Skilled small intimate, summer care machine

In fact, the truth is in the hot summer, wearing clothes can cool and wear the biggest purpose. No matter how beautiful clothes, if we do it very hot, it is estimated that you will not win the girl’s love, so today, introduce several Hundreds of cotton clothing, breathable sweat five stars, beautiful and beautiful four stars.

Summer wild cotton T-shirt, no matter how it changed, the T-shirt will not change, and it is also a T-shirt in the annual wardrobe, and the cotton clothes have a small disadvantage that it is easy to deform, but the T-shirt is just Certain synonymous, so a pure cotton T is definitely a must-have artifact in summer.


Cotton striped T-shirt


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This kind of cotton skirt is comfortable to say that you don’t have to say more! It is a skirt, and it is also a cotton, and the cool advantage of summer is accounted for. And the big painting on the skirt is designed to have a prismatic, very European and American, beautiful, and comfortable.


Pure cotton European Fan Dish


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This kind of harem pants, use small-ed editorial words, comfortable, just like wear, haha, if you think it is very comfortable. These years are very popular and comfortable, so this dress is definitely fashionable and comfortable, and you can get started!

Cotton thin Harlan Foot Pants

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The fabric is linen, very comfortable, pure white design makes the whole person look full, big skirt and high waist design, can look long, the whole person is lively. This is a beautiful dress, is it couldn’t help but hug!

Linen, pure white dress

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If you say a pure cotton T-shirt, pure cotton shorts is definitely a perfect match. Candy colors can be used with T-shirts, and the bright colors also give people a bright feeling. The lace sides of the pants has a pure pure. Beauty, what are you waiting for, hurry!

Casual cotton candy color love wind shorts

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Today, different cotton clothes, Xiaobian introduced it. It can choose which style you can choose. Summer still have to look at the cloth, wearing some breathable clothes, will harm our skin, so girl We must pay attention to the choice of cloth while online shopping.


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