What kind of story does from the brothers’ wall to the pretending expert “Devil May Cry”?

For the Devil May Cry series, but Ding and Virgil, the red and blue demon twins, are like pearls of pearl milk tea. They are the iconic elements of the series. The grievances between them are also the end of several generations of plots. But in Capcom’s initial idea, in the world of people’s demon dance, only Dante’s solo should be.


Strange brotherhood


As the beginning of everything, “Devil May Cry 1”, like subsequent generations, is the same as after several generations of works. But unlike subsequent works, the variables of the work are Dan Ding’s mother -EVA.

In the background setting, EVA has been dead for many years. But at the beginning of the story, a woman with the same appearance as EVA appeared in Dante’s office and conveyed the news of the wake -up of the Demon Emperor.


Out of the responsibility of the devil hunter and curiosity about this woman’s identity, Ding immediately embarked on the journey.

In this adventure, in order to stop Dante’s progress, all the demons are endless, but it is difficult to block the villain hunters. Until the black knight appeared.


This enemy has a powerful ability far beyond other devil and quickly suppressed Dante. Just in the struggle, Ding’s neck showed a necklace. After witnessing this, the Black Knight had a change of change, gave up the pursuit, and left.

This necklace is an EVA’s birthday gift for his son, which is one pair. One of them was attributed to his brother, Ding Ding, and the other was his brother Virgil. After that, due to the sudden attack of the devil, the mother died, the brother disappeared, and another necklace lost his trace.

In the face of the black knight’s water, Ding is quite puzzled, and accompanied by fighting against each other again, he also got the answer -the Black Knight is Virgil.

The opportunity to expose this answer was the familiar necklace that was left after the Black Knight was defeated. This also explains the kindness that the other party shows at that moment.


In fact, the necklace was created by the father of the two brothers.

As a former monster strong, Sparta betrayed the origin and the same family in the invasion of the demon world two thousand years ago, stood on the side of human beings, and then sealed the demon emperor and the demon world. In the following years, he and human woman EVA gave birth to two children, and finally disappeared mysteriously. The necklace is the key he seals his strength. As for the Black Knight, it is a monster that Virgil has become brainwashed after the Demon is brainwashed.


As the grief was in addition, Ding used the necklace to unblock the power seal of the power of the force of the power, and then defeated the culprit of the culprit with the power of Sparta and ended the story of the generation.

In this story, the powerful and cool and cool Dan Ding can be described as the only protagonist on the stage. As for Virgil, it is just the obstacle on Ding Road, which is an opportunity to make the protagonist stronger, just like a tool man. However, the sequel’s Word of Word of Word of mouth and sales has made his identity a new change.


The birth of “Power” people

After “Devil May Cry 1” burst into fire, Capcom quickly launched the sequel “Devil May Cry 2”. However, due to the difference between the style and the previous style and the degree of completion, the market response is extremely negative.

In response to this crisis, Capcom chose to mobilize the head of the headquarters and invest more resources in order to fight the battle in “Devil May Cry 3”. Because of this “black history”, many settings of “Devil May Cry 2” are basically abandoned.

Around the three generations, Capcom made many important changes. Like at the plot, they re -sorted back the background story. The core point of which is the origin of Virgil.

The story of “Devil May Cry 3” happened before the generation. At this time, Dante, who lost his mother and brother, had grown up. In order to discuss life, he set up a office to prepare to connect to the commission related to demons.

Shortly after the office opened, a special letter came to him -Virgil’s invitation letter. The location involved in the letter is the tower that sprung up in the city.

At the top of this tower, Ding saw his long -lost brother. Now he is wearing a blue trench coat and holding a samurai knife. Waiting for the arrival of my brother. The purpose is also very pure. He wants to seize the necklace inherited from his father. Because of this, he can unlock the seal and get more powerful power.

As for the source of this obsession, it comes from the shadow left by the accident.

In the three generations of the plot modification, since the childhood accident, Virgil has not been brainwashed directly, but has grown up in the magic world. In the process, he had a completely different state of mind. I think that the mothers’ death and family tragedy are because they have no strength. This worship of power makes it a “Power”.


It was also around this incident, but Ding’s image was further plump. In fact, because of his mother’s death, he was worried about his father Sparta, and then hated the blood on his body, and began to become rebellious and confused.

By encountering this time, the two brothers each became the mirror of each other and had a subtle mood change.

As for those who run through and promote the entire process, the villain named Akham.

In order to obtain the power of Sparta, this human warlock set up the bureau to use Dante and Virgil, and reached a wish when the two brothers were defeated. But at the end of the last moment, the two brothers who were joined forces were defeated.


The final chapter of the three generations of stories is the fate of the brothers. With the red and blue figures, Virgir defeated and jumped into the demon world.

In this duel, Virgil made a pretty move. Like the Yan Mo knife who put down his hands while fighting, he picked up the blade of force. But after the defeat, he threw the sword in front of his brother, and then leaped down with the necklace from his parents.

As a symbol of strength, the Blade of Power is undoubtedly the end of Virgir’s obsession. But what is his opportunity to become “Power”? The answer is to protect the family. In the process of moving towards this goal, he regarded the wrong process as a result. Again with my brother, let it recall this original intention. In the author’s opinion, the process of putting down the blade to picked up the necklace was the external expression of this mood change.

After witnessing his brother’s departure, Ding stayed with tears. Then brought out the theme of Devil May Cry, which also became the name of the office. Virgil lost to the Demon Emperor in the demon world and was brainwashed as a generation of BOSS Black Knights.

If the initial description of the first generation, Virgil’s final ending is to dissipate death in the demon world, the plot of the 4th generation and 5th generation will inevitably look like. Because it was what he did around him, Capcom gave the plot afterwards, and found a reasonable ending point.

Tossing between human nature and strength

At the end of the three generations, Virgil has been liberated from the persistence of strength and became more humane, but how can the persistence pursuit of the years of polish and engraving in the bones disappear so easily?

The plot of the fourth generation and the fifth generation is actually the product of the two very different character around him.

Regarding the four generations, after the disappearance of the Black Knight, I did not know what reason, Virgil returned to the human world. In the process of walking in the earth, an interesting news passed to his ears.

It was a church who believed in Sparta and ruled out demons as the first teach. As the heirs of Sparta’s blood, Virgil had a strong interest in it and then explored.

In the process, he didn’t know what reason, he left his own blood, Nero, and then turned away.

Capcom did not explain the identity of Nero’s mother, but this did not prevent us from guessing. For Virgil, perhaps because of the human side, it has made it true that there is a flower of love, but in order to avoid the mistakes of their childhood, it may bring a disaster to the mother and son. He will leave again.

Regardless of the process, the birth of Nero can be regarded as the product of others. And the Yan Mo Sword he left also made the Magic Sword Affairs a greater hoper, and then left the opportunity to Ding Ding’s behavior in the fourth generation to assassinate the pope of the pope.


The background of the five generations of stories is also quite blurred. We only know that in the process of pursuing strength, Virgil’s body and mind have become fragmented. But before the real fell, the wish to fight against his brother again supported him to make a more exceptional move. He first took away Nero’s right arm, that is, Yan Mo Dao, and then separated his personality to make himself a demon, setting off a bloody wind. Then he brought a difficult challenge to Ding Ni Lu, the uncle and nephew, and the story of the devil crying.

Regarding this legendary story around the two brothers, there is actually a large blockbuster. For example, after the 3rd generation, what did Virgil go through? Regarding this part of the story, we can see one or two in “The Battle of Devil May Cry-Peak”.

Familiar “Invitation”

The story of “Devil May Cry-Peak Battle” takes place between the three generations and the first generation. Compared with the series, the most unexpected plot of this generation is that Dante’s office finally has business.

In the process of dealing with business, he discovered that the devil was searching for something in the city. In addition, it also harvested a special note of Virgil.


“Come to the church, my dear brother, I leave a special gift for you.”

Taking this “invitation letter” as an introduction, Ding came into contact with a mysterious family. This is a special family who helped Sparta seal demon. They reproduce and inherit and inherit the city in this city and shoulders the responsibility of guarding the seal. Similarly, this is also the goal of the demon.

What role will Virgil play in this process? If it is inferred around the timeline, Virgil at this time should be returned from the magic world. It is worth noting that in the early propaganda preview of this work, three people had a silhouette against a BOSS.


This statue -like BOSS, the Emperor of the Emperor, is also the culprit of brainwashing Virgil. According to this clue, Ding is likely to join forces with Virgil to “fight again” the Demon Emperor. As for the specific story, wait for the official advancement.

In addition to supplementing the series of plots, “Devil May Cry-Peak Battle” also restores the various characteristics of the Devil May Cry series. In terms of design, it has a variety of elements including scenes, shapes, and art styles. In terms of operation, the game also uses a virtual joystick and the right five -button design method to restore the style of gifted. And through a certain simplification, the difficulty of rubbing the touch screen is reduced. The operating perception of Dante, Rey, and Virgil are very similar to the original.



The story of Devil May Cry can be said to start with Virgil and end because of Virgil. But under this appearance, it is still the unique relationship between him and Danana who promotes the change and development of the story. With the emergence of the fifth generation, their fate that lasted for two decades also temporarily ended, and it became an unforgettable memory in my memory.


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