Spring should wear a variety of shorts, all here.

Spring will change, your wardrobe should be replaced for spring mode. Replace the heavy long coat, exquisite short paragraph is the effective single product of this spring, follow Leon’s footsteps, come and see this spring, we How should I wear it.

Jacket 4833 yuan / EMPORIO ARMANI


T-shirt approximately 1192 yuan, pants about 3012 yuan / all EMPORIO ARMANI

Emporio Armani

Easy, enjoy


The baseball jacket is one of the short jackets worthy of the spring. This model can achieve a very soft and soft wearing through switching the sander cotton and knitting. The ultimate light and cool, I want to go out of the door.

Advantages of short jackets

This recommended short jacket with the recent popular slightly loose trousers, the proportion is good, occupying advantages in fashion. It is also very convenient to drive to the outskirts, or in the art galleries in the city. In a man’s lifestyle, short jackets are just the best results.

1 No matter what height can look

Short jackets are very good with recently popular loose pants. Because of its good visual ratio, improve the waist line, thereby appearing that the leg line is very long, and the overall is more high.

Cowboy jacket is about 14058 yuan / Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton

Tough urban trendy

Men’s Line “Staples Edition” has a lot of classics that will have a long-term dependence. Although it is a foundation design, it is impressed by a standard collar with a landmark. Pure black cowboy shows low-key mysterious side.

2 Indoor environment refuses bloated to keep derived


The time of the early spring season is still a lot of time. For example, when appreciating the art, wearing a coat will be bloated when appreciating the art, but there is no problem with the short coat. Even if you wear it, it will not be too hot, take off in your hand, you can keep it light and make people feel very comfortable.

Jacket about 33263 yuan / Loro Piana


Knitted sweaters about 7029 yuan, pants about 4017 yuan


The knitted cap in the pocket is about 2448 yuan / all are Loro Piana.

Loro Piana

Keep comfortable and unlawful

This travel jacket uses elastic cashmel, warm and easy to move, and uses STORM SYSTEM processing of waterproof wind resistance. Designed multiple functions of pockets, no backpack travel or go shopping, can also liberate your hands.

3 a practical payment that can wear three seasons

A slightly long style design can also be used in winter as a single product, increasing the level of layers, single wear is very fashionable, one year wearing three seasons, playing super practicality.

Cardigan 22719 yuan / Fendi

T-shirt approximately 3,577 yuan, pants are about 4958 yuan / all of FENDI



Loose and leisure with mature charm

Use a very coarse artificial nylon wire to weave, and the ripple has three-dimensional. The profile type is also oversized, which can show a vocational surplus Confucian. The design, more practical.

④ convenient and comfortable car up and down

Basically, the type of men who drive the operand will often encounter such a situation. If you wear short jackets, you can get off the jacket directly. When you have a dating, you can also instituate the bus and open the car for the co-pilot, and the flexibility wins her good feelings.

Jacket is about 9414 yuan / Brunello Cucinelli

T-shirt is about 3389 yuan, and the pants is about 5648 yuan / all Brunello Cucinelli.

Brunello cucinelli

Knitting baseball jacket to create a living warm man

Baseball jacket type new coat uses a high-density knit fabric made of 100% high quality cotton. Amazing and soft and soft material, wearing comfortable. Because it is relatively thin, it can not only make the jacket, but also keep the descendant, can be worn, and it can be worn in the four seasons.


A little long cardigan


First introduce from the representative of the light jacket – cardigan. Men’s models are usually a waist style, but this spring is more recommended for a slightly & slightly loose style. In the spring, there is a T-shirt, and there is a bit cold, it is a needle weaver or jacket, so it is the universal jacket in the spring.

Cardigan about 18263 yuan / DOLCE & GABBANA


Shirt is about 5837 yuan, and the sweater is about 7782 yuan.

The pants are about 3703 yuan, and the glasses are about 1757 yuan / all Dolce & Gabbana.


Senior relaxation

The stunned knitted camel sweater, with 100% high-quality cardios, light and skin touch is comfortable. The slightly loose profile of the green fruit collar, as a coat, plus a belt, more exciting.

Cardigan about 3264 yuan / Tommy Hilfger Collection

Tommy Hilfiger Collection

Similar college winds that have no degeneration

In the back, the college, the college wind, the college style design of the pleat & banner. Oversize’s design is also very popular. The fabric is a good cotton (Better Cotton) produced by environmentally friendly cultivation. It is also friendly to the earth.


Cardigan about 741 yuan / 1PIU1 UGUALE3 RELAX


Comfortable wild cool soft sweater worth buying


Simple design coupled with a white × beige combination, very advanced. Three-dimensional cotton, there is a causing cotton silicon mixed material sweater, dry and soft texture, the scalability is very good, can wear all the clothes, realize it. It can be washed and the highlights are also.

Cardigan about 2573 yuan / MADISONBLUE


Be careful, don’t be grabbed by my girlfriend!

Groine type cardigan, joined the MDB of the college wind in front of the left chest. Neutral design, you can share with my girlfriend. The material of cotton, dry and comfortable, can wear in the summer season. Pure white styling with white trousers and white T-shirt is also handsome.

Multi-pocket jacket

Military or outdoor sports jacket, because there is a certain rule, so it is equipped with a plurality of pockets, and the interpretation is called the tooling jacket. It used to be used when needed to express the man’s spirit. But in fact, if it is really flexible, it seems that there is a four-dimensional pocket, which can have a necessity for a man with a man. That is to say, don’t have a backpack, you can also liberate your hands. Shows a quick and energetic image.


Jacket about 28493 yuan / ermenegildo zegna

Knitted sweaters about 5,460 yuan, pants about 5899 yuan

Shoes about 4079 yuan / all are Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna


Dating in the cinema will not be bloated, keeping a profound

This jacket has a lustrous nylon cotton, which has good waterproof, so even if some light rain is nothing. The front, cuff, zipper, etc.

Jacket is about 3264 yuan / joseph homme


Joseph Homme

Many functions, very fashionable


It is very convenient to use a high-density lightweight nylon cotton with strong elasticity. The back is added to add a moving pleat, allowing the arm to act freely, detachable quilted lining, etc., is very practical.

About 2040 yuan / barbour



Classic appearance and modern usage


It was originally designed as “Bedale SL” as a riding jacket with riding. It seems to be a wax cotton, in fact, using a slightly raised peach parchment. Lightweight and easy to use, the whole person is clean and beneficial.

Jacket about 4707 yuan / Paul Smith Collection

Paul Smith Collection

Can be worn outside in suit jacket

Going to work, you can wear this jacket with a very beautiful polyester with a large size hat. This season is inspired by the UK’s artist Cedric Morris and Arthur Lett-Haines, and their photos are printed on the lining, very cool.

Jacket about 4142 yuan / WOOLRICH


Refresher mountaineering hooded jacket buy one you can have a 2-fold fashion

Based on the high-rise hiped hills of the 1970s, it has been improved. The nylon cotton material has passed the waterproof processing, the waist drawstring, the back-back map pocket, and the safe reflective strip of safe reflective strips in the night lines are very functional.

Pure black denim jacket

The popular short jacket represents a single product is a cowboy jacket. Blue denim jackets may have everyone. Therefore, this season should be bought, the simple pure black denim, can wear mature and mysterious impression.

Cowboy jacket about 8159 yuan / tom ford

Pants about 8786 yuan, sweater reference products

Watch (hosser) about 13,807 yuan, (strap) is about 4707 yuan, sunglasses are about 2824 yuan / all Tom Ford

Tom Ford

This is the “sexy” denim jacket that makes men.

Cowboy jackets with rustic feelings because of the choice of black elastic fashings, and upgraded “sexy”. From the collar to the shoulder, the three-dimensional feeling is achieved by sewing technology, highlighting the silhouette of male. Metal buttons increase the cool feeling. Using simple design and lift the sexy in shape. All black outfit with a full cool handsome atmosphere.

Jacket is about 14247 yuan / Moorer


Breaking down the thin down jacket

Based on the base of the cowboy jacket, bind the cowboy with the down jacket. The high-quality black denim produced in Japan has passed soft water, which can wear a concession of the upper class from the date of purchase.


Jacket is about 2510 yuan / junhashimoto


Comfortable wear, subvert the adherence to the denim jacket

A jacket with a 2WAYS nylon elastic fabric, a stretchability is amazing, and it can achieve no pressure. Even if you have a solid product, or it is used as a single product, it is very comfortable to make the shape of the model more likely.

Baseball jacket brought mature

I can see some young people from him, such a man is very popular with women. If you want to have such a young man, the most suitable short jacket is a baseball jacket. But if it is too child, then it is inverted, and the choice and match of the item must strictly abide by exquisite guidelines to avoid children.

Jacket 3891 yuan / Tommy Hilfiger Collection

Decorative is contrast, even if people try baseball jackets, OK

Baseball jacket made of soft touch wool, only the embroidery of the left chest, easy to create a light male modeling. Dark blue background, white & red threaded design is brand iconic classic color.


Knit jacket

The short coat of the sports style is the most suitable for the refreshing and light feeling of spring. Among them, the knitted material can be mature with mature high levels. Although it looks like a coat, it is very fast, the medium-density knit material is correct.

Jacket is about 4958 yuan / herno

Knitting 1381 yuan / Gran Sasso, pants 2259 yuan / Bernard zins


Shoes about 8159 yuan / john lobb, sunglasses about 2008 yuan / Eyevan


Model of quality hooded jacket

Hatshirt is a major representative of sports sensation. The knitted material of nylon cotton and the front of the metal buckle gives people a mature and stable impression. The hat uses a fritted fabric, which greatly avoids thickness.

Jacket is about 7406 yuan / EMPORIO ARMANI

Although it is simple, it is strong

The high-quality knitted fabrics of wool and caisters are mixed with nylon junction, which can be kept in double-sided. It can also show mature, and can wear in the city.

Jacket about 3012 yuan / lanvin collection

Lanvin Collection

Rich expressions, giving people an official impression


Through the special processing of two cotton, weaving into striped round neck jackets. The dark blue color of the tone is deep blue to make the expression deeper, we can have a formal feeling. And give people a cool dress, you can wear it in early summer.

Jacket about 3577 yuan / fedeli


The unique man should buy one piece

This full-strand jacket uses high-grade cotton synonymous than horse cotton, which has a delicate and smooth skin touch of silkworm. Wearing in the T-shirt, you can complete the wind shape of the Confucian motion. The stylish profile is just tight, wearing practicality.

Jacket about 3542 yuan / drumohr


Sports style, can also express the mask jacket

The jacket of the full zipper is designed, olive green cotton knitted materials, through the military, and makes sports and men’s taste. Dry touch, even if sweating can maintain the comfort, moderately self-cultivation, so it can also be used as an inner single product.


Waterproof jacket

The weather in spring is varied, with a jacket with water-saving function, it will always wear it. Even if it suddenly rains, it can also be more flexible than the folding umbrella, but also give the girlfriend around him, instead of the umbrella of two people, staged a TV series.

Emporio Armani

Tommy Hilfiger Collection

When you ride a bicycle, you will be a little longer.


Hatshirt about 2008 yuan / Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren

Simply decorated icon also showed a sense of maturity

Groine-style bloating hoodie, the inspirational printing and pushing design from the sailing competition, there is a sense of sports, and a man taste. The background color is white, simple decorative pattern is also high. With the material of water, considering the recovery of environmentally friendly nylon, it is an addition item.

Even if you suddenly raind the double A-plane jacket, you can freely respond

Hatshirt about 10042 yuan / moorer

T-shirt of about 1569 yuan / FEDELI, jeans from about 1,883 yuan / DENHAM

Shoes 5021 yuan / Santoni



It should be carried out simultaneously on rainy days and increased attractions.


You can wear a hoodie in both sides, you can enjoy two different styles: matte white and glossy cotton flower logo’s black, which belongs to the Rainbreaking Aqua series, both sides have water performance, so how to wear Peace of mind.


Go shopping, we can wear

Hoodie about 3389 yuan / aspesi

Knitted 1381 yuan / Gran Sasso, Pants about 1695 yuan / GIAB’s Archivio


Shoes about 2699 yuan / traditional weatherwear, package about 1695 yuan / Paul Smith


If you go to the wild, you will wear it.


In terms of making light condoms, no one can go right aspesi. This jacket uses a delicate water nylon, which is very beautiful, and the decorative minimal design is very urban feel. There is a cotton layer in the inside, so it is also suitable for the early spring to prevent cold.

Use when adding fashion in a suit

Lodge is a wise

Jacket about 3515 yuan / Mackintosh London

Suit set of 8347 yuan / tagliatore, knitted unmarked / DRUMOHR

Scarf about 753 yuan / GELE, shoes about 12426 yuan / john lobb

Mackintosh London

Not only is very functional


Ultra-high craftsmanship is also the secret of high popularity

In the “Feather Tech Pack” series in the included box, the highest popular “Berwick” jacket is designed based on the British army Smock. It is made of elastic nylon fabric with water-watering and elasticity, very comfortable, and is also suitable for travel.


If a person feels that he has contributed to the society, even if it is just a little, it will become more active. Choosing the short jacket for recycling and use of materials will make you inherent and external!

Jacket about 7845 yuan / Paul & Shark

Knitted shirts about 2510 yuan / Gran Sasso, T-shirt approximately 941 yuan / Circolo 1901

Pants about 3847 yuan / Vince, sunglasses about 2887 yuan / Eyevan 7285

Paul & Shark

Attractive male, no matter who is very gentle!

This sailing hoodie adopts exclusive technology “typhoon 20000” with windproof and waterproof performance, and it is also suitable for sailing competitions. Among them, bold three-color flag color is very attractive, and is an exclusive material for recycling of PET plastics that lead to marine pollution.

More exciting spring jackets

The short coat is popular this season, so this spring ushered in a big harvest. Search from many brands to a variety of new products, which must be found in you.

Bottle waterproof hoodie

Jacket is about 5335 yuan / lanvin color

Lanvin Collection

Advanced casual feelings of mature men

At first glance, it seems that it is light and not easy to plerse, but also has a polishing polyester material, and a casual, anchor shaped button and the badge on the badge, the best of the mature man. Gas holiday items.

Jacket about 2448 yuan / Monsieur Nicole EX / TRA

Monsieur Nicole EX / TRA

Comfortable and type is the essential item of urban school


This hoodie is not only super flexible, but also multi-function such as waterproof, moistureproof, windproof, which uses the polyester fabric of Italian Olmetex. Minimalistic design, hidden zip and slightly long body forming longitudinal profiles, creating a practiced urban feel.

Floral knit cardigan

Jacket about 3012 yuan / RAFFA MOLINA

Raffa Molina

Adjustment of materials and craftsmen that have been inherited

This green-collar shirt 100% adopted senior alpaca velvet in the Andean Mountains. It is very warm. During the Inca Empire, people portrays the geometric patterns such as the stars in order to know the direction and season changes, and it is also suitable for decoration.

Knitted coat

Jacket is approximately 2134 yuan / Manuel Ritz

Manuel Ritz


Very rare shirt knit jacket, worth buying

Casual shirt-style jacket, knit material if it is, then, will be able to wear clothing with sophisticated elegance. Skin feel dry cotton knit acrylic material, light and comfortable to wear, breathable super.

Green leather jacket

Jacket about 690 yuan / ABAHOUSE GRAY



Texture looks tough, in fact, very gentle

This motorcycle jacket using a real feel of the new synthetic leather and leather, the exterior looks will make people think that is a quality kid. Design basic models, wild and strong ability to care too easily.

Editor / Kong Xiangguo

Photography / Watanabe Slim

Modeling / Sakai Chenweng

Makeup & hair / pure Furukawa

Author / bamboo Danan Hong (CITY LIGHTS)

Translation / Wang Na

Typographic design / hua


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