How to prevent the scenic spot, hotel and other places? China Disease Control Center gives eight advice

[Global Network Report] On March 2, the State Council’s jointly-defense mechanism held a press conference to introduce the situation of exemption prevention and control such as public places during the stage.

In response to the prevention and control of scenic spots, hotels and other places, Shi Xiaoming, director of the China CDC environment, said that on the one hand, it emphasizes the preparation of the previous series of recovery, especially some materials, including enough masks, disinfectants. , Washm, quick-drying hand disinfectant, and thermometer, etc. These protective materials. At the same time, it is thoroughly cleaned inside and outside the venue, preventing preventive disinfection treatment on the surface of the object, including the bathroom, dormitory, restaurant and so on. Do eight prevention and control work during the business process:

First, measure the body temperature of the entrant or customer. In any place, body temperature measurement is the most important.

Second, the air circulation in the place can be opened, which can open the window ventilation. It can open the ventilation device such as row fan, strengthen the indoor air flow, especially the exhaust fan of the vagrant, and the underground garage ventilation system is normal.

The third is to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of the place, the door handle, elevator buttons, switch and other parts of high-frequency contact should be strengthened.

The fourth is that the garbage should be classified and handled in time. Trash cans and grounds and walls are kept clean.

Fifth, the bathroom should keep the ground, the wall is clean, and the hand washing facilities should be ensured that there is no dirt in the bathroom. There is no dirt, no feces, and there is a conditional placement.

Sixth is to strengthen the health monitoring of employees, reasonably arrange workers’ warfare.

Seven is to set emergency areas, especially those who have suspicious symptoms, should be temporarily isolated in the emergency area, and processed in accordance with relevant regulations.

Eight is that there must be health promotion in the place in the place, including scrolling video or possessing publicity.

Qi Qingyun

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