Fire Sabbage Evaluation: Support drying dehumidification, can also sterilize deodorization, footwear essential artifact

As a southerner who is located in Jiangnan, the author doesn’t like winter, not because there is no heating here, but because I am very easy to shoot, the shoes are worn down, and the socks can be wet. If you want to continue to wear a pair of shoes the next day, you can only blow the shoes with a hair dryer, and take time and labor. Is there a tool for all for all? Later, the author found that there were “shoe” this kind of “sho”, and immediately settled a fire-free smashing shoe.


After knowing that there is an out of the shoe, the author has a circle online, saying that this kind of product has a lot of products, and the author chooses the reason why the fire and the smashing of the disinfection of the smash is to see the characteristics of it. The closed-conditioned fire-free disinfection sho is about 170 mm long, about 90mm wide, and the thickness of about 42 mm, the housing material is ABS plastic, the net weight is 272 grams, almost the weight of the mobile phone.


The packaging of the fire-carrying messenger, which is simple, in addition to the out of the shoe, there is a power cord and an instruction manual. Although only two sheets of paper, but use methods, safety matters, troubleshooting and even cleaning maintenance, don’t look at the product, first look at the manual is still necessary.


The fire-made handle disintegration is designed with a host and power cord, and the power interface is located on one side of the shoe main unit, unveiling the covered silicone dust cover, the inside is the power supply interface. Insert the power cord into the outlet, one head on the power outlet, press the power button to start the shield.

There is a button on the side of the broccoli portable disinfection, it is also the only button on its fuselage. In addition to the power switch function, it supports 15 min, 30 min, and three mode switches. In the host shutdown, tap the button default to 15 min mode, twice tap into 30 min mode, and tap the single drying mode three times. For convenience, three LEDs should be designed under the button, and a LED lights flashes, that is, representing the out of the shoe in this mode.

The fire portable disinfection shoe is flat, a round, the flat portion is the main entrance, and the rounded portion is a wind hole. Let’s talk about the air inlet of the fire. The use of the blind-style design, and the general straight-through air design, the blind-style design can accelerate the air flow, speed the water evaporation, improve the efficiency of the shoe. Second, you can reduce debris into the body and improve the service life of the shoe.

The design of the fire and the design of the disinfection, which uses a two-body design, that is, a fixed subject and a movable body. After the movable body is opened, the shoe is in v-shaped. After opening the host, we can see the top of the outlet, the outside, and the inside is covered with the air outlet. If you look at it, you can find that the hole size at each outlet position is different, which is a big trend in the outer small center. This is a gradient heat dissipation hole design that ensures that the hot air output is evenly delivered to the various corners of the shoe.


The largest function of the shoe is fever. The fire-free use of the fire-free use of PTC is hot material. The maximum advantage of this material is fast, and the temperature is stable, and the energy consumption is low. The fire can generate heat for 5 seconds, and the built-in intelligent temperature control system can be controlled to 55 ° C, which can guarantee the quick dryness of the PTC, which can guarantee the fast drying and protect it. Shoes to avoid high temperature damage to the shoes.

For the actual use of the fire, the actual use of the disinfection, it can be used in three scenarios, and it is also corresponding to three modes. If the shoe is slightly odor, use 15 minutes mode; if the odor is heavier or the moisture weight, use 30 min mode; if the shoes do not have odor but more humid, use a single drying mode. When using it, if there is an odor, it is not necessary, which is the taste of the ozone generator built in the outlet (can be odor), which can be placed in a ventilated place.


For this type of shoe product, individuals believe that security is most important. The broccoli portable disinfection, not only supports automatic thermostat, but also supports automatic power failure (any mode), and the sunshine is automatically powered off. In addition, the fire-resistant nylon material is used inside the fire-resistant and high temperature resistance, and the ABS shell also supports 110 degrees high temperature resistance. Although the product is safe and reliable, it is necessary to pay attention to not obstructing the air during use.


Since I use the fire, I feel so beautiful after the fire, I feel so good. Going home from get off work, use fire to carry the disinfection of the disinfection and drying deodorization for 30 minutes, deodorize, and disinfection. Use a single drying mode before you go to work in the morning, and put it on this with temperature. It is more comfortable. In addition to the home use, the fire portable disinfection of the smart and portable, put it in the baggage box or backpack, and you can enjoy the warm service, it is very suitable as the author as the author. Partners are used.


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