The next explosion models TWS? JBL LIVE PRO + Lin true wireless Reviews

JBL brand, it is muffled fortune model.

Some years ago, when the AKG K420 explosion models selling the sake network, the same as Harman’s JBL brand to quiet Mimi started his new and huge market layout that is based on several premises: First, obviously JBL more comprehensive coverage of a brand, from the theater, professional market, to the car stereo and then to civilian goods, the whole category has the innate level of the span; secondly it, although it does not AKG “fans” strong attributes, but also easier and therefore more close to the people under Shen; to Harman this prospective listed companies (people may not like me sitting behind a keyboard quackish guessing, that are a part of market data is eight children to do the analysis of the results), who naturally see JBL It has great potential. The new acoustic laboratory in Shenzhen with the best start, and the sales team of the concept of innovation, the result is – now JBL, you are going somewhere east, they found the next popular product sold on a treasure, really, give you a jump They are light.

下一个爆款TWS?JBL LIVE PRO+真无线林氏评测

For example, in a Bluetooth speaker this small child, JBL GO series of sales of a light east a link to hundreds of thousands of sales, the same level where they not locate opponents; another example, this child really wireless headsets, JBL and cooperation that a UA I did a video review, but it is just one of many series they really wireless explosion models, T120 / T220 / T280 on sales of these models significantly more and more fierce – so to speak, you talk to a friend’s house, whenever he is a love of digital audio products people buy, then find the name of JBL LOGO few things, reckoned in his own house you do not feel what’s unexpected.

下一个爆款TWS?JBL LIVE PRO+真无线林氏评测

Corresponding to this is that the higher the heat discussion of some brands and models on the microblogging letter, probably just doubled sales to even a fraction of people did not, under the great movement is very small harvest …… This is not a comparison JBL muffled fortune, is what?

So Ordinarily, JBL things, and I should have come to find something to write the text of articles, evaluation Comment worth mentioning Ye Hao, has its worth valued analysis. Just taking advantage of this JBL LIVE PRO + TWS fresh market effort, there is this article – ah, ado, look at the product.

This product does, from the parameter point of view, it is quite well-organized, in line with the mainstream:

下一个爆款TWS?JBL LIVE PRO+真无线林氏评测

1, the assembly of the most watched current active noise reduction, noise reduction, regardless of the active noise reduction stages, the function is “noise opening” “DNR OFF” “ambient sound” three mode, also out of a plurality “freedom or call situational awareness” mode. Switched by clicking the left ear, the sound can also change the operating environment set in APP in priority open property.

2, a three-microphone noise reduction, measured call quality fine, active noise reduction $ level belonging true wireless normal play, the degree of suppression of wind noise is quite satisfactory.

3, Bluetooth 5.0, support for fast charging and wireless charging support IPX-4 waterproof, automatic pause function.

4, sound quality, 11mm double-layer composite diaphragm, as well as in the APP supports three kinds of EQ options and a variety of custom preset EQ.

下一个爆款TWS?JBL LIVE PRO+真无线林氏评测

These, it seems you might have two feelings, on the one hand that there are some features, the compact and lightweight body hidden in so many features, but also with unilateral total of 28 hours seven hours of battery life, everything is quite OK. Of course, there you may feel these are too mainstream, there is no point where a lot of character great memories, and even its excellent touch matte surface, it seems also appears to favor low-key, not the main eye-catching.

下一个爆款TWS?JBL LIVE PRO+真无线林氏评测

But in fact, I am afraid that all this is based on JBL accurate grasp of market demand – in recent years, their products, Which would basically no sword easy road, to the things that are consumers really want (and not the kind of ” under a certain support “), and due to be completed in acoustics Harman this child too thick foundation, out of something very high degree. Especially as wireless really need to consider this point very much, some brands one after another technical difficulties research, research and other similar products are out of date …… JBL but the performance was very at ease in this regard, the ease and always at the right time was launched in all respects not fault the product, called the master barrel effect – these words is definitely a compliment, really this wireless product that can do all sections cask effect, it is absolutely cattle breaking brands have Strength.

下一个爆款TWS?JBL LIVE PRO+真无线林氏评测

For example, this JBL LIVE PRO + TWS, these days with the down, my biggest feeling is that it is exhaustive: noise reduction you want it, it is the degree of noise reduction really can play very, very slight negative effect was slight, but for low-noise environment weakened and completely in line with expectations, certainly not do so cruel Bose EARBUDS friends, arm-wrestling with Airpods Pro is no pressure, using them is also very easy to use science; some features readily available, and it’s APP (full name is My JBL Hearphones) Android version and IOS version has, wireless firmware upgrade, wearing sense and light if no matter …… change places. Mature product is always the case, but it does not have the value or the topic of much discussion point, but consumers will silently continue to trust the brand.

下一个爆款TWS?JBL LIVE PRO+真无线林氏评测

Yimapingchuan point to say that there are no surprises, but also not, this JBL LIVE PRO + TWS, I am most impressed with the place, in fact, is its sound quality, the sound quality is just some no solution, no solution to I have to pull forward He said something to understand that Editor’s Note:

下一个爆款TWS?JBL LIVE PRO+真无线林氏评测

As mentioned above, there is a Harman Acoustic Laboratory in Shenzhen, in fact, more than Shenzhen, China light their laboratory was built by N, which is properly properly reserve strength, do you go to do the brand supply chain people talk Ha man these laboratories, they will not be overlooked that there is a person, and we talk about it, a word often mentioned is the “Harman curve.”

下一个爆款TWS?JBL LIVE PRO+真无线林氏评测

Curve this thing, not only just for fun to talk to a lot of this view would quarrel with each other, academia and lab over there talking about this stuff will have some controversy. The “Harman curve” in my opinion is not just a simple curve representative of a simple single fixed parameters, it is actually a constantly revised, with real science and the present value of the reference standard – science refers to the different the sampling equipment to test and debug standard curve should be adjusted accordingly, you can not say the same thing take on headphones and take ear earplugs, the sense of hearing will be able to obtain the same results on the human ear, it is impossible; people this means is relatively simple: follow this standard tuning out of the product, most of the audience to get more recognition, it is popular to this standard will make people feel better listen.

Iffy it? I do not feel iffy, very consistent with the laws of science, and in fact I said before, including the JBL GO series, palm-sized speakers, Harman had its tuning curve involved, the end result is this speaker muffled hair a fortune of tens of millions of units sold, except for a few very discerning consumers, most people buy very satisfied; and this pair of JBL LIVE PRO + TWS, Harman curve taste its body, it very heavy, are heavy from hard to soft.

Let me talk about this child hard, in fact, the quality of this unit, very good, how good do? Be with fellow comrades Samsung Buds Live AB, then (they are all names inner tube Live, same generation children contest of strength, not hurt and gas), its information than Buds Live even a little better, but information specific to the fine drawing will be slightly not as good as (JBL LIVE PRO + TWS this plug in audio format providing only the SBC, and therefore do not want to be too delicate reality, this is a trough point), but the atmosphere is not so gentle become more promise tough. But this also is no tough rigid, full of rhythmic, and more passionate, quite a son “American tuning” feeling – JBL familiar with this brand of friends all know that their civilian products are basically taking that way, the sound often biased unrestrained enthusiasm of some bias, as there will be some grainy knot, corresponding to the sophistication and smoothness will not be very stressed.

JBL LIVE PRO + TWS is also true, it’s full and low frequency harmonic ones, foreshadowing a sense of atmosphere is jubilant, IF slightly warm emerged to staining, instrumental and vocal knot like “put” more than ” revenue “tendency, very good high frequency in brightness, smoothness and extending no detail is a color. Large degree sound field gratifying, distinct layering arrangement (the speaker is really quite resolved can), locate the less rigorous. This tune is a typical Zhashui pop sound, go shop atmosphere is low-frequency high-frequency stays sense of space, given the large ones and then IF enough content and render appropriate degree. Separation and instruments outlined also did pretty enough.

Especially worthy of praise is the point: some true wireless tuning is actually quite “schizophrenia” of the upper body want classic rock kind of think it sounds awkward, but JBL LIVE PRO + TWS This plug unification in tuning and the integrity quite good, give you a nice warm the eight children of popular taste, gives the listener a bar on one kind of exposure to the atmosphere, you’ll feel the sense of hearing singers singing three glasses of relaxation. If you say it’s time for the singer to step down, give me a symphony orchestra to play shellfish five – not to mention that the wireless is not really dry thing, you just say that your capacity for liquor, but also really have to go back to practice, and this only some dishes ah drink like this ……

下一个爆款TWS?JBL LIVE PRO+真无线林氏评测

Besides soft: In fact, this plug built-in EQ much, that is, Jazz, Vocal, Bass Sa this, but even only three, but also showed extraordinary skill Harman: three are absolutely available EQ, it is a popular tune both very successful very resistant to listen, not those who make up the strange EQ can compare. Also regardless of ambient sound mode or noise reduction mode, the sound quality will taste shift did not happen, this is not easy to do, after all, noise reduction for sound quality is actually influential (In this sense, all done a good job of reducing the sound quality wireless noise really, are not easy, represents the label carefully and pay standards reflect), in addition you have other ideas for the sound, the sound can be custom EQ curve, according to their musical tastes custom curves, more playability .

In summary, I think JBL LIVE PRO + TWS this plug, be regarded as exhaustive in function, convenient and comfortable to use, active noise reduction level I to make a “good” label, as the sound: The sound quality, under the first of its more popular tune plug, comparing American and imaginative, to accept this set of circumstances, I consider it as true wireless in the quality of the first echelon is no problem,, Bose Earbuds maybe stronger than Airpods Pro in the details quite obviously, with Sony noise reduction beans PK also win cash bigger face, do it with the Samsung Buds + grade level, this is a very good level, the overwhelming majority of true wireless market, no problem; terms and tuning the completion and distinctive style perfect degree, its opponents are less afraid row of five is not a problem – you have to understand, people buy wireless to really listen to what the music is, as far as I Netease cloud in the private FM those Pan-pop, folk and jazz rock part of the random system, it is enough to listen to the quality, the taste is very comfortable, even very warm. Brought more suitable to give as gifts, this might sound tuning ear caught extent, in fact, than other competing products on the market, I am afraid to be a better, more responsive to popular tastes.

Well, such a product, in terms of its product strength, coupled with the channels are operating JBL invincible, if more become a hot style, is what makes sense, right?


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