Global 7500 aircraft will bring you a flying experience to enjoy freedom and customized luxury, and create a new pattern of official aviation.

The Global 7500 aircraft was put into use at the end of 2018, and the range can be as long as 14,260 kilometers (about 7700 nautical miles, which is also the origin of its name). This range can connect more cities in the world. From Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong New York, London, and Milan can also fly directly from Singapore to Vancouver, with long -distance voyage, comfort and stability.


Entering the Global 7500 aircraft, there are four independent living spaces in the cabin, including equipped with a complete air -on -board kitchen, a large bed and an upright shower. The cabin management system also debuted on this model to provide passengers with a comfortable opportunity experience.

9. Brazil hereditary 1000 (the top business jet in the world)

“Hereditary 1000”


Designed by Brazilian Airlines and the most famous design company in the United Kingdom, Provenman Gurus, it uses gold -plated interior, solid wood dining tables, oversized windows, and large cabin spaces to allow you to enjoy villa -like experience. If you want to drink, there is a bar, adjust at any time. If you want to sleep again, two beds, sleep casually. If you want to take a bath before going to bed, have a bathroom, wash it at will. If you want to go to the toilet, there are three bathrooms for you to choose from. If you want to dinner, sorry, it can also. Large -wood tables, gathered at will, don’t be afraid of squeezing, oversized cabin, up to 19 people can accommodate at most, and 100 people in the same model as him can take 100 people. It can be called “flying villa”.


The hereditary 1,000 business jet has a wide body, with a length of over 36 meters, nearly 3 meters longer than Boeing 737. Plus the main wing, 2 engines, and the wing is hanging. The first three -point landing gear, a cross -shaped rear wing. The power device of the private aircraft is two turbofan engines installed on both sides of the host wing. Both engines are produced by General Electric Corporation in the United States and have excellent performance.

“Hereditary 1000”, the English name “Lineage1000”, is the largest jet business jet of the seven jet official aircraft under Brazil Aviation Industry Corporation. “Hereditary 1000” uses the world’s leading electric operating system with a maximum flight speed of 0.82 Mach. Its interior is designed by Brazilian Aviation Industry Corporation and one of the most famous design companies in the UK. The toilet and one stand-up shower room have sufficient work, rest and meeting space. The selected projects available on the machine include Wi-Fi technology, Internet access and electronic flight bags (EFB). In addition, voyage is also the fatal attraction of “Heredity 1000” itself. Under the backup fuel conditions that meet the NBAAIFR regulations, the “hereditary 1000” can reach 4,400 nautical miles (8149 kilometers) when it is equipped with 8 passengers; it is 4,500 nautical miles (8334 kilometers) when it is equipped with 4 passengers.

Hereditary 1000E is an ideal choice for air travel. The aircraft has the blood of commercial aircraft, which ensures excellent high reliability, low running costs and spacious cabin space. The hereditary 1000E cabin uses a five -cabin layout, like a dreamy adult playground, to create a pleasant and pleasant ride experience with a variety of cabin layout configuration plans. Unlike most official aircraft, the hereditary 1000E did not set the passenger boarding entrance in the kitchen area. In fact, the tools and items used by all crew members have been cleverly moved to the hidden tail area. After boarding the plane, the first thing that came into view was the luxurious lounge. The colorful art and architectural style decorative elements kept passengers a pleasant mood throughout the journey. The first cabin area -the “Club Club” is equipped with a large -size view window with clever design of folding high stools and exclusive designed by Pakistani Industry. There are multiple club -style seats in the living space, which can be held at any time. The most distinguished guests can be invited to enter the private “Crystal Palace” at the rear of the plane, which can provide six passengers with a delicate and luxurious dining experience at the same time.

10. The United States Cessner Award -like Mustang (the world’s first ultra -light commercial official jet)


In September 2006, the CESSNA 510 prize “Mustang” aircraft, which strictly tested and reviewed the review after 3 years, obtained the FAA complete model availability certificate, marking that the CESSNA aircraft company leads the world into ultra -light (or miniature) jet official aircraft. In the new era, it indicates that there will be more companies in the world or the owner of a jet aircraft.


The beautiful streamlined body, a wide view cockpit, 3 oval windows on each side of the cabin, the engine is installed on both sides of the back of the fuselage; 3 degrees after the fate; T -shaped rear wing, the towering vertical tail supports the horizontal tail of the two backs; After the front wheel takes off, it will be paid forward to the fuselage. The award -like “Mustang” parked on the ground looks well, elegant, and eager to fly.

Although the “Mustang” aircraft is small, the equipment should be available: positive cockpit, 4 VIP club methods to adjust the passenger seats, small table boards, special case oxygen systems, ice drawers, storage storage The box, toilet, etc., there are 12V DC power interfaces in front and back to facilitate passengers, spacious passengers board the door; emergency exit; there are two non -pressure -separated luggage compartment of 1.61 cubic meters in the front and rear of the aircraft. The cabin can not only put the luggage box, but also have long items such as golf poles and skiing. The comfort of “Mustang” is better than luxury cars.


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