Is your actions to be a healthyness?

Everyone needs a rest, as the most close to people, is the case. Then do you know how to be set? “I have been washed at bed every day. So I don’t have to change it.” “It’s dirty, it’s nothing.” Many people don’t have to wash. “Many people, especially lazy people.” It will be changed frequently, and it is considered to change clothes. It doesn’t have to change it. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

The case used for a period of time will be covered with countless bacteria, viruses and mold, and many families have been washed once, and young people have lacking habits of washing, undoubtedly buried a very big hidden danger.


In order to reduce the pathogen, it is best to clean once a week. Frequently changed to promote your health, clean it once a week and pillowroom will make the residue accumulated in bed, bacteria, etc., air breathing is safer, dirty is not easy to enter the respiratory tract.

[Abrasive quilt] [cotton grinding fabric, skin warm, will not shrink, can not stand the ball, repeated cleaning will not be wrinkled! 】


There is always a taste of the new sheets, which is a little pungent, which is the taste of formaldehyde. Therefore, for the health of the family, eliminating health hazards, the new sheets must be used first.


[Pure cotton covered] [now people in urban life promote the simpleism of quality style. A bed striped and unconnected, gentle and comfortable and healthy natural cotton, bringing you more comfortable sleep, but also a simple feeling of nature]


The new sheets can be soaked for half an hour before the first use, and then clean it with water and dry it.


[Nordic minimalist hood] [Simple and stylish modern small and clear style, not only because it has creative, and the color tone is more energetic, it is suitable for a variety of home-style decoration, creating a warm and changing bedroom atmosphere. Make your nest more comfortable]


It is best to use hot water when cleaning the bed with a washing machine, and the water temperature should be controlled between 54 ° C and 66 ° C, washing for 15-20 minutes. After washing, it is necessary to dry or dry it to achieve sterilization.

[Simple venour is covered] [Elegant and generous, touch the hand feel soft and delicate, can not stand the ball, let you get tired, you can come home to be comfortable to lying in bed, beautiful sleep! What is better than this? 】

If you are washing, you can add an appropriate amount of hydrogen peroxide in cold water, which can also play a role in sterilization!


[Solid color set] [healthy and simple and lost lifestyle is highly respected. A good hood helps you create a healthy and comfortable and simple home environment. Pure natural cotton production, let people experience extraordinary gentle and comfortable life. 】

Everyone must remember that their own sets will also take care of you, give yourself a comfortable and safe sleep environment!


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