The new details are upgraded, and the larger rest space, the old John 2022 customized RV is here

The new details are upgraded, and the larger rest space, the old John 2022 customized RV is here

In the RV circle, many riders are no strangers to the old John. The riders who are familiar with the old John know that the RV master who loves the self -driving tour will lead domestic RV families to travel to Eurasia by car. Nearly 30 countries.

In order to enhance the driving experience of the RV, Lao John launched a dual expansion RV with his own experience and riders’ suggestions in cooperation with Long Cui RVs to launch a customized version of the new version of Longcui & Old John’s Journey. Based on the 2021 models, the new car has been optimized again on the basis of the 2021 model, extending the dining table of the meeting area, widening the storage cabin door and the end expansion bed. A number of details are optimized, let’s take a look.

The new car body is painted with white and matched with champagne golden compartment to show a simple and stable temperament. The body size of the body is 5995x2480x3165mm, the total mass is 4490kg, and 6 people are available.

The vehicle is based on the Iveco Odo chassis. The power system is equipped with a 3.0T diesel engine. The transmission system is matched with an 8AT gearbox. It is full of power and can be easily drove. , Improve riding comfort; the braking system uses front and rear disc braking, the braking response is rapid, and the heat dissipation is good.

The rear of the car is equipped with reversing radar and reversing images, which provides convenience for daily driving and reversing; the rear can also choose ladder climbing, bicycle frame and electric legs according to personal needs to facilitate outdoor life.

There are extended cabins on the left side of the body and behind the rear. After parking, opening can increase the use of space in the car; the outside of the body is equipped with sunshade, main and co -pilot assistance on the car, the European -style central control door (with screens), get on the car, get on the car, and get on the car. The handrails, the charging interface of the new energy charging pile, the external municipal power system (with a 15 -meter power line), and the gravity water injection port and other facilities bring more convenience to outdoor life.

There is also a driver -washing water pipe fast connection device on the side to facilitate the car owner to wash the car by themselves. The double -sided door of the storage cabin is more convenient to store items, and the upper and lower lights are installed to facilitate the use of items at night.

The outdoor kitchen has not changed much on the basis of the original car. It continues the pumping design plan. It can be used by pulling out the gas cooker. At the same time, the 5kg gas tank can be reserved to facilitate the storage of the gas tank. There are doubles above the gas stove. Layer storage drawers are used to place cooking items.

Custom version of Long Cui & Old John John

Long Cui Kaige C630 Double Expansion

The drainage system adopts a newly developed gray water tank mold, and at the same time optimizes the direction and height of the gray water tank drainage pipe, which is more convenient to discharge gray water.

The main co -pilot position of the cab is equipped with a human engineering seat, which is comfortable and breathable heat dissipation; driving is equipped with fixed -speed cruise, multi -function steering wheel, original car control screen, tire pressure monitoring, electric heating and wide external vision Mirror, reversing radar, reversing image, ESP, etc.

Behind the cab is a living area. The “forehead double bed+opposite card seat+tail double bed” layout is adopted. The rest space is rich to meet multiple people outdoors. Furniture plates are matched with environmentally friendly floor leather (dark wood grain), healthy and polluting, in line with modern green life concepts.

The warm air system can choose the top air conditioner or home variable frequency air conditioner according to personal needs to ensure that the temperature in the car is appropriate; the lighting is equipped with a main ceiling light+LED spotlight+reading light+internal atmosphere light band to meet the night lighting of night lighting to meet the night lighting. Create a warm living atmosphere; the car is also equipped with four -way monitoring and carbon monoxide, smoke composite alarm, 2kg fire extinguisher to ensure the safety of outdoor travel.

There are double beds in the forehead rest area to meet multiple people’s sleep rest; there are external pushing windows on both sides to solve the problem of lighting and ventilation; the lighting lights are set up to ensure night lighting; More convenient.

The meeting area is located in the left expansion cabin. After parking, it can open the expansion mechanism to increase the use of use; there is a counterpart of the sofa card, and the card seats are equipped with a seat belt to ensure safety when riding. The card seats are disruptive and upgraded. After the transformation, the sofa seat can be adjusted back and forth, and the back can also be adjusted, thereby changing the seat tilt and enhancing the ride experience.

There is a storage hanging cabinet on the top of the meeting area to meet the daily storage needs; there is also a storage space below the sofa to facilitate the storage of small items; the location of the card can be installed with mobile 220V and USB power sockets to facilitate daily charging. Essence

The card seat is equipped with a dedicated folding dining table in the middle, and it can be used as a bed with the card seat as a temporary rest area. The new car also transformed the dining table. After the transformation, it can be extended to nearly one meter. There is no problem using the company’s mobile office.

The kitchen area is located on the opposite side of the Hyunda area. It is designed with an overall cabinet and equipped with an induction cooker, a sink (with a lid), a folding water, and a range hood to meet the daily cooking needs. The drawer storage space is set under the cabinet. It is more suitable for partitioned kitchen items; according to the internal and external layout of the car, the storage drawer below should be connected with the car, which is more convenient to cook.

The extension panel is set at the bottom right of the cabinet, which is more convenient to use. There is also a storage grid below to store some seasonings. The 138L Florus refrigerator is embedded in the back of the card and used it with the kitchen area.

The tail lounge area is equipped with a horizontal bed, and it is 10 centimeters on the basis of the 2021 version. The car friend of 1.9 meters tall can also sleep. There are steps to facilitate up and down, and bed curtains are set on the side to ensure the privacy of rest space; there is a storage hanging cabinet on the top for storage of clothing supplies.

The wet and wet integrated bathroom area is equipped with facilities such as folding pots, independent shower, pull -up toilet, makeup mirror, shower shower and other facilities to meet the needs of daily bathrooms and washing; cycle.

The bathroom is equipped with Ebech diesel heater+Truma BE14 electric water heater, which solves the problem of bathing in winter; a 2.5kg washing machine in South Korea is embedded on the side, which is convenient for outdoor laundry.

In terms of hydropower, it is equipped with 257L water water tank, 70L gray water tank, 3000W inverter, 800AH lithium battery, 150A dual -hair motor, self -suction pump, touch -type centralized control system, centralized electrical button switch, the entire vehicle water water system, etc., can also be available. Select 720W solar panels.

Overall, the RV Trip of Long Cui & Lao John retains many advantages such as Long Cui Kaige C630 Double Expansion RV safety, beautiful, comfortable, large space and other advantages. The optimization design and improvement of the details of the details improves the quality and comfort of travel life. In terms of price, the standard version of this RV is 58.9W. The welcome comment area of ​​this RV is left!

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Time: March 4-6, 2022

Location: Jiangsu · Nanjing International Exhibition Center

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Location: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

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