How many baby’s toys are collapsed? This is equivalent to allowing you to get more about 20 square meters.

First make a small test, look at the following to the habits of your home, your family is tie:


● It is clear that the child is arranged in a game room, but the toy is still a bit everywhere.

● The child is happy and tired, and the home toy is one piece, with the same type of toy more than 3.

● The home is too small, and the toy storage box does not know where to put it.

● Various accessories of the toy often cannot be found.

● It is necessary to have a large scale every few days.

If you account for any of the above two, your home toy accommodation really needs to change the new method.

Parents often have a misunderstanding, thinking to buy a storage box, and then put things neatly in place. But this full-point storage box storage method is available in the child’s toy storage.


Every time the child is playing with a toy, it is necessary to turn the box, and the parents have just packed a frame, TA has ruined another situation, making people tired. in addition,

The home toy storage box is large and small, which is neither aesthetic and space!

How do you arrange your child’s toy storage area? Parents can try these methods:

● Toy classification, the size, size, and quantity of the toy to the heart;

● Find a suitable area as a child’s play area and toy storage area (convenient concentration);

● Concentrate storage, purchase multi-storey, open solid color or transparent storage box, large and medium, two dimensions, generally 3-4 layers are sufficient;

● According to the previous classification, the label on the storage box is posted (convenient for parents, the child can understand);

● According to the height and habits of the child, place the hidden toys in children to take the area and position;

● Set up a rule, guide your child only to play with a toy every time, you can put back to the original toy, but you can’t play several pieces (help children accommodate and concentrate).

The above methods help to increase space utilization and efficiency of storage, but,

When your child’s toys are too much, some storage artifacts that are both provincial space and peaceful.

Sealing bag, sealed can


: Suitable for easy to lose parts, pile, pile, blocks, etc. very easy to lose parts.

Put the toys and parts into the sealed bag or seal, you can lose in the big storage box.

Whether it is storage or use, it is very convenient. This little habit can avoid the trouble of finding various toy accessories.

Lego storage bag

: When there is a carpet, there is a rug, and it can be properly collected, so that it is super convenient to plug in the cabinet or the storage room, it is a lazy welfare.


If you can’t buy it, you can DIY, you can do it, very simple.

Plush storage bag

: Many people have various plush dolls, super accounted for places! You can buy a tandem storage bag to hang in the door, easy to take, do not take space, will not affect the neat and beautiful home.


Sofa set


: When the child’s plush toys can not solve it with the storage bag, a sofa set can solve this big problem. Not only is the child, there is a Pandora sofa, but the family is also refreshed.

Wall storage bag


: I bought some wall-shaped storage bags with a sense of modeling, and there is no space in the corner and very space.


As long as the parents are slightly guided, they don’t have to urge the toys will not be urged.

When complaining about the children’s toys, parents are also responsible.

Children like new and old are very normal, parents can be based on children’s character, characteristics, think about some targeted small ways

For example: buy less, buy fine, put each toy, do it, develop new gameplay; hide some of the toys, take it out for a while, let the toy “loop”, keep your fresh feelings etc.

But if the toys in the family have become a burden, there is only one way – break.

Regularly breakage, old, old, frequent use, not in line with children’s age, say goodbye

Some newer toys can transfer others after disinfection, or donate to poor mountains.

Said that such a small way of doing so many toys, the most important thing is to learn how to control yourself,

Don’t give your child a spoiled, you can buy the psychology, which will only harm the child, bitter.


Mothers still have a small trick, and share it with everyone.




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