Is it necessary to give it a video of the video using the camera with a camera?

With the gradual power of micro-single and SLR in video shooting, many video creative teams choose a more professional camera as a video shot in order to ensure that it has excellent picture quality while shooting. And many quasi-professional cameras have gradually supported 4K 60P no-sanction shooting, which means that the new wave of camera video tides will begin.


However, in the camera shooting, it also has a higher demand at the stability of shooting, so it can solve the problem of picture jitter when shooting with a smart cloud station, and also Let the shoot have more creative gameplay. However, many people think that it is a pseudo demand for the camera, which can only say that I can say: “Who knows who is really fragrant!” Who knows who is really fragrant! “

Why is it that Yuntai is a true fragrance hardware? Because it can really solve the problem of screen jitter when shooting video, it can make a more stable mirror operation and shooting. How much is the cloud to be able to calculate a powerful cloud device? I think the first is enough to force in the core algorithm of Yuntai. For this, I think that the intersection of Zhiyun has a good “wrong right” in this area for six years.


Taking the smart cloud of Zhiyun Webill 2 in their latest payment as an example, in it, it is equipped with the English Flying Ling Double filter wave vector split sensor, and then equipped with the core algorithm of Zhiyun’s self-research, so that the camera is using the cloud. It can greatly improve stability, and the jitter generated by the user can perform accurate sales when using the Yuntai mirror, so that the follow-up and responses will be more sensitive.


In addition to the core algorithm, we will measure whether a smart cloud station is sufficient to give a photo experience that can provide a convenient and powerful photo experience in structure design. And Zhiyun WEEBILL 2 is made of metal, plastic, silica gel, and continues the classic “7-shaped” hunger design of Zhiyun, so that users can do without the addition of additional accessories. “Action, a low-angle follow-up video capture creation.

The convenience of the operation is also not to ignore, for simplified operation, Zhiyun is equipped with a 2.88-inch touch color screen in Weebill 2, and it is also necessary to use APPs to quickly adjust the various parameters of Yuntai. Compared to traditional physical buttons. Operation, intuitive graphical interface interaction will bring great convenience to shooting, providing more convenient operating environments for video creation.

In addition, for the video creative team, the team’s collaboration is also quite important. The director needs to communicate with the photographer, and the imaginary clear and stability of the drawing is particularly important. For this reason, as a professional cloud station, Zhiyun also targeted it to launch a Zhiyun cloud map integrated receiver VC100, which can achieve remote wireless graphic monitoring, convenient and multiplayer, improve shooting efficiency.

There is no need to worry about the fit, whether it is SLR or micro single, WEEBILL 2 is supported. In terms of battery life, the cloud is also built-in

2600mAh non-removable battery can work for 9 hours in a row, using the Type-C interface, support the fastest 24W fast charge, also supports the charging edge of charging, completely solving the battery life in Yuntai shooting.

Therefore, as an important hardware attachment of the camera, this large professional PTZ is indeed a little “large material”. However, for the video creative team and even professional video capture users, Yuntai is definitely not a pseudo-demand, but a real productive tool, camera provides them with quality picture, while the cloud is more Sustaining and smoother.

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Zhi Yun WEEBILL 2 Microbi-Brillometer Micro Single Anti-Stabilizer Handheld Yuntai Camera Stabilizer WEEBILL 2 Standard Edition

¥ 2999






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