Get this list of good things in Double Eleven Houses and make the home become a seven -star hotel

Get this list of good things in Double Eleven Houses and make the home become a seven -star hotel

It is said that home is a harbor with soul rest, but there are always people who can’t stay at home and want to run out all day. Why is this? When I heard it was the place where the family was related to “good life” did not do it!

Knowing that you are all lazy, A Shuang, who is “countless home products”, can’t directly search for you directly ~ Whether it is a newlywed decoration or planning to give a home upgrade, even if it is a young man who rents a house, As long as you buy it in the list of A Shuang, to ensure that your home experience is full of happiness, and he loves home more and more. It happens that Double Eleven is coming soon. Near the end of the year, in order to thank everyone for the support of the year, A Shuang also prepared some rich benefits. On November 2nd, A Shuang gave everyone a large cash red envelope of 666/888/1111 in the live broadcast room of the official flagship store of Tmall Gu Jiajia. There are uninterrupted draws to send Huawei Mate 40 Pro, iPad, Dyson hair dryer, sweeping robot, air purifier, SK-II and so on! There are so many wool, help your home upgrade plan to help!

When it comes to “good life”, what do you think of first? That’s right, it’s a bed!

The bed really directly determines the beauty and quality of life! After all, the most important and core function of the family is to provide a stable sleeping place. Where to save money, you ca n’t save money in bed! Otherwise, the sadness in life can only know.

And the mattress of 8 hours of intimate contact with you every day is of course the highlight of the choice. In the past, everyone felt that the mattress was comfortable and durable, but with the improvement of living standards, everyone’s requirements for the quality of life were also high. As a result, there were many exquisite mattresses on the market. Essence

This mattress seems to be nothing special at first glance? Don’t worry, listen to A Shuang’s detailed way. This “dream pad” has won the “Oscar” in the e -commerce community -the “Golden Wheat Quality Award” in 2020. It is absolutely deputy to satisfy all your imagination of the mattress.

The general latex content of conventional latex mattresses on the market is only about 80%, while the latex content of the “dream pad” is as high as 94%. It is made of high -quality Thailand imported natural latex and restores the most natural sleeping experience. The “Dream Cushion” also has “4D fresh air system” black technology. The mattress is like breathing, and you don’t have to worry about sweating at night. The inside of the mattress is always clean. The dense natural latex can “breathe” mattresses, lying up like lying softly in the clouds, so comfortable, how can it not sleep well!

At the same time, the front and back of this mattress use different hardness materials. The front latex is soft, and the negative side is hard. The choice is also worried about choosing a soft bed or a hard bed. There are three different versions of software to choose from. Whether adults, pregnant women, elderly children, can have the most suitable and comfortable mattress! When you choose the mattress, you should also see clearly that adults can sleep a softer bed, but for the elderly and children who are growing their bodies, the mattress should be a bit harder to protect the spine.

For mattresses with high frequency and long use time, durability is also very important. The dream pads of the Gu family use the high -fierce carbon steel spring for 20 years of warranty. The frame of the mattress is also intimately reinforced with the same type of steel. This material is often applied to the rails of bridges and trains. The mute performance and durability are excellent, and they are not afraid of collapse for a long time and sleeping for a long time.

Even if it is renting a house, it is worth buying a high -quality mattress. After all, the house can be rented, but life must be your own. Sleeping every day is full and full, so that you have more energy to fight for your dreams!

Of course, the bed should not have only one cushion, and the bed must be picked up. When you pick the bed, you must choose carefully to design and fit the back of the human body. Buying this way, it is very comfortable whether you lie on the bed or watch the live broadcast.

If you take the simplicity of the Nordic in the family, you can buy this kind of imported boutique cowhide bed. It is low -key and fresh and stylish. As soon as you put it in the bedroom, the style will go up. In such a bed, even sleeping is more ritual ~ No wonder the theme of the Gu Jia Double Eleven is called “Dream Space Enjoy Freedom”, super comfortable mattress+high -quality leather bed, which is completely the dream bedroom configuration!

(Gu Jia’s simple leather soft bed B168)

The Gu family is indeed a well -known domestic product in 38 years. One bed and a mattress, whether it is a sense of design, artistic sense, or quality, is constantly pursuing the extreme. Buyers are good at choosing this big brand. Installation and after -sales service are proper worry.

In addition to the bed, there is also a very important place that is related to a happy life.

It’s a sofa!

How important is the sofa? If your sofa is very comfortable, the old and small flats are more willing to be more for more time in the living room. It is a artifact for family harmony. Usually go home from get off work, dragging a tiredness to the sofa, it is also necessary to decompress more. The sofa is very good, and friends on the weekend are more willing to run to your house ~

Selected sofas is often limited by apartment types, but this sofa in Gu family has many specifications that can be freely combined. Whether it is 90 square meters or 120 square meters, it can spell out the style that is best for your home. The sofa is designed for this living cushion, which is easy to remove and wash. If you prefer the industrial style of home improvement, you will definitely love this one, full of urban modern sense!

(Gu Jia’s exquisite fabric sofa 2055)

If you want to buy a leather sofa, the material must be selected, so that you can get brighter and brighter, and you don’t wrinkle for a long time. It is really obsessed with leather and high durability requirements. May wish to see the “ecological leather” of the Gujia leather sofa series. The texture does not lose the cowhide at all. Bacteria rate. The back can be put down directly. After getting home from get off work, you can take a comfortable sleep on the sofa for a while before dinner.

(Gu Jiayi’s light luxury leather sofa 1036)

Speaking of the sofa, do you remember the knowledge of “using 1 square meters of leisure area” before? In the leisure area, you can also consider putting a comfortable lounge chair. Small compactness does not occupy the land, can be able to lie down and lying, without working weekend and afternoon, sitting on the window full of sunlight, comfortable in the chair, read a book to see the drama, make a cup of tea, and work hard for a week. Little days are too moist!

(Gujia casual function single chair A006)

If you have a higher request for comfort, then you may need one … massage chair! Do you like to be paralyzed in a massage chair in the mall every time you go out? Then it is better to move home directly, and even the money to go to health massage will be saved in the future.

A good massage chair must not only have a variety of massage modes, but also must be “clever” in place, and they must not be noisy. The massage chair of the Gu family is like a quiet and professional massage master. It is not unreasonable. For a busy day, when I got home, I made a “old master” and the fatigue disappeared ~ It is recommended that there is a demand, and take advantage of the price of Double Eleven cabbage.

(Gujia Smart Massage Chair PTDK803FY)

There are also lazy sofas, which have been hot in recent years, which can be said to be an artifact that improves life happiness anytime, anywhere. A small one, comfortable and portable, usually placed on the bay window, putting it in the trunk to bring out the picnic. These comfortable sofas have been sitting for a long time, and maybe they are unwilling to take a hard bench when they go out ~

(Gu’s casual lazy sofa)

These good things that are closely related to “good life” can make a home at home. Of course, it is not just the living room and bedroom that determines whether the home is beautiful enough.

It is beautiful and comfortable to wear ~

Friends living in the south must have a deep understanding of this incident. Whenever they return to the South Tian and Meiyu season, the clothes can’t be dried up, and they arrived again when they test the clothes inventory. At this time, the clothing machine is particularly important. The clothes dryer of the Gu family, drying efficiently, full -effect sterilization, wet outside, and “the sun” at home, putting on warm clean clothes. The Gu family’s clothes drying machine is also particularly “smart”. It can not only take care of the clothes, but also control it through voice. The intelligent sense should be stopped. Even if there are lively children or pets at home, they don’t have to worry about safety issues!

(Gujia offline voice wisdom control healthy clothing machine KCS001)

If you look at it, you need to be comfortable and beautiful. Not to mention ~ home improvement, layout, and storage. A Shuang has already talked about many periods. Hurry up and turn over the article to take notes!

These places are in place, and it is difficult to want to be uncomfortable. It is guaranteed that the family is a proper “soul rest harbor”! The love of the family and the Gu family is not depending on thinking. Only when the family is really beautiful and happy can people love home.

At home is the starting point and base of everyone’s life. Why not make the family a comfortable little paradise? Starting from warmth and softness, moving forward is more powerful.

The representatives of the class have released the answer. Don’t you quickly copy your homework? During the live broadcast, the order was put in 8 o’clock to 0pm, which is a pillow worth 129 yuan. Lock at the live broadcast room of the official flagship store of Tmall Gu Jiajia on November 2nd, to provide you with a good list of good things and good things for you, so that you can use the minimum money to take the nourishment of the seven -star hotel home home. Intersection

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