How to wear a decent coat? Look at the model in Japan with the top stream bloggers, nearly 50-year-old is also very beautiful

A lot of people to the 50-year-old, on the dress is easy to set limits for themselves, or feel that they are only suitable for a variety of old-fashioned old-fashioned coat, or that can not be too casual with the publicity in coats, which will make it difficult for you to play itself out temperament.

The trip to Japan for the share of the top stream blogger large grass Naoko, although she favored “a decent age,” the dress, but did not give a coat with old-fashioned sense, but a senior elegant and modified with a short, thick legs, the main disadvantage of black skin. How this winter coat to wear decent? Look at Japan’s top stream blogger large grass Naoko mix templates, nearly 50-year-old is also very beautiful!

First, coats + jeans

Many fashion bloggers and older by age to pursue a different fashion, blogger large grass Naoko pay more attention to dress age and simplicity in dress, will be adjusted in accordance with the style and age.


Like her favorite variety in winter long section woolen coat to highlight the sense of lightness by slightly relaxed version, also with a simple leisure-oriented, giving a quieter but secretly force of the United States.

This time we take a look at her main what outfit ideas and experiences on the coat with. First, coat the combination of jeans is her most popular with ideas, take the law is not limited to this coat, like a coat, jacket or sweater, jeans combination of modeling in its outfit are also common.


In addition to help to shape the casual jeans casual female image, jeans can disperse quietly dreary winter. Thick thighs which dwarf pear-shaped body, can learn a large grass Naoko large selection of blue straight jeans to shape slender legs neat line.

In addition to large straight jeans, straight jeans, jeans or tapered boot-cut jeans by their favor. A closer look can be found, these jeans styles are equipped with modified legs and other advantages and high waist design can also quietly raised waist location and relaxing weaknesses.

When using these methods take, through the waist or belt designed to raise the waist position, a large grass linear key sub good body piercing, air is also significantly higher.

Because wool coat and jeans are basic models, with easy to give passersby a sense, but it will Naoko large grass to get rid of dull sense by color, make dress more stylish and elegant.


In addition to the aid of the same color techniques, the combination of light and shade also has not low photographed, such as a black coat with a white sweater to wear stacked, and here a combination of black sweater with red coat, dark lines nine points jeans, beautiful and vivid colors.

Cape-style coat is much shorter children born 50-year-old most reluctant to try the style, because cape coat more relaxed, and most of the length above the knee, pressure is very easy child.

But the grass Naoko also have their own small experience, when a combination of boot-cut jeans, may wish to adopt Slim fold wear high-necked shirt cape coat to highlight the light and agile side, as impart dress layering and stylish atmosphere.

Second, coats + skirt

In addition to jeans, dress coat is a good partner, take the elegant route for mature large grass Naoko naturally not miss this ride method.


Mostly in the winter dress gives the impression of an elegant romantic, light and fashion-based, such as half-length skirt, knit jumpsuit dress or skirt, with woolen coat can give modeling light and beauty.


When using this partner, not simply a large grass Naoko combined, but a very particular about the coat and skirt styles, colors and fabrics from which to choose the most suitable method of take.

When the checkered coat superimposed elements to enrich the mix level, she would choose pure color dress or jumpsuit inside the ride, skirt, Traditional and Simplified simple yet combined showing a level of beauty.

If the pure color color pastels, to enhance the elegance and gentility of the same color dress take the law would apply, but will start from level to enrich the sense of dress material.


Dark brown or dark coffee color coat due to the warm and generous mature, and by Naoko blogger large grass welcome, but this kind of yellowish skin color partial black girls are not friendly.

Naoko acetate large grass skirt printed skirt or dress will be balanced by a combination of acetic light-colored dresses,, exudes a sense of glory not only to dress more Ambilight, more dignitaries.


Third, the other with skills

Naoko large grass can be some common basic models wear clothing with a sense of elegance, and also has a modification of the body, which is not only outstanding aesthetic, but also due to the accumulation of matching skills.

1, increasing Accessories

50-year-old dwarf extra baggage of ordinary people, may wish to learn big winter grass Naoko by adding accessories to style to enhance the fashion sense.

It can be a baseball cap, sweater chain, clavicle chain, or gold rings, bracelets, watches, scarves.

2, reasonable exposed skin

Winter reasonable increase of exposed skin area, dressing is light and thin tips, such as exposing a length slim wrist or ankle. This winter, if you like the Japanese bloggers with top flow, so might as well learn about it!

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