Xinjiang farmers have specially developed hoist engraving for 20 years, and selling 20,000 yuan, but no one is willing to inherit.


Gourd, in my country’s planting history, in addition to edible, medicinal, and old age, can also be used as a scenarher.The gourd sound is near “Fulu”, and the Chinese usually treat it as a mascot.For the sake of beauty, carved in the hoist, slowly formed a gourd engraving art.

65 years old, for many people, have reached the age of the year. However, this 65-year-old uncle relieves his hobby and persistent efforts, in his later years, a gourd carving world belonging to him in his later years. Ai Zi · Buy, a general old man in Akosha Yas County, Xinjiang, who did not pass professional art and carving training, from the initial exploration, gradually skilled, and finally became a master of local gourd engraving. It is called “Hulu King”. The trip to the Xinjiang Aksu, fortunate to shoot and interview this old man with legendary colors.

Xinjiang is one of the original origins of gourd, the hoist carving has a long history. The gourd carving master we are looking for in this trip lives in Shaya County. Walking into Aizi · Buy the home, a neat and comfortable farmhouse makes me bright. The master’s studio is on the left side of the yard, and there are some works he completed in the near future.


Ai Zi · Buy the old man is looking forward to the class, I am busy with his creation, seeing our arrival, passionately waiting for our interview. The old man is 65 years old this year, although there is no professional learning painting, but I like art from a small. When you are young, you can paint a movie poster in the cinema, draw a poster in the unit, and later retired early because of the physical reasons.


For the love of gourd carving art, holding a month 4000 yuan retirement pay, still constantly exploring, learning, and practicing research. On the basis of inheriting older generation of engraving skills, he continuous innovation, let Xinjiang’s gourd carving art have developed, especially in color matching, there is a unique appearance.

Place some tools on the engraving table, which is the tools needed to engrave the hoist. These tools have wood roots, and some are waste plastic parts, and some are designed according to hand. Although the shape is somewhat strange, the old man is very easy.


After more than 20 years of continuous efforts, it has now become a famous gourd carving master. His work has also been one of the current few dollars, and sells now 500-800 yuan, a little work can even sell about 3,000. Many of the guests come from all over the world, and specialized to buy the gourd he created. Some people also take the pattern they need to engrave him.

The hoists used in these engraves are all the acquisitions of local farmers, the price is about 100, which is a considerable income for local farmers. Ordinary production a gourd a week, it is said that the longest a half a year, belongs to the boutique, and some people have 20,000, but the uncle did not sell.


In 2008, in order to welcome the Beijing Olympics, the grandfather specially made 56 gourds, representing 56 national unity of China to commemorate this event. The Shaya County Government also issued a banner to Aizi · Buy Buy. Say this banner, uncle has a full pride.


With the growth of years, the elderly want to pass the art to more young people, but it seems that no one is willing to learn this. The grandfather said: “The carving gourd is a day. Many people don’t take the butt pain, I have no persistence.” More the reason is that the cereal gourd is too boring. In order to inherit, Grandpa is hard to learn his brother and son, and hope they can stick to it. About the author: Cold and a leaf (photographer, travel home, self-media).


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