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ecco ECCO

Denmark in 1963, Northern Europe and Denmark well-known footwear and leather goods brand, the world’s influential casual footwear brand, North America and Asia as the main sales market, product design ergonomic, included casual shoes / shoes / sandals / high heels / outdoor shoes, ECCO was founded by Birte and Karl Toosbuy (Carl Adams suddenly ratio) in 1963. Karl Toosbuy trained as a shoemaker, dreams of one day have their own shoe factory, their own independent business. Therefore, the sudden Visby family decided to give up a steady job, sold the properties, his family moved to Denmark in the southwest of Bray Tess – close to the northern border of Germany, created ECCO ECCO footwear brand. As Northern Europe and Denmark footwear and leather goods brand, ECCO success stems from its ergonomic design and high-quality leather, and “shoe must follow the feet” design concept, ECCO ECCO will blend comfort with Nordic style. ECCO ECCO’s product range, which includes outdoor activities for costume wear, casual wear, career wear and casual wear of high-quality men, women and children’s wear fashion leather shoes. Production lines are located in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Portugal, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Cyprus, Brazil, China and India. ECCO headquarters of almost all employees, as well as many employees around the world have participated in introductory training “from cow to shoes”. The classroom, all participants are learning how to make shoes. Therefore, they deeply aware of the complexity of the shoe, and sincerely admire ECCO’s production sector. In addition, ECCO also offers specialized training and opportunities for promotion within the company for employees. Thereby enhancing team spirit and talent and products as the mainstay of the company’s business. By the end of 2002 ECCO ECCO global total of more than nine thousand one hundred employees in all major footwear sold in stores, including four ECCO ECCO flagship store, three hundred fifty-nine ECCO ECCO stores, eight hundred and thirteen stores located in major department stores within, one thousand eight hundred forty-four point of sale, as well as fourteen warehouse-style retail stores throughout the different countries, such as Alaska and Indonesia.



Began in 1992 in California, the United States and comfortable leisure, sports brand to men’s tooling boots started, the popular footwear brand SKECHERS (SKECHERS) from Southern California slang, meaning “impatient young men” she represents the pursuit of fashion, flamboyant younger. SKECHERS design, development and marketing of more than 3000 kinds of styles of men’s, women’s, children’s shoes, as well as several other brand products to meet the different age groups, different regions people’s needs. Has now developed into motor function, leisure shoes as the core brand, but also become one of the world’s most popular footwear brands. Cage was born in 1992, is now second only to Nike in the US market is the second largest footwear brands.





Well-known brand of casual footwear, production of leisure leather shoes, leather shoes and leather products mainly engaged in research and development / production / retail and distribution business KANGLONG (Kang Long) is the leading brand of casual footwear brand, established since 2001 , has been deep plowing in the field of leisure shoes, uphold the “stylish, simple, casual, comfortable, environmentally friendly” concept, focusing on simple and stylish original design, emphasizing the shock absorption decompression and light, soft and breathable, to provide consumers with original, fashion , cost-effective product features. Zhejiang Aokang Shoes Co., Ltd. is China’s leading shoe brand operators and retailers, after 32 years of development, China has become one of the larger privately owned shoe company, brand value of 21.251 billion yuan. Aokang company in 2012. April 26 at the Shanghai Stock Exchange A shares officially listed on the main board. The company has established two research and development centers, three major manufacturing bases, with O’Connell, Hong Long two own-brand and brand in Greater China successfully acquired ownership of the famous Italian brand Wan Li Weide, forming a vertically integrated business model . 2015, Aokang in marketing, channel two-pronged approach, to join the first US fashion sports brand Skechers into the motion of the plates. The face of the rapid development of global economic integration, the company always adhere to the “centuries O’Connell, global brand,” the corporate vision and shoulder “to human progress” of the enterprise mission, adhering to the “integrity, innovation, people, harmony,” the core business values, on the road ahead, as the socio-economic development and prosperity and make new and greater contributions.


Clarks Clarks


Began in 1825, a century shoe-making family from England, an internationally renowned footwear brand, cutting-edge global non-sports footwear brand Clarks story began about 200 years ago, when Cyrus and James Clark made of sheepskin slippers corner. At that time it was groundbreaking; combined with the process of the invention has been the core of our work. And now, as always, we start with every pair of shoes with a hand-carved hornbeam shoe last, the quality of construction technology, modern materials and technology to help us provide a tailor-made specifically for the modern world of shoes. From the outset we have to think differently. And do things differently. From Cyrus (Cyrus) and James Clark (James Clark) slippers made in 1825 to the world’s first foot-shaped shoes; from the overall size of our children, half the size and scope of various widths to our new iPad feet regulation; buffer from the foot to the innovative prototyping and 3D printing, outstanding creativity that sets us apart. Leonardo da Vinci (Leonardo da Vinci) The human foot is described as “a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” In order that we can take better care of it than anyone else, we have studied them. From the cradle to old age. We have studied its development. We have conducted a careful review of its biomechanics, work, rest and play. We have studied keeping feet healthy and happy time required. What we have learned is that we can help you produce shoes. 22,000 in a variety of styles of Clarks our archives, inspired a revolution that defined a generation and has attracted the imagination of shoes. Like the iconic Clarks desert boots. In 1950 introduced by Nathan Clarke (Nathan Clark) design, its charm continues to this day. Here we are pioneering hybrid sports and leisure Nature, which appeared in the late 1980s, after re-define and re-design, born again; there Trigenic Flex, this is elaborate and innovative product, is a modern classic.




Italian well-known brand of casual shoes, a large Italian casual footwear manufacturer and retailer, with its “RESPIRA” (breathing) international patent technology sold worldwide Italy GEOX (Chinese trademark: Geox) in 1994 by Mr. MARIO MORETTI POLEGATO founder and found that “breathing shoes”, GEOX is taken from the Greek word “GEO”, which means the earth beneath; with an unknown “X” as a symbol of technology, meaning a combination of new technologies and new ideas. GEOX company also by virtue of its “RESPIRA” (breathing) international patent technology, the rapid growth of the GEOX Italian quality brand casual shoes, sold worldwide in 55 countries and regions. GEOX– shoes breathing, through its “breathable, perspiration, cold, water,” the new technology innovation, to solve the plastics and rubber sole bottom airtight waterproof leather and breathable waterproof bottom of the problem, advocacy: comfort and health coexist for consumers to bring a new concept of consumption!



Converse Converse

North America

Began in 1908, the famous American brand of canvas shoes, which in 1917 launched the All Star swept the world and become a fashion classic Converse canvas shoes was born in 1908, founded the Converse adhere to the brand since independence design, do not follow. Initially only the production of “rubber shoes”, but soon started doing tennis and basketball shoes. In 1917, All Star was born, and today has been the classic! In 1921, basketball player Chuck Taylor joined as a sales staff, he was a great success. 1930 Converse Chuck Taylor decided to name added to the shoes, in 1949, Converse launched the classic iconic black Chuck Taylor All Star, and quickly became the industry’s more popular with a basketball shoe, its design has not changed. In the 1970s, Converse Jack Purcell launched the product line. This is a classic shoes series, loved by the world public. Jack Purcell design weaken the movement functionality, focusing on its unique “open smile”, retro fashion sense and lifestyle, functional design. 70s in the last century created the Converse Star Chevron. Basketball legend DR.J wearing the shoes in 1976, it made a star. Has evolved, Star Chevron Star Arrow logo became Cons of a series of symbolic signs. This series is the star of shoes Star Player, CVO and Cons Weapon.


VANS Vance


American VF Corporation brand, born in 1966 in Southern California’s original extreme sports Tide brand, the world’s sports and leisure brands, extreme sports and youth culture of the United States on behalf of the brand well-known sports brand VANS, established in 1966, Anna Hai, California, USA Farm street. VANS use of traditional production methods of hardening (vulcanized sole) make shoes with a sturdy construction, up to now VANS also launched a number of color models, especially recently, new color men, are feeling especially good color, giving a VANS whirlwind of feeling. VANS has always been popular with young people in Japan and South Korea love, skateboarding, surfing, hip-hop, VANS will many fashion elements rolled into one. Vance VANS development 1966-1969: Paul Van Doren was founded Vans: Paul Van Doren and three partners founded with the Van Doren Rubber Company, factories and stores are located in Anaheim, 704 East Broadway, and in 3 May 16 officially opened, the plant was the old machines from a variety of simple to build up. Since 1900, played before construction, the United States only three produced vulcanized rubber soled shoes, Randy’s, Keds and Converse. And since then, with the Vans. Early Vans shoes only is a manufacturer and homegrown. 1970-1979: Vans patent large muffin grid at the end, Eriksson era of the late, Vans began to grip, abrasion resistance, shock resistance better shoes for street skateboarding development. Vans in the development process of the sole sole design engineer, accidentally discovered the vulcanization properties soles very “sticky board”, they often discuss and observe their movements and all kinds of players BMX and skateboard street players, gradual improvement, and finally developed Vans famous muffins grid leisure outsole ears. 1980-1989: explosive insanely popular, Fast Time at Ridgemont High (Taiwan translation Title: Open American universities) movie Sean Penn (Jeff Spicoli actor) also took a special segment for the close-up Slip-On, as hit movies, resulting Vans Slip on the nation’s pandemic. Paul Van Doren originally did not want to sell shoes outside California, but then he has no choice, because a movie was released, no matter where people want to get VANS Slip-On plaid series! Early 1980s, Vans crossover to other sports shoes, we try to embrace everything, in order to compete with other sports footwear companies, from baseball, basketball, football … and even kickboxing to other sports shoes stunt, but quite another professional field. We finally began to pay for the wrong strategy, although the core of skateboarding shoes hot, but that does not balance the wrong decisions brought about by the debt burden, finally filed for bankruptcy protection.



Warrior Warrior



Founded in 1927, good to wear wear a cost-effective national brands, the road belongs to the Shanghai Huayi Group, specializes in all kinds of sports shoes and footwear product design, production and sales of modern industrial enterprise Shanghai Warrior Shoes Co., Ltd. is Shanghai Hua Yi (Group) company full investment in independent enterprise, specializing in the back of the card, all kinds of sports shoes and footwear product development, manufacturing and sales of products sold nationwide and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America dozens of countries and regions. Warrior Shoes was founded in 1927, now it has 90 years of history. “Warrior” trademark registered in 1935. Warrior Shoes based on “people-oriented, advocating campaign to promote health,” the concept of product development, technology and innovation as the core, while actively developing universal, popular sports and leisure footwear products, but also focus on research and development of cold bonding with high technological content professional sports shoes, outdoor fitness sports shoes, and strive to improve competitive sports and national fitness campaign to contribute to our country; also to brand management, technology management methods to expand the variety of portable injection casual shoes, boots, sandals and other products. In recent years, Warrior Shoes active and innovative ideas, adhere to the back of the sports brand positioning based on the overall theme of “classic, stylish, professional,” the connotation of the brand theme, to establish a “sports fashion, health, sports, professional sports’ (respectively for young, middle-aged professional and consumer groups) direction of the product mix, and constantly develop the back of the young and fashion products by various consumer groups welcome. Warrior Shoes seize the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and other centuries-old rare opportunity, and vigorously promote the national brand new fashion style; to seek a breakthrough transformation, innovation and development, and vigorously promote the brand strategy in the government backdrop, back in the development of popular footwear community’s concern and support, Warrior brand in the market influence, reached a record level better.


Camel Camel


Founded in 2000, a world-renowned outdoor sports and leisure brands, outdoor off-road brands, which are centralized in the outdoor functional experience, emphasize the combination of comfort and fashion, product coverage, sports, clothing, footwear, bags, etc. Camel camel was established in 2000, as a well-known enterprise in China’s shoes, with perfect brand marketing, R & D, design, manufacturing, distribution and retail capacity, has a huge retail distribution network and supply chain management system in China. As of December 31, 2020, more than 2,000 retail stores, covering more than 100 prefecture-level countries in China, more than 200 county-level cities. The cross-border business has started operating since 2018, and more than 2020 single items were raised in the foreigners of foreign e-commerce websites. The development and success of Camel camels are inseparable from the continuous improvement of product technology. From the military leather boots before one century to now outdoor sports equipment, Camel camels continue to pursue protection in raw materials, product design, production process High quality and diverse products supply. The Camel camel’s marketing strategy is based on the investigation of market-specific markets around the world, which has brought diversified domestic and international distribution channels. In China, Camel camel has more than 3,800 stores, brand counters, and product clusters.




Founded in 1998, a well-known casual shoe brand, the leisure shoe industry standard drafting unit, designed to produce leather high-grade casual shoes, known as the practical and fashionable casual shoes of Muslinsen in various high-tech design, is the domestic use of new high technology Fabrics and professional technologies are used in brands of shoes. Each shoe in Mulinsen is from the brand exclusive outstanding designer’s hand. They chase harmony, yearning for freedom, advocating nature, love life, pursuing health, absolute practical and comfort is the birth of each surpass The primary mission; plus Mulinsen will always be placed at the forefront of fashion and product philosophy. Therefore, every Woodlin’s wearer can feel a happiness that is natural. Founded in 1998, Muslinsen casual shoes, to build a Chinese casual shoe brand as a vision, adhering to the natural, sunshine, healthy, harmonious brand concept, with the feet of the shoes, the harmonious design and exquisite craftsmanship, for consumers A natural walking experience for a healthy and comfortable natural walking. Woodlinsen has established a strict quality assurance system. The product quality standards are strictly implemented QB / T1002-2005 leather shoes standards, QB / T22756-2008 leisure shoes standards and QB / T2955-2008 casual shoes standards, products are produced by production, process Test and final product test. Casual shoe industry standard QB / T2955-2008, participated in drafting by Muslinsen, has been implemented by the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China. At present, the Mulinsen Group has the right to forty-five-class trademark use rights, the industries such as Wulinsen outdoor products, and Muslin, the construction of the Group Industrial Park is also fully launched, and the sails of international business model have already raised. Future Woodlinsen will continue to learn from the essence of Chinese culture, adhere to the concept of natural leisure brands, play the brand potential, and create a century-old shop.


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