A just routing – Tengda AC9 Gigabit Dual-frequency route brief

A bear


I. Introduction


I was looking forward to waiting for Tmall a lot of custom product draw, and the results received a big mom’s text message – it was Tengda AC9 router. But I am still very satisfied – Gigabit LAN, USB, Double-frequency route has always been what I expected, as for AC9 really satisfied my expectation? Please wait and see.

Second, Tengda and AC9


The language is also a matter of recent years. At that time, it was still single, in Beijing, in Beijing, in order to successfully solve the problem of the net, I also want to try the connection of the PSP, pick it up, and finally selected Tenda W311R (public test) The report cannot be inserted into the card …), this is the first time with Tengda, this 150M route is successful in the family for three and a half years, witnessed the whole family from there is no WiFi demand to change the change.

I have to say that for Tengda’s impression is still very good. Although the wife has complained in W311R before replacing the way, the 10-year-old router is definitely still harsh.


There are fewer fewer routings, and the majority is still the cost-effective problem (that is, there is no money problem …) However, this time AC9 is very very good, I will try to show all the AC9’s all aspects. Give everyone (sorry, I really like this router).

Third, unboiled

I received a big mother’s text message, I confirmed in the mobile phone, I have received the goods very quickly (the courier query shows that it is the early morning … I don’t know whether it is a big mother to stay up late or express brother, or Both …)

The box is not heavy, but the head is relatively large, so I am slightly worried, because the position of the place where the route is designed is TV, too high, the route will block the tv.


After opening, it is very clear, an AC9 main body (including a base), a network cable, a power adapter and a quick installation guide (only for quick setup networks, is not a book). The package is packaged, and the shock absorption is environmentally friendly.

The main body is black, this front area is really a big bigger … The two horns on the head can pick up a few tail. Close to the top position has a long string indicator identifies the power state, WiFi status, network state, and LAN port status, etc.

The antenna can rotate multi-angle, the longitudinal axial direction is rotated 270 degrees, and then the antenna can be swinged at 0 °, 45 °, 90 ° three positions (recommended attitude seems to be an angular position of 45 ° two-day lines).

In addition to the brink of the bronze cooling hole in the back of the body, the interface is part. From left to right, it is the power interface, WPS button, stand-alone WiFi switch, reset hole, WAN port (connected in Internet), four gigabit LAN interfaces (fourth is IPTV interface, but I did not use it …) and a USB2.0 interface.

The bottom of the body is a discharge heat hole, and some components can be seen inside. I have never dismantled the route, and even if I open it, I don’t know …


The pedestal is one of the content I want to vomiting – mainly a bit light, the AC9 main body size is very large, it is not particularly stable after installing the pedestal, and it is not particularly stable. My girlfriend …


In addition, the adapter is also a large piece of head. The 9V2A adapter instantly makes me feel that the power of the original route is also quite big …


Fourth, non-full performance test


The reason is not complete, mainly due to the restrictions on various equipment and wires at home (the 5 lines buried in the wall). The test section will include the profile of the App and the webpage interface, the local area network USB2.0 interface read speed, the signal override (2.4G signal and 5G signal), and network speed guarantee in network quality management.

First introduce the App and Web Management page. When I first opened the app, I was still surprised. Some common functions such as parental control, network speed control, visitors, security content, integrated into the app, not commonly used, such as DNZ, DDNS, static routes, etc., still need Access in the web side. For ordinary users, basic mobile app can handle most of the transactions.

The space is limited, and the contents of each function is not introduced. One point in the comparison, the App end is light, and it can smoothly extinguish the indicator light on the route, which is very convenient. But what you need to vomit is,

The APP end cannot unload the inserted USB device


, You still need to log in to the web side for safe removal. The following diagrams are some screenshots of the APP end and the web side, respectively.

Next, use USB to perform speed testing of local area network sharing. Although many online boxes, TV can connect to USB hard drives, U disk and other equipment, but if you expect to watch, you will be troublesome when you watch it. Of course, OTG and wireless U disk are good solutions, but Otg is definitely unable to connect USB hard drives, and wireless U disk will also lose networking because of its WiFi. Therefore, if you can build a separate file server in the local area network, it is perfect. Well, AC9 has such a function. Access the U disk into the U port behind the AC9, then connect the cable end to the PC, use the FTP software to access its address, you can see the download speed reached 30MB / s, this speed has been far over 100 gigabit LAN. Unfortunately, there is no suitable equipment for the wireless end, but for mobile phones and tablets, 11ac speed supports a HD movie or very easy.

= – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – Started split line – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = –


Use the AC9’s USB interface to video browsing (probably):

When AC9 is connected to the USB device, an FTP service will be formed, an SMB service (Windows Sharing Service), a Samba Service (I think it is essentially, you have to provide a local area network file sharing. If there is any error, welcome.)

Install KODI on the tablet device (that is, the previous XMBC).


Add AC9 server addresses in a file

The default user name and password are



Then I can find it in “File” in the Video page. Click on the video you want to watch, you can transfer from the AC9 to the tablet device. For iOS devices that have jailbreak, KODI can also be found in Cydia, which is applicable (should).

KODI provides a movie identification function (which seems to be based on the file name), so if there is a movie, you can browse in the Movie page, the relevant movie information can also be viewed, such as the poster in the picture below, and KODI also identifies Video clarity and logo.

Other ways, apply the ES file browser, you can also find the file service on the AC9 in “My Network”, then browse the file and play the video.


= – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – Ended split line – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = –

The third is the problem of the distribution of the home. The test position is as shown in the figure, sorry that there is no painting ability of AutoCAD, a handcraft is probably a solution (painless, you will look at it … where there is a color wall is

Load-bearing wall

. The AC9 provides “low power”, “standard”, “enhancement” three signal strength selection, which is compared to low power and enhancement. In general, in the kitchen, I can cook while watching the video, but in the morning signals, it may also help reduce the time to take up the bathroom (the two load-bearing walls really have more strict … …).


In order to facilitate everyone to watch, I made the data into the following table (just the shaped turntable table, the content is the same.) It can be seen that the substantially 2.4G signal has been more significant enhancement (about 10 dBm), But the 5G signal is not changed.


Finally, the test is about QoS. Five people, I occasionally download some videos, parents and prostitutes basically look at the video is a class (um, my girlfriend is in various video App in various video apps, the level of apples has been fired …), my wife? ? Of course, it is worth buying and then buying it. Buying … There is a status of Thunder run in the LAN, and QoS can respond to this problem. I am set to open Thunder’s desktop to 4Mbps, other devices are not limited. The desktop performs Thunder download, while other devices play online video, it can be seen that the download speed is successfully limited to 500kb / s or less (4Mbps theory limit is 512kb / s, and video playback is still smooth, though this website The clearing is not very high, but such functions are divided, which is quite beneficial to ensure the network quality of others.

Five, summary


First of all, I personally like the path of AC9 very much.

As mentioned earlier, for home routing, my expectation is Gigabit Wire, Dual-frequency, with USB interface – Gigabit wired convenient to connect NAS, 2.4G in dual-frequency keeps overwriting and 5G can improve speed, USB interface is convenient to provide LAN file service capability. High-end, such as link aggregation, 8 ports, 1900Mbps, and three frequencies, there is not much place for most families.




: Dual frequency and cable speed are good, the connection fiber is proper; the signal coverage is basically satisfied; the USB interface can meet the local network file sharing function; QoS can easily provide bandwidth resource security; cost performance.


: App will still need to optimize, such as increasing the function of USB security removal; can you reduce a little? I am looking forward to the offline download function.

Successfully blocked part of the TV …

I probably looked at it, with the same set of routes, Tenda AC9 may be the lowest price. Although I want to say that the USB interface is better, it is better, but I can’t always think about the bike …

In addition, there is a problem, Dad’s tablet, Intel processor’s Win10 tablet, often there is a problem, sometimes it can see the signal, but I can’t even connect, but my tablet (same as INTEL but new Z8300) ) There is no similar problem, and there is no problem with the previous route. Is it a compatibility problem?

This article comes from what is worth buying a website (www.smzdm.com).


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