Special spells “the choice of thousands of people”: windproof multi-use sun shoe rack small white shoes

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Spring is here, everyone has to start a new round of small white shoes, canvas shoes. These shoes are comfortable and breathable, the design is novel and unique, the style is a hundred, and every spring and autumn will become the preferred object of everyone. But these shoes are generally light, or have a white shoe, need to be cleaned frequently, so how to dry the shoes that often brush, it needs to be carefully considered.

With ordinary clothes frame, it is not possible to secure the shoes. If you use the lace to barely hang, the water inside the shoes is not easy to evaporate, and you need to dry more time. While having a clip can fix the shoes, the clip can be too small, can’t fall to the ground, if the strength is too large, will leave the traces of the clip on the shoe. If the shoes are washed in the corner of the wall, the shoes and parts are easy to accumulate, and it is also easy to be caught down and kick. So, in any case, drying the shoes is a problem.

拼多多“万人之选”:防风多用晒鞋架 小白鞋的标配之选

Nowadays, small white shoes canvas shoes so popular, there should be a more reasonable and convenient drying facilities, and the windproof and multi-use sunber carrier is to solve the above dilemma. This kind of sunberrack uses ABS materials, health and environmental protection Durable; double hook hanging space saves space; 360 degrees to rotate, stable wind, easy to sunbed, color, complete, and who should be prepared for three or five!

拼多多“万人之选”:防风多用晒鞋架 小白鞋的标配之选

In addition, the designer fully considers the problem of space savings, after all, the length of the clothes is limited. Therefore, the sunshire rack has an extension bracket, which can be used multiple connections, which greatly saves the space required for the drying shoes, which is to consider the taking consideration of the taking routine needs in the city.

拼多多“万人之选”:防风多用晒鞋架 小白鞋的标配之选

The windproof multi-use sunber stand design is reasonable, the price is all, so after the launch has been raised and recognized, 360,000 people have been purchased:

Fight more users – I ****: I am very satisfied, I bought a few yourself, this is to buy it for others;

Special spells – Yun ****: Not bad, look at the evaluation only bought a trial, I didn’t expect very well, buy more next time;

Fight more users – Japan ****: Baby received, very good, there is a need to buy;


Spring is coming, buy small white shoes, buy a few windproof multi-use sunberrangrai as a standard!


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