Review Fast Fashion 10 classic joint series

In recent years, due to the sports and leisure tide (Athleisure) has become a great potential, the sales fashion of the fast fashion brand (such as GAP, H & M and UNIQLO) has declined in the past five years, with UNIQLO, 2017 Japan The domestic market growth rate is almost zero, while GAP and H & M have poor performance in the new year, especially in Asia. In the fast fashion brand, only one market Wanling Dan can quickly save these fast fashion brands, which is the joint series of cooperation with luxury brands and high-end designers.

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

The first cooperation with luxury brands and luxury brands and high-end designers should belong to the joint series of H & M from Sweden in 2004. This first-speed fashion brand cooperation with luxury brand cooperation, when the H & M internal proposal meeting, H & M high-level thinking about convinced Karl Lagerfeld from different perspectives, did not expect Karl Lagerfeld that would be brave in innovation to become very optimistic about this The topic of cooperation, soon nodded, and this joint series was also sold out after two hours.

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

Comme des Garçons and H & M collaboration Series have set the highest price record of single items ($ 349)

Since then, the annual H & M and the luxury brand and high-end designers have begun to become a brand of traditional, including Stella McCartney (2005), Comme Des Garcons (2008), Versace (2011/2012), Alexander Wang (2014) to Balmain (2015), almost triggered the global tide of all night.

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

“+ J” is considered one of the most popular joint series in Uniqlo

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

And H & M’s number one enemy, Japan’s fast fashion leader brand Uniqlo is the “Alexander Wang For Uniqlo” joint series launched in 2008 with Chinese designer Alexander Wang, who is different from H & M with limited speculation hunger marketing techniques, Most of the Uniql’s joint series do not hit the “limited edition” banner, but in the normal sales model, even if the short-term sales situation is not only hot, the uniqlo is really in the clothing and tailoring The law is the strength of cooperation designers and brands, and integrates it into the core value of the brand, and seems to be more technically higher on the strategy.

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

H & M and Balmain’s cooperation series is available on the same day, and there is a long queue in the Global H & M door.

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

In fact, the luxury brand far from the cluster is willing to join the fast fashion brand with the main parity, the main reason is that the luxury brand hopes to be able to “link” in the core guest of the fast fashion brand. In general, the level of interest involved in the luxury brand is more vast, and therefore every decision on the brand will repeatedly evaluate, so compared to the fast fashion brand of the majority of the young generation, luxury brands in marketing strategies, especially communities. In operation, it will look more conservative and no new intentions. Therefore, the luxury brand is looking forward to testing the market water temperature in the joint series of fast fashion brands, on the one hand, attempts and understands new marketing strategies and young market operation methods. On the other hand, the brand image is young and simultaneously cultivated by the joint series. Potential guests that may be exposed to luxury brands.

This topic Hypeast is particularly invited to many people in the field of fashion and trend, and the readers will choose from the joint series of luxury and fast fashion brands in the past years by their perspective. It is assumed that the readers who have failed in the time, they may wish to have a good aftertaste by this topic, and they will look at the classic works of their wardrobe.

Uniqlo x jil sander “+ J” (2009 – 2011)

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

“In 2009, Uniqlo started to join hands Jil Sander and” + J “series by the designer himself is the most impressive cooperation in all high-end designers and fast fashion brands.” + J “online and design In addition to the unique false and extremely simple in the details, UNIQLO has also strengthened many of the JIL Sander’s mastery, and this series also brought many designs for later UNIQLO mainline products. Andrew Chen, “Jifeng Heavy Industry” design director)

“The” + J “series launched the uniqlo into the Taiwan market, and I also allowed me to close, try to wear this series of works, and directly compare the difference between other general in line. Consumers who like minimalism Almost very few clothes that don’t appreciate the clothing lottery lines and clean tailors led by Jil Sander, but also to say that this joint name is the first large production after Jil Sander left his own brand. “+ J” from 2009 In 2011, a total of five seasons have always been upholding “functionality and comfort must be parallel” in this joint series of unscrupulous, fine production, can be seen, but the seam, not only increases moving Spatial components, while coupled with diverse storage pockets, as well as the use of anti-water fabrics and full waterproof stabs in Neiji, all have a privilege-free model for urban-style convenient machine style. “(Andy Chang, former” Wisdom Marketing manager)

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

H & M x lanvin (2010)

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

“I personally think that there is a person who bought this series, after all, after all,” Mr. Penguin “Alber Elbaz dominates the golden age of Lanvin, and if Lanvin has left from 2015 Alber Elbaz, no matter whether it is sold or design I can’t get back the past. In addition, there is a business in this series. That is to sell the first day Alber Elbaz specially to go to H & M observe sales status. It has found that there is no one in the door, and Alber Elbaz is in an emergency H & M creative director. Margareta Van Den Bosch said: “What to do, Karl Lagerfeld’s joint series is sold out for an hour, and I am completely no one.” Result Margareta Van Den Bosch back to him: “You look wrong, opposite The long dragon is. “” (Sofia Shen, “周 刊” trend reporter)

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

Uniqlo X Undercover “Uu” (2012 – 2013)

“The most impressible also favorite should be the” UU “series of UNIQLO X Undercover, not only outside the full range of men, women and children, but also the design creative of the music rock. Add to Uniqlo’s civilian costume. My favorite is the first quarter (2012) of the first quarter (2012), Gaoqiao Shield combines foreign quality in the uniqlo existing high-quality basic plate, and it seems still very real-to-wear Guard. If you want to pick a bone in the egg, I may think that the clothing design is still a slightly conservative. If you can combine the Gaoqiao Shield, you can make more meaningful. “(Eugene Chen,” Invincible “public relations marketing )

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

“The profound fashion line will take the price brand, there is no doubt that the” uu “series of UNIQLO X Undercover. Gaoqiao Shield is successful to put his clothing aesthetics into it, and the fantasy story of him is used outdoors The performance of the living style lesks the Japanese representative designer’s views to the international stage and communicates more consumers from UNIQLO. “(Jess Huang,” Slightly Numb “Finance Director)

H & M x Alexander Wang (2014)

“My personal recommendation is 2014, the joint series of Alexander Wang and H & M cooperates. Alexander Wang design is always able to play the” easy and comfortable “things, this time with H & M, a large amount of import Sport elements are integrated into modern prevalences, the chemical response produced by two-phase collisions is really amazing. Maybe many people watch the show of the show will feel that these items can usually go out? But in fact, carefully To dismantle every item, you will find that every item is worth having, because they are so easy to digest, wearing out, do not make people have a burden, while also having a feeling of wearing a boutique. ” (Damien Hung, “Fukurou Living”

GAP X John Elliott (2014 & 2016)

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

“In fact, from the beginning, I like John Elliott’s plain color and fit, in 2014, John Elliott selected the brand’s most classic plate, like a cap clip, trousers and Plain t-shirt, simply see the rich level of John Elliott, the most attractive thing is the reasonable price of GAP, but the bad place is after eating this sweet, after it can’t buy it. John Elliott’s positive line series (laughs). “(Ian chung,” juice taipei “store manager)

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

UNIQLO X Alexandre Plokhov (2014)

“Urban SWEATS CAPSULE COLLECTION” I think is a series I think that I think it is quite worth afraid. The full range is mainly black and gray two colors. The style of Normcore is simultaneously and integrated into Helmut. Lang brand personality and miniature design. In addition, I think I chose to choose Sweats as a series of spindles, not only upgrading the life of fast fashion items, but also produces a Timeless style from fashion constraints, bringing any Can enjoy the fun. “(Yen Kuo,” Juice Taipei “public relations marketing


“Lemaire is the double brand of Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-linh Tran, the interpretation of women is independent, brave, with self-thinking and strong personal attitude, seemingly loosened architecture, but there is a flexible detail, echoing France The woman’s charming and charm, is one of my personal quite loved brands, especially the love is strong but not.

And the two brands of UNIQLO and Lemaire have a lot of ideas for clothing. They think that clothing should make life more quality, and they will not be limited by popular and time. Therefore, it is conceivable that this joint series is not long for sale, and some items have repeatedly recovered. The Christophe Lemaire has also officially become the artistic officer of UNIQLO U. This series can get huge success, I think it is the “balance” pursued by modern people. Liuyuhy, internationally renowned models)

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

Uniqlo x inès de la Fressange (2014-2017)

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

“Uniqlo X inès de la Fressan is in recent years in so many cooperative series, I really like it. The designer successfully puts the retro French style into modern aesthetics, bringing an old taste in the fashion contour. And this cooperation is quite evergreen. From the second half of 2014, seven series has been published in the autumn of 2017, and the men’s clothing will be launched in the autumn of 2017. Consistence crude corduroy, flannel, hair, warm material and tones, classic European tooling style Can’t help but observe those who have passed away in the past century. “(SHINWAY WANG,” Syndro “

Ut x futura (2017)

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

“Review the past, UNIQLO UT X Futura is the artist to join hands and fast fashion brand, which makes me impressive. Undoubtedly, Futura is one of the greatest graffiti artists in contemporary. Many people in cooperation, many people found him in 2003, I found a red shoes Dunk SB and indirectly met him. He made good use of meticulous lines, abstractly expressing his own sky, and still tried various creations. The possibility, it is quite worth learning and respect. Because Nigo serves as the relationship between UT design director, these well-known street artists have to bring personal styles to the world through UT, and make new generations of young People re-recognize this artistic master, and can enter the classic image that never refunded in a flat price. “(James Huang,” Lab TAIPEI “public relations)

Swatch X Vivienne Westwood (1994)

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

“Speaking of luxury brands and fast fashion or parity brand, I think that I didn’t care for the first time, but in 1993, the Swiss Pari-price watches Swatch and the United Kingdom Pont WESTWOOD collaboration series. At 80 to 90 The influence of Vivienne Westwood is pushed globally, and even affects the Bunke roll trend in Japan. This joint series knows how to engage in limited marketing techniques in 20 years ago, plus design and packaging is full of vivienne westwood. Brand style, such as Vivienne Westwood’s famous crucifix ball and surface UFO, which is very highlighted in the past, and even the leather strap used in this series is also specially produced in France, and it can be seen in the heart. At that year, this series can be said to be a description, and the first choice for the cooperation of luxury brands in my heart. “(Swart Huang,” Less Taiwan “founder)

The joint series of UNIQLO and Marimekko is expected to be listed in Asia.

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

In the future, it is foresee that the cooperation of luxury brands and fast fashion brands will continue to do so, such as UNIQLO, which will be announced on March 30 to launch the first joint series of Finnish brand Marimekko. However, with the online shopping trend swept the world, consumers’ choices began to get more and more cooperation equations such as “luxury brand or high-end designer teamed up with fast fashion brand”, and no longer allow consumers to pay full to buy, such as H & M In 2016, the KEZNO and 2017’s Erdem joint series did not sell in the first time. Such a joint trend will latency until the end of the current unknown, but no matter how the luxury and fast fashion brand, the biggest vested interests will be the consumers of Fisherman, because we have the right to use The most reasonable price makes the smartest judgment.

回顾 Fast Fashion 10 大经典联名系列

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