Spring little girl wears sharing, select children’s shoes dress more colorful

With the growth of temperature, all things are blooming, the warm colorful clothing has also begun to capture people’s vision. The mothers who have cute baby is willing to dress up at this time, meet the good spring, get a good mood. Here you provide some way to look at you, see if there is that you like ~

Mesh Tberakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Dress is the simplest match, the fare of girls are inseparable from the sweet mesh, very princess and cute. Moreover, the gear skirt that is flying in everything is definitely the presence of the recovery. The elegant skirt is like a flowers that are full of vitality.

Then match Dr. Shangjiang, this pair of pink tones, give people a tender feeling, meet the “Princess Dream” of the little girl. And this pair of shoes also designed with metal floral pattern and golden wire embroidery leaves in the shoe position, giving people a spring flowers bloom, vibrant feeling, very quality. The overall wearing is simple, and it is even more soft to the soft side of the female Bao Chu.

Wave Dot Sweater + Surface Shirt + Dr. Jiang Children’s Plate

In the early spring, sweaters and shirts are definitely the essential funds necessary in the closet, and combine the two, there are 1 + 1> 2 outstanding effect. It can be called a pair of people who can be able to control and most Help the female treasure is easy to turn this spring! If you wear a color-wave dot sweater, take a pure white round neck shirt, and wear a dark corduroy little short skirt, up and down color, match the colored wave point elements, let the whole match full of playful lively trend It also enhances the sense of vitality and fashion.

Don’t forget to wear a pair of playful children’s shoes, a pair of rivers, white children’s shoes, shoes, shoes design, trend of the trend; the upper design is simple and more resistant, wild lining; pink + green color match, small The freshness of the innocence is bright, and it is suitable for women’s treasures in early spring.

Canvas coat + jeans + Dr. Jiang children’s shoes

As the evergreen trees in the fashion circle, jeans can be said to be universal. It is also one of the very good choices in early spring. “The fashionable sterling” is also in the street of jeans. When the jeans is classic, the wide-leg jeans is more fashionable, and a light-colored hairs jeans is very refreshing, which is very suitable for early spring. A simple T-shirt is a canvas coat, simple and no trend style, and in spring, this temperature is not high, wearing canvas coat is relatively comfortable.

Then, Dr. Jiang’s red and white blue classic three-color vitality, children’s shoes, fresh and colorful, tide, shoes, follow the white soles, one deep blue thin line, highlighting fashion personality; and the shoes use light material, It’s more convenient to walk, you are too easy to walk, and your child is jumping and not afraid.


Is there anything you like? Spring gives birth to your child, one principle to follow


I believe that many mothers are the fans of Dr. Jiang’s healthy shoes. Dr. Jiang Children’s shoes in the spring is a variety of new style. There are different color matching, it is a good product. And Dr. Jiang Children’s shoes is also very good for children’s football. Not only is the fatigue of the football support, but also the faster and the cup can be configured, and the comfortable front is also adapted to the child’s comfortable wear.


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