When the childhood “corduroy” gorgeous rebellion, fading the earth, it became the most trend of the street this autumn

I thought I can still be hot, I didn’t expect a heavy rain to make the temperature drop nearly 10 degrees.

Autumn clothing should be warm and fashion,


Single fabrics will soon withdraw from this season’s stage,

This also makes “corduroy” have the opportunity to become a street of this season.

In the autumn of 2019, we can’t understand the “corduroy” items when we can’t understand.

Unlike the child, it will not be a symbol of rustic since we don’t think it is a symbol of rustic.


It can appear alone on the showcase of the fashion week, and can also make light color in the streets of the fall.

In addition to the show and streets, the stars with the highest sensitivity of fashion circles also took the lead in “gold velvet” items.

Zhang Yining’s ink green corduroy shorts, lively sexy



Jolin Tsai

Blue corduroy set and


The little son is very big, the gas field is very big.

All the stars don’t bear the high-grade-sensitive fabrics, and it is of course quite worth in the eyes of fashion people.

Want to dress the comfort and decentness of “corduroy” in this fall, from the style, color and color, and the skills are not ignored, so,

Today, Big Gichi will come with you to know “Wi-Cartridge”, and share some tips in daily matching with you ~

What is “corduroy”?




In 1774, the “Oxford Dictionary” is refined, and it is a cotton fabric that facilitates the surface of the knitted fabric “cut”. “Velvet” mentioned before, relying on cutting “warp” to make the surface of the fluffy feelings. The “cervere” shape is “the wick” convex due to the surface of the cloth, so it is called “corduroy”, also known as “strip”.


The wickle fabric is the earliest appearance in the French court, the English called the method Corduroy is actually “Corde Du Roi” from French, meaning “King’s Line”.

Because this fabric has been used as a special clothing of royal aristocrats, it is also seen as a very “advanced” fabric.

The royal family of the later generations has always been in pairs of “corduroy”, in the old photos of Diana Wang Hao and Charles, we also found the figure of “corduroy” trousers.

△ Diana Wang Hao wearing a corduroy pants take a group photo with Charles prince


The initial cord velvet is hand-made, the price is expensive, and the output is limited.

Later, I got to the 18th century industrial revolutionary era, the factory replaced manual, at the time as the textile industry center

Manchester achieves the mass production of “corduroy”

There is a priceable wickle fabric, but also more civilians have the opportunity to wear the clothing of the corduroy fabric.

As a very retro taste, the clothes of the velvet fabric is also a red pole in the 50-10 of the previous century.

I am deeply loved at the time.



At that time, France’s popular music represents the francoise hardy wearing a corduroy trousers, with a photo of a black short leather boots, is also amazing a lot of people.

Eight sisters feel that this set of laying is in today’s non-time, but it is an existing “trendy sense”, which contains retro taste, has a fashion that has a thick sense of thought.


The cord velvet appears and the popular span for a few centuries, then as a retro element of a gorgeous rebellion, we are not a whole incorporated when choosing to buy, and the choice of wisdom is that the tide people should do.

How do you choose “Will Cartridge” item?


The corduroy fabric has a thickness and a smooth hand, in addition to our common rules, solid color cord edible fabrics, with technology improvement, weave and color also have a richer choice, autumn and winter season should be “wick” item Wear trendy feelings, in the selection, you need to take into account the thickness of “strip”, and the shading of the pattern and the saturation of color.

First, according to the version to choose

Because of a certain thickness, the cord edible fabric has an effect of increasing the inquire of the partial body, when choosing the top, if you want to get the position of the wearing position from the visual, then try to select the version loose There is no tight, thin texture, single-layer fabric, to avoid tight and inner layer with plus velvet or add “single product.


The corduroy pants are divided into two types of straight sategles and tights. Because the material of the corduroy itself is soft, not hard enough, so when wearing, if the version is too close, then it does not have a strong parcel Sex, unlike some difficult fabrics, you can wrap and modify your leg shape. At this time, you will be very unfriendled for girls who are not good, or more girls on the legs, it will be very unfriendled, so everyone can do it. Try to choose the style loose woven woven pants.

Second, according to the color color

Similar “Frost” cordurpets with embroidery can produce different pattern and touch through irregular cutting and bleaching process on the surface of the corduroy. And this kind of “corduroy” item needs to have enough design to bond, will appear to be senior unusual.


If we want to match and control the “corduroy” items, then you can consider more common and design minimalist wickle, usually more convenient to modify the body, manufacture shrinkage.

The seamless docking with our childhood “corduroy” single product is the “Macaron” color of these two years. Colored single products will add some from the match or driving, but it is used as the paters and skirts used as the lower body, and the difficulty will be much lower. If you want to try Macaron, the most insurance method is first Start.

Third, according to the thickness and cutting rules of “strip”


Our common corduroy is generally equal to equal spacing and strip width, the size of the width and the thickness of the strip projection are also relatively large. Basically, the three kinds of thin, widening and irregular ” Spacer type “strip.

The cleansing the cord velvet, the lower the thickness of the single-layer fabric, the lower the thickness, the less thin, the upper body will be thin, and more suitable for temperature is not very low, there is no early warmth of warm demand.

If we want to have high-level and heavy textures, then we can choose some “corduroy” fabric clothing, corresponding, many design styles will be upgraded to double layers, used to Increase the overall thickness and warmth.


In addition, there are some irregular wicks, which is made of interval cutting, simply, in different widths, cut out of a small section of sunset, then take a segment Continue to repeat the fixed strip or glyurous chopper woven fabric of such graphic combination.

How is the “corduroy” single item?

We understand the unique attributes of the wick velvet items, and how to do it after you need this item, then how you need this item, it is what we need to consider. The corduroy single product must avoid “wearing the thunder area” where, what should I pay attention to in the match? ” Let Big Girls will have some of them to decompose these issues one by one by some wear cases.

I, top


The single product of the corduroy is actually more suitable for the jacket, because its thickness is more bloated, and the comfort is also reduced, so whether it is used in early autumn, it is still a stack of stacks, or it is also worn on the autumn and winter. The outermost layer is good.

Use a relatively loose corduroy to make a jacket, a summer white dress, can be said to be a better set of dressing in the summer and autumn items, and the loose woven cords can be made to the upper body. The expansion effect, produces waist lines with a colored ribbon with a colored ribbon in the waist, can wear trendy feelings while avoiding bloating, short skirts keep the legs in the summer, is a suite of thin and geotetable take.


The retro high-grade fabric and the trendy style of this year are together, that is, a corduroy suit jacket, then the corduroy suit jacket is similar to the unique suit, and the simple small high-profile sweater can make loose upper body. Effect, you can choose a tight black trousers or a green dress.

It should be noted here that, consider the thickness of the cordurvere suit, so if you don’t want to be too fat, then choose the styles to be more tight or the fabric is thin and tape, highlight the fiber. .


The shirt of the wickle fabric, because there is a certain thickness, so there is a coat attribute, whether it is single-wear or superparining, it is suitable for autumn, in a simple strap shirt, with a t-shirt or small high-collar sweater It is suitable, here you need to pay attention to the echo and fusion of the color. If the corduroy shirt of the jacket is a relatively girl’s cute pink, then the inner is also selected or a neutral color, such as beige.


Second, now

The corduroy fabric is the least easy to make an error option, but there is also something you need to pay attention to in the match. If you are a short skirt that selects the wickle fabric, then the style and match, you must follow the rules of the high waist line. If the size is better, you can not pay much attention to the waistline, but you want to wear high-level feelings, you need a whole and good transition.


The wide-leg gold high waist tight trousers, the advantage is that there is a clear waistline, but I want to have a good volume and color transition with the white inside, join a belt is a good choice, and the match is equipped with warm colors. The orange red suit jacket makes the overall look very bright.


Want to do a single wore watellians, you need to have a certain creativity on color matching, use green-based knitted jacket with pink trousers, although in contrast color, but due to its color , So you can make a good match, one can make the bag item with the top, you can make overall look more harmonious.


When the temperature in the morning, the corduroy trousers will not bring too many depression, I want to wear a certain problem, use a light-colored jacket to make it, such as white T-shirt, it is very suitable, morning and evening Well with a leather small coat when cooling, and it’s better to worn.

The advantage of the skirt of the corduroy is that it will not be particularly personal, because there is a certain thickness, so it is very good in optimizing the buttock and waist, take a comparison top with a colored jacket, and wear a linker Dress up in the velvet skirt is very suitable. Single in a simple black knitting top with oblique striped corduroy skirts, using classic boots to increase the overall sexy, very nice.


Ray: When making a knot, even if you are cold, even if you are cold, you don’t match the bloated and super-expanded down jacket. Otherwise, you may become a drumless bear.

Third, set or long section

The cord edible fabric is used to make a set or long, and it is also a very high-level dress. It is more common is the unique suit set, and the color is relatively polarized to bright warm colors and warm neutrophic sets. , Gloss and thick sensation are also more suitable for autumn and winter season.


The wick velvet is in the inner, the harmony wants to match, then choose a colorful inside shirt to create a senior and retro effect, such as brown-red shirt with card .

If you want to have enough thickness, and suitable for the depth of autumn and winter, you can use a suit with a fur collar and thickened lining as your first choice. Remember that you want to have a sense of light and girl, you will match a pair of youth and vitality.

In the autumn and winter season, the single product of the corduroy as a long outer cover is also a warm and special weaner. If you want to stand out of the jacket, then the bottom and shoes that match it are preferably a relatively low-key and uniform black system.

The gray small high collar and brown-tier woven cord coat belong to a neutral color, so the combination of approximate color system can also show comfortable and high-level effects.


The “corduroy” single product has become different due to its very existent vertical strip, it has rules or irregular projections, breaking people’s inertia, the inertia of smoothness and flat touch, eight sisters make this more “Reverse Spirit” is the fashionable kernel, which is not blindly from the wave. After reading the sharing of octos, I hope that you can keep in love with the corduroy, and use it to do your daily match, let yourself be more beautiful.

This article is originally created after the Gossip of Gossip, prohibits reprinting.

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