Winter leggings should not be selection, try this year’s popular stockings leggings, thin and wild

Recently, many friends are talking to me: Don’t wear thick plus velvet leggings! The most popular pants this year is stockings leggings, black white is good! I didn’t believe it, I was trying to try it out after trying to see the mentality of the trial, I am “true”! Wear it on top, it is really charming!


When I started to contact the sock leggings, I chose the most basic solid color design. There is no printed + 50% transparency is standard, but the time has long, the conventional styles of stockings leggings can not satisfy my ” Ambitions! But good, I have encountered these stamping stockings, known as “inner royal king”, the upper body effect is really good!


Let’s talk about the print black silk leggings, like this wave of black silk leggings, is the most suitable of the small fairy who just started to contact the black silk, the stars point the print pattern, simple The foundation will not be too eye-catching, for novices, very friendly!

Black wave point printing stockings, not only beautiful, in inclusive leg, and is also very good! When I chose the black wire of the wave point, I especially like to use it and black velvet long skirt, the same as the high-level identified fabric, the upper body effect is very drawn!


In order to ensure the temperature in order to highlight the presence of the wave, the flyer of the black, the flyer of the black, which is most in line with my aesthetic standard. Everyday wear it out, you can make a 100% return rate!


In addition, you need to remind everyone, when choosing the fork place, the skirt and looseness must ensure absolute minimalism, because only this can use the concise campaign to increase the level, women taste!

In my cognition, no matter what kind of black silk, you must match the textured leather shoes, the calf is not straight, you can choose the silhouette of the high boots, the legs and the little fairy, You can choose the tightness and ankle boots, use it with black silk, and it is very familiar and sexy.

But there is still something to pay special attention to it, in order to ensure that the dress is “not lonely” here, in order to create a small-area dulle, it is recommended to take advantage of long profile jackets. The frozen little fairy can choose the colorful contour coat, not frozen little fairy, you can choose the light down cotton clothing!


If everyone feels that the wave point style black stockings do not have a particularly outstanding expression, you can also choose this Brand Logo’s style, which can guarantee that the texture can meet your sharing.

It is recommended that everyone chooses the big-name print black stockings, not to say the price of the price of the price, but the service life of the big style of print black stockings is really very long, and there is no problem for three years!


The second note is recommended that you choose the fishnet, wear it out in winter, you can make a backward rate, and you can measure it. Everyone must not be moved to be moved, because in most cases, fishing online socks is combined with meat plus velvet leggings!


When you choose it, you must take care of your top, the ideal way to match the blog of the blog. Middle long liner with routine length down jacket, pure desire and sexy coexistence, visual effect is very cattle, if you want to ask me what style can make people feel a long time, I am sure to say fishnets, fishing nets + long knitting Sweater + down jacket


In order to form a contact with the knit sweater, the blogger specializes in knitting stacks, the same color, the same fabric, and the skinny is thin and identified, and the integrity is very strong.


Even if she doesn’t have a high-level leather shoes, it does not affect the overall beauty, black and white colorful pane shoe shoes and rice white stacks, especially suitable for leg-type bone slim small fairy choice, the calf does not have muscle girls prior choice!

In addition to the black wire, you can also choose white lace porty, the upper body effect is also great! If you don’t know what single style, single product color is suitable for matching pure white lace stockings, you can come with my standard!


When I choose a white lace stockings, I will choose a more light-colored single product and match. Macaron color is my first choice, cherry blossom powder + white lace porty will make the overall becomes superior and pure Desire, identification thief, apple green + white lace fierce socks will make the whole look extra fresh and energetic, full of full!


When choosing the single product style with it, I prefer a small and exquisite slim version, the small fragrant wind single is Top.1 in my heart, everyone can also take the short shirt + high waist short skirt template Caucasion!


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