Give the semiconductor material of “stuck neck”, let’s do it all by one net

The 730 conference point directly to the technology of “stuck neck”. For my country, the chip is indeed a stuck neck, and the most stuck in the chip industry chain is wafer manufacturing, and the equipment and materials are the most critical factor. As long as the equipment and materials are solved, the rest is the problem of craftsmanship. You can always overcome it as long as you take the time to test it.

So today, I will give you a list of the core list of semiconductor materials, which basically belongs to a net.

1. The chip manufacturing process, in addition to being subject to the equipment, is also subject to materials

In the previous article

Semiconductor domestic replacement three key directions


It has been said that the “card neck” link in the chip industry chain is mainly chip manufacturing. SMIC as a chip manufacturer, mainly due to

Equipment and materials are also a key direction for domestic replacement.

2. The composition of chip manufacturing materials

From the perspective of the semiconductor chip manufacturing process, all processes are carried out on the silicon wafer substrate. The specific process process includes:


Preparation of early silicon wafers, film oxidation/sedimentation, chemical machinery grinding, light carvings, etching or ion injection, removal glue and other steps

The above steps form a cycle.

In this process,

The materials made of wafer include:

Silicon wafers, light mask, photoresal glue, electronic special gas, sputtering target and CMP polishing material (chemical mechanical polishing process, mainly polishing and polishing pads)

Waiting materials.


From the perspective of the market composition of various materials:


The highest proportion is silicon tablets, accounting for 37%, followed by light mask and electronic specialty, accounting for 13%. Polishing materials and wet chemicals currently account for 7%. The proportion of photoc jiches is about 5%, and the target is less than 3%.

3. Market pattern: led by foreign companies, domestic replacement

At present, the global silicon wafer market size is $ 11.2 billion, with a mask and electronic specialty of more than $ 4 billion, and is mainly led by overseas companies such as Japan.

In contrast, domestic is currently relatively backward, but under the demand for domestic alternatives, the industrial chain ecosystem has also emerged in multiple segmented leaders.

4. Domestic semiconductor materials subdivide faucet combing

From the perspective of the localization rate of semiconductor materials, the localization rate of photorettic gum and electronic special energy is less than 25%, the polishing materials are less than 20%, and the localization rate of wet chemicals, sputtering targets and silicon wafers is less than 10 than 10 %, Domestic replacement space is huge.


(1) Light -engraved glue

Light -engraving downstream applications are PCB, display panels, LEDs and semiconductors.

Among them, PCB has the lowest requirements and the fastest domestic replacement progress. For example, wet membrane photoresal glue has achieved a localization rate of 46%.

The gap between semiconductor photoresia and foreign abroad is large. High -end KRF, ARF, and EUV lithography glue almost rely on imports.

Beijing Kehua (Tongcheng New Material):

The core business includes the relatively highest -threshold semiconductor photoscience, and customers include SMIC and San’an Optoelectronics. In the first half of 2020, Tongcheng New Materials cut into the lithography adhesive business by acquiring some of the equity of Beijing Kehua (currently holding a total of 42.3%).

Shanghai Xinyang:

In the research and development of high -end photochemicals for integrated circuit manufacturing, customers include SMIC and Yangtze River Storage.

Nanda Optoelectronics:


Get the National 02 Special “in 2017”


The formal establishment of the “Key Technology Development Projects of Lights and Supporting Materials” and the “ARF Lights Equipment Development and Industrialization Project” is still gapd away from SMIC’s requirements.

Jingrui Co., Ltd.:


KRF (248nm deep ultraviolet) Optical glue is completed, and the technical level is relatively backward. Customers include Yangjie Technology and Crystal Optoelectronics, but it takes time to meet the requirements of SMIC.

(2) Splane target

The target is an indispensable raw material for the sputtering process for preparing electronic film materials.

In the downstream applications of domestic targets, the tablet is displayed the most, accounting for nearly half, and less than 10%of the semiconductor. Specifically:

Jiangfeng Electronics

The company’s technology has achieved a certain breakthrough, and customers include the top international chip manufacturers such as SMIC and TSMC.

Have a new material

The company’s customers include core manufacturers such as SMIC and Northern Huachuang.


Ashizhi, Longhua Technology:

The company’s level is relatively backward, and the products are mainly used in the field of flat display, and customers include BOE and so on.

(3) CMP polishing material


CMP polishing materials are flattened by using chemical corrosion and mechanical forces to flatten the processing process of the processing process. The core materials are polishing fluid and polishing pads, accounting for more than 80%.


Anji Technology:

The core business of the company is polishing liquid (90 % of the proportion) and photoresal removal agent, as well as

The first domestic manufacturer to break the monopoly of high -end polishing fluid imports

The polishing fluid has achieved large-scale sales at 130-28nm technology nodes, 14nm technology node products have entered the customer certification stage, and 10-7NM technology node products are under development.

The company’s customers include the core manufacturers of chip manufacturing such as SMIC, Yangtze River Storage, and TSMC.

Dinglong Co., Ltd.:


Company in


The field has gradually broken domestic monopoly, but the current revenue accounts for less than 5%.

(4) Silicon wafer

The silicon wafer is a substrate synthesized by wafers. The semiconductor silicon wafers are single crystal silicon, and the purity of the silicon wafer is 999999999%(9n).


Shanghai Silicon Industry:

Company is


The first manufacturer of large -scale silicon wafers in the Mainland to achieve large -scale silicon wafers.

The 12 -inch silicon wafer is the preferred material for the advanced process (such as 20nm).

The company’s customers include core manufacturers such as SMIC and TSMC.

Central shares:

Solar silicon wafers are mainly, and semiconductor silicon wafers account for less than 10%.

(5) Light mask version

Light mask is generally called a mask and mask version. It is the graphic mother version used in the photoresistic process in the microelectronics manufacturing. It forms a mask graphic on the transparent substrate on the transparent substrate. Made in product substrates.


The company’s mask version products are mainly used in the field of flat display, and there is room for improvement in the technical level.

(6) Electronic specialty

In the semiconductor production link, chemical gases are used in the process of extension, ion injection, blending, washing, and covering the membrane.

Walter Gas:

The only gas company certified by ASML in my country.

Jacques Technology:

The company transforms semiconductor material manufacturers from flame retardant faucet, and currently accounts for 16.4%of electronic special revenue.

(7) Wet chemical products

Wet chemicals are used for etching links, and wet etching can achieve the local removal of film through chemical reactions between chemicals and film.

Although most of the wet electronic chemical companies are still in the international G2-G3 standard stage, some of the products of some leading companies have reached the international G5 standard, which effectively helps the process of domestic replacement of wet chemicals. Specifically:

At present, Shanghai Xinyang and Jingrui Co., Ltd. are relatively leading.

Jianghua Wei and Feikai materials are relatively backward

, But Jiang Huai is about to have G4-G5 levels.

We attach great importance to the research of the industrial chain, because in our opinion, from the bottom to the bottom to the anatomical industry chain, choose the leader, it is very nutritious. For example, the semiconductor material is the company with the highest selection share from the bottom up from the pricing power of the industrial chain and the company’s pricing power.


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