Classic boat shoes, summer is worth a try

Uncomfortable shoes, one second do not want to wear, and every summer there are a lot of sportsman impulse to want to wear shoes Peas, Peas shoes magic is not worse than the trend of sports shoes, but to put on the shoes Peas difficulty will have more than a hundred times more difficult than sneakers, then shape it is need a pair


Boat shoes (Boat Shoes)



In the summer the pursuit of simple, cool, casual, simple and so on comfort, boat shoes can bring you.

Boat shoes are not a single product as fanatical as any other trend, it is a classic ocean winds casual shoes.


When it comes to boat shoes, we naturally think of the ocean or sailing, boat shoes course, inseparable from the birth of these environmental factors.


The first dual boat shoes was born in 1935, by the famous boat shoes Sperry Top-Sider brand founder Paul Sperry design out.

▲ Paul Sperry


Boat shoes inspired by a dog.


Paul Sperry was born to a seafaring family, is also very keen on sailing, but he found will be very slippery in winter or on cold winter weather deck of the ship, the problem began bothering him, by chance, he saw a when a dog walking on the deck slippery deck will not change it, then Paul Sperry will derive inspiration.


The dog’s foot palm has become the biggest breakthrough in Paul Sperry, which makes design a textured rubber sole, this shoe can increase friction and deck, anti-slip effect is better,

So boat shoes will also be known as deck shoes (Deck Shoes).


From this moment Paul Sperry designed shoes on and sailing, sailors closely linked.


In addition to good anti-slip effect, the structural characteristics of the shoes is a major feature of the conventional classic boat shoes made of leather material, 360 ° around the laces leather, the tightness can be adjusted, plus shoes handmade mark line, there is a flag at the heel of the suture drainage, which can provide a good absorbent characteristics and breathability, dryness inside the shoe holder.

So not all of the shallow mouth of shoes called lunch boat shoes.


Soon, not only in boat shoes Navy sailors and popular, some of the love of sailing vacation or fishing, surfing, skateboarding partners have started to wear boat shoes.

Boat shoes are also a part of the classic College to build the wind, in the 1960s and 1970s, many college students will use daily boat shoes to create the shape.

Compared to lazy Peas shoes, boat shoes with a more obvious sense of elegant gentleman, so that daily Peas shoes like partners can also try sailing shoes.

Wear boat shoes, socks and pants good length control of,


Modeling is half the battle, but often ignore many partners to deal with these small details.


In the choice of shoes in general, try to avoid too bright colors, some of the classic color is the best choice, but also not to say


Bad style, but in the daily mix of process modeling will not properly handled slightly earthy heavy.


Do not place undue reliance on new shoes or a new color of the boat, to give more consideration to the wild and comfort shoes, as long as the classic style dressed as appeared to be very delicate.

In addition to the classic smooth leather, current fashion circles sailing shoes can also be made from different materials together, suede leather and canvas shoes in the use of that very broad.

Pants with boat shoes is a good choice, exposing the ankle was thin, looks fresh, breathable.

This time can also meet you “shoes do not wear socks,” the habit, in fact, the design of boat shoes is no need to wear socks, insoles and shoes inside the tube also has a good sweat effect, for “lazy family” who this is an infinite good welfare.

Indeed many partners may not feel comfortable without socks, socks with them and that will be very perfect, boat shoes with socks style comfortable to not want to talk.

With a volume trousers pants step is essential, so the shape will look more decent.


If you feel too lazy Peas shoes, loafers look mature, oxford shoes are very formal, then sailing shoes just right, not monotonous fashion, modeling prudent rather than conservative.

In very inclusive fashion circles, it was stick to classic, some people chasing the trend, wear your favorite is a kind of fashion.

Daddy does not like shoes boat shoes that dominate the direction of the trend, for the love of vacation travel, love casual fashion partner, the boat shoe is still full of charm.

When the prevalence of Sneaker culture, brand Prada also did not forget to return to the classic boat shoes T Taiwan show field, in the spring and summer 2019 men’s conference in the form of a series of Prada will show up boat shoes.

Prada series will see some futurists, with some avant-garde in retro elements, and boat shoes but also a good play this role.

▲ Prada 2019 spring and summer

Boat shoes perfectly to create ocean winds tune, it’s not just summer vacation travel essential, in the daily mix also allows modeling become more attractive.

A pair of shorts, a striped shirt, and a pair of boat shoes style full of sea resort style, shape not only look great but taste is not monotonous, so that when put on boat shoes to go with your style seaside resort will be more grounded gas.

In the summer casual style it is also a very cool shorts in a single product, and boat shoes with them is also very fit, leather boat shoes make style with a sense of calm, but the classic moccasin structure allows modeling and would not look dull.

With a simple single product will look great sense of style, this style Whether you are a student party or office workers are very fit, simple shapes are not monotonous, and looked very elegant.

Sailing shoe laces can also be very eye-catching, its “caterpillar knot” lacing way to shape the highlight of which is the difference between the other and one shoe.

As the boat shoes leather laces are usually cylinder, sometimes bow tie knot easily when loose, it will adopt the “caterpillar knot”, this tie his way to make sailing shoes become more outstanding.

So this time we can not over-reliance on the shoe to bring the dancer shoes, before that you should choose a pair of shoes, especially in these shallow mouth, walking prone to a sense of falling when the wide mouth of the shoes, size is too large, too small feet nor comfortable.

For daily commuting pair of brown leather style becomes calm a lot, POLO shirt with casual pants and will be able to create a casual fashion style.

Peas shoes lazy and not the same wind, boat shoes into the office with you will not feel very casual, so that can keep your dress sense.


Very sensitive to wear boat shoes is closed with a tight pants, it’s easy to think you are wearing a pair of pajamas and went out.

With a fitting khaki pants and shirts, modeling can show the Ivy League preppy, like casual style is very suitable for white-collar fashion lovers.

Fashion like to build a business partner will ever need more than a few pairs of classic leather shoes, not only formal but also leisure, let the shape of the style is more diversified.


In hot and rainy summer, even on the way from get off work ran into rain, wearing these shoes stepping on rain water does not feel sad, you do not need to worry too much about shoes wet in the rain.

For the business person who can put feet loafers or oxfords to replace, boat shoes make styling easier going.


There’s nothing like a weekend in Bermuda shorts more comfortable, stay at home or go out shopping to play with this pair of boat shoes looked very comfortable.


Many fashion icon will select some coarse soles style for short-term outdoor travel, non-slip shoes, durable and comfort all make it easier styling.


Boat shoes can create the same diversity of style, classic face every single product, not always with the current trend of style to look, classic and always has its charm.


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