Let you love the glass cup – the special cargo, carrying the glass, the glass, light experience

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I personally prefer to drink tea, and I prefer to drink tea with a glass, because drink tea with a glass, you can see the color of tea, judge the taste of tea, in addition, the glass is relatively easy to clean, and more hygienic, so use glass Drinking tea is a very good choice. However, use a glass, there is also a drawback, it is fragile with glass. In addition, the glass is not hot, and the tea needs hot water. At this time, take the glass, but will be hot. But now I have a special way to take the glass, these problems have been solved, I can drink tea with a glass with a glass. Then take a look at me to take the glass of the glass.


It is specially engraved with a glass, a capacity of 350 mL, and a glass layer is high boricone glass, and the outer layer is polycarbonate (PC), and the outer layer of the cup is also polycarbonate + stainless steel, and the inner layer is a silica gel seal. There is stainless steel SUS304 tea. This glass can be used for tea, or other drinks such as wine, carbonated drinks can also be used. This cup has three kinds of colors, flame red, pearl, beads, but the future may be island blue, flame red, Caribbean blue, dream powder, pearl white, star-gray, pearl black seven different colors.

It is specially engaged in the glass, and the inner layer is high borosilicate glass. The outer layer is wrapped in polycarbonate (PC), and there are two elliptical windows on both sides, and the water level and tea of ​​the glass can be seen. One of the elliptical windows, you can also see the LOGO, TOMIC, and the words of Enjoy DRING, which is the advantage of wrap the most vulnerable glass part in the PC, which can buffer impact through the PC, thus The purpose of achieving the anti-fall, when hot, glass is also a refrigerated glass. The cup of the cup is combined with stainless steel + polycarbonate (PC), and the top is stainless steel SUS304, which can increase the impact resistance of the water cup. In addition, when the glass is taken, the polycarbonate (PC) can be taken directly to contact the glass surface, thereby anti-hunting. High boric silicon glass is asgeneted, and it is not fear of heat, and can withstand the severe temperature difference of -20-100 ° C.


Unscrew the cup, you can see the stainless steel tea, the tea is covered with holes, you can see the water segregation of the tea is still good. And there is a handle for extracting tea.

Through the glass window, you can see the water level in the tea cup.


In addition, special investment and anti-falling glass also offers a cup set, which can provide better protection, and can also bring the glass cup.

It is a special way to take a glass of glasses, and tea seems to be better.


When reading the book, you can drink a cup and help concentrate on the spirit and achieve better reading.

When the game is time, it is easy to sit, and drink plenty of water help to avoid stones.


When you chase, or when you look at the variety, you will help relax.




Objectively summing up the characteristics of the special entrance to the glass:

1 plastic shell


2 glass liner


3 bilateral structures


4 tea separation filter


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