“Invisible increase shoes” is ultimately recommended! The return rate of out of the street is relying on it

As the saying goes, the Buddha depends on gold, and people depend on clothes. Today, it is rare for men to not pursue beauty. “Everyone who loves beauty” is most ignored by everyone to learn to fall in love with their own beauty.



Healed shoes three -step


The finale of the last appearance, Benge will talk to everyone

Gentleman shoes


The principle of “no shoes with a shoe is short” no longer needs to be repeatedly described, and

The most cost -effective items in the whole body must be shoes, or even gentleman shoes.

At present, there are only a small part of the work that also have strict requirements for dressing. Most of the work does not have a complete and rigorous rule for dressing, and some companies directly say, “Our requirements are no requirements, as long as it is not just.” This is one of the reasons why Oxford shoes are far from the previous sales, but it has also created it.


Smart Causal’s style gradually became popular, and handmade gentleman shoes officially ushered in the second spring.

To some extent, handmade shoe boots can take off the brand to fully compete for quality

Essence Everything with ingredients, craftsmanship, crafts, etc. will be exposed 100%in your eyes. As for the brand, it represents the experienced shoe maker, raw material channels, and strict quality control that have been experienced after the brand accumulation.

The following recommendations,

Price from low to high

Essence The recommendation index is directly proportional to the price.



There are either suture traces or a solid -specific process, not a handmade shoes with a solid class. Handmade shoes can also change the bottom. Mr. Steven, the person in charge of Alden Asia, said to Benge personally that there are many customers in Alden that they only change the bottom and do not buy new shoes, because the running -in is perfect, because it was at that time that it had already been at that time. It is an old friend. The 100 -year -old shoes are by no means rare in Alden’s factory.

1️⃣ loake (1300 yuan-2300 yuan)


Founded in 1880

British gentleman shoes brand

, Centennial experience precipitation, excellent quality. The official said that each pair of shoes will pass the hand


130 shoemakers



More than 200 processes


,time consuming


320 working hours

One of the royal shoe brands of the British royal family

, To Prince William to a member of the royal family, they are all their users.

From the perspective of Benge, the brand is hard? That must be hard!

But loake is divided into product lines

The royal family’s shoes are very highly handmade and exquisite in skills. At the same time, full customization specifications are adopted. The products produced by the assembly line must not be compared with royal supplies. But frankly, around 1400 yuan, you can have a certain style selection on Loake. Although the handicraft completion is not so high, it can be called handmade shoes.


, Life is extremely long, enough to deal with daily use. (Many difficult craftsmanship is more to show your identity, such as the number of stitching of 1cm, which does not have the actual effect for us).

Benge thinks the Loake entry model can be selected

Long -wing carved Brock.

There are many types of carvings, such as long -winged carved flowers, such as 1/4 carved flowers, etc. Benn personally recommends long wings, and later mentioned 1/4 of the carved flowers suitable for buying.

Reference price:

Ma Dad’s brand purchase of about 1350 yuan (the brand has the flagship store, but the price is slightly high)

British shoes, brands in the same range as Loake belong to the same interval

James Taylor is also good.

There is a Taobao shop at the same time

Be able to customize


Shoes 楦

Modified according to the Asian foot type

The comfort is higher, but the shape is slightly old, which is more suitable for friends who prefer old gentlemen.

2️⃣ tricker ’s (2300 yuan-3500 yuan)

The T family can talk a lot. The space is limited today. I will talk about it in the near future. But there is no doubt,


British Royal Certified Brand

Benge has repeatedly purchased a lot of doubles.

But in the final analysis, in a word, “


No carving, no Tricker ’s


“. The carved flowers of the T also uses 1/4 carved flowers. The overall shoe is slightly rounded.

Antelope leather and horse hip skin, they still try not to choose from T house. High -quality calfskin is their true ace.

It is worth mentioning that Tom Brown introduced in Benge’s push yesterday has launched a number of shoes with Tricker ’s. Except for the Tom Brown Logo made of canvas, there is no difference, but the price difference is nearly 3 times. And Tricker ’s is a shoe -made founding factory for Tom Brown all year round, showing its strong quality.


There are many purchasing agents on Taobao, and the price is very good. The major e -commerce platforms also have Tricker ’s and often discount, such as Mr Porter, End Clothing.

3️⃣ Alden (3600 yuan-200000 yuan)

Among the brands recommended today, Alden is the most aware of Benn (because I bought the most). A variety of chosen choices allow everyone to find the most comfortable and most suitable type of their own.

I have never changed the shoe 未 for a hundred years


In other words, in these 100 years, Alden never gave up the classic to chase the trend, and never had it once.

In addition to Alden’s superb shoe making process, the most worth mentioning is comfort.


The running period is very short

Each pair of handmade shoes has countless details that are serving comfort. Due to the outstanding leather raw materials, even the century -old shoes in the Alden factory are countless.

Exclusive ace Hallwin horse hip skin


It even rang through the entire handmade shoes.

Some players have played, “

Get together 7 pairs of Alden and summon Shenlong, you don’t need to buy shoes anymore in this life, just change it.

This grid recommends Indy403 and 405 as the entry paragraph

The price is cheap, the word of mouth is very good and enduring, and it is a rare unwavering gentleman boot. The shoe is used to use T 鞋. The space in the shoe is very large and the width is sufficient, but the overall type is really full of flow, which is worthy of experience.

proposed price:


Taobao purchasing agent 3800 yuan

And the gentleman low -top shoes that are more like Smart Casual style, this grid will recommend


Long -wing carved LWB and large bald head PTB

Universal and versatile, usually B 楦 (known as one of the most suitable types of Asians).

Taobao purchasing agent 5000 yuan-5500 yuan


Alden will definitely be written alone, just recently, don’t worry.

◆ Old rules, write at the end

In the remaining categories, Benge will recommend that you choose according to your economic strength. But only gentleman shoes, Benge hopes that everyone can buy “more than -class brands”, take less wrongdoing, and spend less money.

As the so -called penny, one penny, a lot of money for eight cents. This is the truth with playing cameras. The more top -level levels, the higher the cost, the smaller the increase, but there is no way. This is the so -called peak experience. What we have to do is

Find this “very money”, the one with the most cost -effective and most cost -effective one.


Finally, I emphasized that do not buy the so -called “low -price substitutes”, that can’t solve the poison at all. Don’t ask Beng why it is so positive, because Benge has walked through the mountain road of eighteen corners.

Gentleman shoes






proposed price:


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