Regarding the basic knowledge, purchase and maintenance of the battery battery, it is enough to watch a article.

Regarding the basic knowledge, purchase and maintenance of the battery battery, it is enough to watch a article.

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Car battery is commonly known as automotive battery, which is the core component of the automotive circuit. It not only guarantees vehicle ignition and lighting, but also provides electricity for equipment in the car, especially at present, new energy vehicle power systems, fuel cars start and stop function, CarPlay and voice systems, and even the research and development of AI autonomous driving These advanced intelligent functions are based on automotive power supply systems to achieve application and promotion on cars. Therefore, it can be seen that although the battery is small, its functions are not small. I will take this opportunity to talk about some basic knowledge and maintenance methods of the car battery.

The full text is about 5200 words, full of dry goods, it is recommended to see it slowly.

Car battery classification

At present, the most widely used batteries in cars are lead -acid batteries, mainly divided into ordinary lead -acid batteries and maintenance -free lead -acid batteries.

Ordinary lead -acid battery: It consists of positive and negative polar plates, partitions, shells, electrolytes, and wiring pile heads. During the use of the battery, the crickets on the grid will pollute the sponge -like pure lead on the negative plate, which weakens the anti -electromotive force in the battery after the complete charging, resulting in excessive decomposition of the water. Remove the electrolyte. Therefore, after using it for a period of time, the sulfuric acid should be supplemented to keep the electrolyte containing 22 to 28%of dilute sulfuric acid.

Working principle: In the car battery, the sponge -shaped lead plate is a negative electrode, the lead plate is positive, and 22-28%of the dilute sulfuric acid is used as an electrolyte. When the battery is discharged, the metal lead is a negative electrode, an oxidation reaction, which is oxidized to lead sulfate. The lead oxide is the positive pole. When the battery is charged, lead and lead dioxide are generated. During charging, electrical energy is transformed into chemical energy, and chemical energy is converted into electrical energy during discharge.

▲ Brief diagram of lead -acid battery structure

Lead -free leader -free battery: The leading calcium alloy grid is used, the amount of water decomposition generates during charging is small, the amount of water evaporation is low, and the shell adopts a sealing structure, and there are very few released sulfate gases. Therefore, compared with ordinary batteries, it has the advantages of no additional liquid, less corrosion of the wiring pile head, less electrical corrosion, strong resistance to charging, large starting current, and long power storage time.

The maintenance of lead -free lines is slightly different from ordinary batteries, and the working principle is generally consistent.

▲ Comparison of ordinary lead -acid batteries and maintenance of lead -free lead -free acid batteries

In addition, it is not absolutely not absolute to maintain the maintenance of the battery. Although it consumes less electrolyte, it also needs to be maintained regularly. This is explained in detail in the battery maintenance behind the article.

Auto battery function

1. Car start in the car to provide power supply for the starting ignition system of the car;

▲ With the popularity of one -click start, the dependence of the car starting the battery is getting heavier

2. When the generator does not generate or uses an electrical appliance in the car, it provides power supply for automotive power equipment, including car headlights, instrument panels, central control screens, air conditioners, wiper, in -car lighting and cigarette lighters, etc.;

▲ The electronic equipment in the car needs to rely on batteries to provide electricity

3. Excessive electrical energy generated by the storage generator;

▲ The power generated by the generator during driving can be stored by the battery

4. As a capacitor function, avoid damage to the electric equipment in the car due to the high instant voltage.

Understand car battery parameters

my country’s lead-acid batteries are mainly named after three parts of the lead-acid battery industry standard JB/T 2599-2012 “Lead-acid Battery Name, Model Preparation and Naming Measures”, which consists of three parts.

▲ Three components of the battery named

The first part: indicates the number of single batteries connected in series. It is represented by Arabic numerals that the battery is usually connected in series by 3 or 6 batteries. The voltage of each battery is 2V and the total voltage is 6V and 12V. At present The battery is a 12V battery;

The second part: battery type, usually marked the abbreviation of the first capital of the first two Pinyin of the first two Chinese characters. The battery used by the car is usually represented by the letter Q.

▲ Classification of battery use and model

Battery characteristics are usually represented by uppercase letters, corresponding to batteries with different structures.

▲ Classification of battery structure characteristics and model.

The third part: The battery is rated with a rated capacity. Usually it is represented by numbers. Corresponding to the capacity of the battery, the unit is A. H, which can be omitted.

The special performance of the battery, corresponding to some special performance of the battery, such as D-indicates good low temperature performance, G-high startup rate.

However, because this standard is the industry recommendation standard, there are some other naming methods:

1. Japan Standard

Taking the model as “55B24L” as an example, the analysis of the parameters of the battery is as follows:

55: Represents the capacity code, the 20 -hour rate capacity (C20 (AH)) 45AH; RC: 70min; low temperature start -up current CCA: 410A; 410A;

B: The size of the battery, 238 mm long: 129 mm width: 203 mm high: total height (electrode column, fine pile column) 221 mm, a minimum of A, then C and other push;

24: Indicates the length of the battery (cm);

L (left) or R (right): indicates the position of the negative pole pile head, L represents positive, and r means reverse.

2. French standard (European standard)

Taking L2-400MF as an example, the meaning of the parameters of the battery is as follows:

L2: Code of size size, as well as l1, l3, etc.;

400: Indicates a cold start current parameter;

MF: Indicates maintenance -free battery.

3. US standard

Taking the battery model 58-430 as an example, the meaning of the parameters of the battery is as follows:

58: Battery size group;

430: -18 ℃ Cold start current.

Introduction to mainstream car battery brands

At present, 70%of the global automotive battery markets are mainly occupied by Jiangsen’s self -control, Eksted, and Tang Qian. Most of the other suppliers are regional and family manufacturers, which are relatively scattered.

Jiangsen Self -Control

Jiangsen Self-Control is the world’s first thermostatic manufacturer. Since the acquisition of Globe-Union in 1978, it has entered the automotive battery industry. It has the highest share in the global battery market and is the world’s largest German battery manufacturer. Our well -known Walta batteries are Jiangsen’s self -control and research and development.

Main supply brands: BMW, Mercedes Benz, Honda and Ford, etc.


Founded in 1888, it developed and installed the world’s first lead -acid battery in 1889. In 1912, it helped Cadillac to design the world’s first internal combustion engine car started by batteries. One of the merchants.

Main supply brands: BMW, Mercedes Mercedes -Benz and Toyota


The Tang Qian Battery Co., Ltd. was established in Japan in 1918. There are more than 20 production factories around the world. The amount of lead is about 11%of the world’s three giants. Essence

Main supply brands: Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Suzuki and Acura


The unified battery belongs to the global well-known lead-acid battery company-GS YUASA Group, namely the GS Battery Co., Ltd. and the Tang Qian Battery Corporation. The domestic unified battery is jointly established by Japan’s GS Group and Taiwan Unified Group.

Main supply brands: Toyota, Honda, Haima, etc.


Bosch is one of the industrial enterprises in Germany and is engaged in the industry of automotive and intelligent transportation technology, industrial technology, consumer goods and energy and construction technology. Bosch’s business scope covers the gasoline system, diesel system, automotive chassis control system, automotive electronics, starting motivation and generator, electric tools, household appliances, transmission and control technology, thermal technology and security systems (a bit correct, It feels like as long as it is an electrical appliance, there is a Bosch product).


Sailing Co., Ltd. (referred to as Fanfan Company) directly under China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. The company’s predecessor Baoding Battery Factory (State -owned 482) was founded in 1958. It now has nearly 20 million lead batteries and 3 million AGM and EFB batteries. %And exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

Main supply brands: Volkswagen, GM and Hyundai, etc.


Camel Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980. It has produced a total of 32.95 million battery batteries and 31.8 million KVAH, which has become an excellent supplier of major domestic cars manufacturers and commercial vehicle manufacturers. The main supporting unit of the company has reached 60 Many. The company has sales service agencies in major and Chinese cities across the country; overseas, the company’s product sales business has expanded to Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries or regions.

Main supply brands: Volkswagen, Volvo, GM, etc.

Having said that, some friends may ask a relatively no absolute answer: Which brand of battery is best?

This kind of question is like a girlfriend asked you. She and your mother fall into the river. However, the balance in everyone’s heart often tilted to the side, getting an answer that cannot be said, but there is a tendency in my heart, so I think this question should consider two points: First, the test after the market is a good product, so the product is the product, so the product is the product, so the product is the product, so the product is the product, so the product is the product, so the product is the product, so the product is the product, so the product is the product, so the product is the product, so the product is the product, so the product is the product, so the product is the product, so the product is the product, so the product is the product. The market share can be one of the standards of product good or bad. Second, under the premise of the market test (here to explain why it goes through the market test, because some product marketing is too good, and marketing can be large. Increase the product premium, but the quality of the product is not good. Raising a chestnut is a small pot of tea last year). One penny is a penny. Based on the above two points, I believe that there should be an answer in the hearts of the officials.

How to buy a car battery

1. Determine the battery brand and model of this model

How to determine what brand and model of your car you use, you can have the following methods:

First, the most direct method is to open the hood to see the battery brand and model.

▲ The picture shows the sails used by a car brand 6-QW-60YD battery.

Second, through the APP of Tuhu and Jingdong, bind the model of the car, and you can have a corresponding model recommended.

▲ Tunhu APP binds a car model flowchart, which can be used without registered.

Third, check the official website of the brand battery.

Take the official website of the Walta brand as an example

▲ Walta official website finds the interface of the query

▲ Enter the information of the corresponding model, choose to find the adaptive battery

▲ The corresponding adaptation battery model and their parameters are popped up. The picture below has a link to the e -commerce platform.

2. Select the purchase channel

Selection of purchase channels is more important, mainly divided into online and offline channels. Because of the huge profits of batteries, many small workshops take risks for these interests. The battery often needs to use it for more than two years. If you buy a renovation problem battery, it is easy to be abandoned on the road, delaying affairs and destroying your mood.

▲ Tang Qian officially assisted the industrial and commercial department to seize the battery.

Offline dealer

Through the official websites of various brands, you can query the offline authorized dealers of the corresponding brand. Relatively speaking, you can not only avoid counterfeit products, but also get better after -sales service.

Here I still take Walta’s official website as an example

▲ Find the dealer on the website to query the window, enter the corresponding address, and click search.

▲ You can pop up the information of the nearby authorized retailers, as well as information on the specific address on the map.

Online channel

Brands such as Walta, camels, sails, Bosch, etc., there are some good prices push from time to time from time to time, and find related battery models that are suitable for your own car to pay attention to good prices.

In addition, Tuhu’s own battery is often good, you can pay attention to it.

Tuhu Ace Battery Modeling Modeling Model Ace and Blasting Establishment Activities

另外要注意的是,现在随着微信及品牌app的普及,各种防伪标志做的比较人性化,在收到产品后,建议第一时间关注品牌公众号进行扫码真假验证,以防买To refurbish or counterfeit products, if there is no anti -counterfeiting or verification results, there is a risk, and the merchant will be returned and exchanged for the first time.

Some brand official authorized e -commerce links

Valta: Authorized e -commerce Tmall, Jingdong

Unity: Authorized e -commerce Jingdong

Bosch: Authorized e -commerce Tmall

3. How to buy the value

The car battery may be bad. Generally speaking, it is not suitable for stocking. Unless your battery may be broken, it is exactly authorized e -commerce or’s self -operated discount. The battery sold, but the probability of this situation …

Here is a few ways to buy a more appropriate purchase method:

First, if you want to save trouble, choose Tunhu to buy, you can choose the installation of the factory store (the franchise store personally feels like the third party of the dog Dong, see the wisdom). In terms of the operation process, even if there is no activity, the price will not be too large if you buy temporarily;

▲ Many batteries daily price Tigers are cheaper than Jingdong.

Second, if there is a relatively familiar and reliable auto repair shop, you can choose to go there, but the heart of preventing people is indispensable. Before you go It

Third, if you are not troublesome, do your homework on Aunt Zhang first, learn about the price, and then search for local dealers. If you have a new store, you can directly kill.

4. When will the battery change

Battery merchants generally require a battery for more than two years. It is understandable that after all, merchants rely on shipments to make profits.

When the normal use of the battery for the first time, it is necessary to consider the battery replacement in advance. If there are many battery failures in a short period of time, such as twice a week, three times in January, and quickly change the battery to the battery. Let’s, otherwise, your car really wants to abandon you halfway.

▲ Car battery indicator light

Car battery maintenance

Here we must continue the topic of maintaining lead -acid batteries in front. It is actually a gimmick for maintenance exemption, just like the permanent motivation does not exist. Although it claims that the electrolyte consumption is small, it will continue to consume electrolytes and do a good job of battery. Daily maintenance is very necessary.

▲ A brand of soups from the soup is avoided to maintain the lead -acid battery user manual, emphasizing the need to conduct regular inspections and maintenance of the battery of the car.

How to do the maintenance and maintenance of the battery, you can pay attention to the following points:

1. Regularly check the height of the liquid surface to supplement the consumed water

It happened that the weather was better in the near future, and for a while, I did not replenish the electrolyte, and also maintained the battery of the car. I added an electrolyte.

Preparation: Watsons’s distilled water (green bottle), plastic dropper (the best syringe, no replacement can be used), a car washing towel.

Watsons (Watsons) drinking water (distillation method) 600ml*12 mixed installation

Disposable plastic dropper 0.2 0.2 0.5 1 2 3 5 10 mL scale Pasual dropper thickened plastic straw

Os Jilong Car Washing Towel Wipe Car Radio Dedicated Thickening Water Shocking No Fool Big and Small Multifunctional Brush Towel Blue Purple Coffee

▲ Prepare tools, distilled water, towels and droplets

▲ Find the battery position and pull out the battery positive electrode.

▲ Use a car wash towel to wipe the surface clean to prevent dust from falling into the battery

▲ Plastic drop tubes are washed several times with distilled water to reduce the possibility of bringing into impurities.

▲ Open the seal and check the page. This angle may not be clear.

▲ There are page heights on the side of the battery, which need to be closer.

▲ Supplement between distilled water and the upper and lower limit of the liquid surface.

▲ After adding the replenishment, seal the seal and install the positive electrode.

It should be noted that this maintenance method needs to be maintained under the case where the battery is relatively healthy. If the battery is lost for a long time, it will cause irreversible vulcanization.

2. Electricity in battery must be charged in time

Long -term power loss will cause irreversible damage to the car battery. It is recommended to charge the battery within 48 hours of loss.

3. Start or unplug the negative electrode in a long -term without driving

It is recommended to start once a week without driving, about 15 minutes each time. If there are no regular start -up conditions, such as out of the far door, you can unplug the negative electrode.

4. Check the voltage of the battery regularly

Use a multimeter to check the voltage regularly. It is best to stop the voltage of the cold car state after a night of parking, which must exceed 12V, which means that the battery is healthy.

Good price

Uni-T UT33C+ Pocket Digital Universal Form 49.9 yuan free shipping

The original text of the worthy friends: This product is only 49.9 yuan now, and it has a discount for free shipping. New users can receive a coupon of 30-10, don’t miss it if you are interested! Intersection Suitable for current measurement and battery test.

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▲ Universal watch test car battery voltage

5. Do not use the vehicle equipment frequently

Here I talk about some car wash shops on the roadside. The guy who had seen the car washing off the music and put the music. After half an hour, I couldn’t get angry after washing the car.

Not only that, some parking monitoring is also very easy to cause loss due to design or installation problems. Before buying and installing, you must fully do your homework.

Write behind

At present, because of the proper maintenance, the battery of the small car has been used for more than three years, and the start -stop function is not subject to the hindar legs. It can be used. According to the daily price of the battery, it is 880 yuan. About 400 yuan.

Maintain the battery twice a year, consumes a bottle of Watsons distilled water each time, with a retail price of 3.5 yuan. It costs a total of not more than 30 yuan.

The author has limited knowledge. If there is any wrong place, please criticize and exchange and correct them. Finally, you can like it.

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