Equipment | These wind-running electronic products, you don’t have anyone else

Just like the contemporary people can’t leave the mobile phone, the runner also can’t allow electronic products, some people, maybe it is not possible to run the electronic product.

In addition to running shoes, you bought the first running electronics products? What is your most common running e-equipment?


The smart wear equipment has been continuously raised, and people have monitored health and motion in high-tech products. The current runner, the pursuit of running professionalism has become increasingly high, record each running data, and analyze each step of sports efficiency.

The watch can be placed in the first queue of running electronics.

Because of the diversity of functions, measurement of heart rate, measuring blood, and the effect and function of a sports watch will no longer just look at the time.

2021, the most popular sports watch


Gao Chi Coros PACE 2.

The product force of itself plus Kapu Gege, even led to breaking.

The price of 1499, the weight, accurate data, complete function, but also bike, in its official store has accumulated 3853, and the runner is called “King of Value Price”. In particular, the starting playground mode can be said to be fully considering the needs of the runner.

Coros PACE 2 also has become a number of sports sports watches,

The data management and training system that seems not enough before, after the brand released TrainingHub, it also got a wave of praise.

Although it has not been updated in three years, listed in 2019


Garmin 245

It is still a common sports watch for many runners. Changing a watch means replacing an app to store data, but the data between many software cannot be interoperable. But many runners have difficult to change the habit that has long been kept, Garmin 245 is still a hot watch equipment on the training ground.

However, it is reported that this year, the product upgrade is very strong, and wait and see. In the past period, many runners gave up Jiaming transfer to other brands, I don’t know if it will be touched by the factory.

On the other hand, the technology industry has entered the sports watch ranks. Huawei GT series has long launched a well-known, Xiaomi’s business acquisition of Suunto, sports watches market competition is getting bigger and bigger. I believe that there are still runners still use Apple Watch!

Who is you optimistic about your future?

For those who like to listen to songs,


There is no music when running, just like the running shoes in the foot lose the rebound.

Remember the time when I need to pull the line in my hand? At that time, many people also bought an arm to secure mobile phones and headphone cables. With more and more choices on the wireless headset market, it is hard to see someone running with a wired headset.

Apple Airpod is still occupying the sports headphones in the middle of the river. The connection is stable, and the light is not easy to fall off, no matter whether it is still in life, you can enjoy music. The beats of the same door, their own sports genes are also the choice of many runners.

For sports safety, the 传 耳 耳 选择 选择 选择 选择 选择 选择 越 选择 选择 选择 选择 选择 选择 选择 选择 选择 选择 选择 选择It is only necessary to hang the headphones on the ear and pass through the medium such as the ears. Allows you to listen to music while running, you can hear the car and people on the street, and take care of music playback and sports. In addition, there is no need to completely plug in the ear and reduce swelling and soreness caused by long wearing.

There are many choices for the 传耳, the flagship model AS800 can be said to be very popular last year, stable, comfortable, durable, 28g, Bluetooth connection is stable, and the call is clear.


Perhaps, in the era of disappearing in the wired headset, the back of the headphones has become a new trend.

If you have already spent the initiator’s stage, the accumulation of running is enough, and it is no longer satisfied with the past achievements.

If you want advanced, there is a higher demand for running distance and training, and the requirements for measurement tools will be higher and higher.

Even the moving watches have been able to meet the data needs of most runners, but serious runners have never been fulfilled here. They pursue more scientific training methods to understand the heart rate changes at each exercise, and timely adjustment to achieve a healthier and efficient training effect.

Compared to sports watches, under high-intensity training mode,

The heart rate information monitored by the heart rate is more accurate and timely.

The heart rate is wearing it in the chest, which is because the cardiogram signal is the strongest, so the effect of data collection is also the best. In addition, the heart rate belt can also feed back the lactic acid threshold, pressure index, benefit index, and the like.

Which is the best heart rate belt in your heart? Garmin, Suunto heart rate or POLAR?

Telling so many training electronics, muscle recovery equipment, of course, also have.

The fascia gun is the primary choice for many athletes, easy to operate, prevent lactic acid accumulation, relax muscular soft tissue, eliminate muscle pressure, better recovery. Especially after high-intensity exercise, there is a very good relaxation of tight muscles.

In the past two years, many non-sports fitness enthusiasts use them as massage or even lose weight appliances. However, the fascia gun is not so fascinating, and it will have a risk of muscle injury. Since being sought after, the fascia gun market began to have a mixed situation, and all kinds of net red fascia guns endless, the price ranges from hundreds to thousands or even tens of thousands.

Open a treasure to buy a fascia gun, you can’t get started for a while. It is recommended that you still have to choose carefully, and you will look for professional sports rehabilitation brands.

Compared to the speedometer, heart rate value, there is a more intentional number, it is weight.


Some people practice one day, some people say two days.

I believe that many people want to lose weight through running, no matter how three kilometers is five kilometers, run a step is a little bit. At this time, even if it is a weak numerical change, it will make people nerve.

The early saying that I have to pull it after pulling it, I must have a second one second before the bed is sure to do accurate measurements. In view of the small in the morning weight, the general people will use the figures as their true weight, after all, the morning is relatively light.

And the weight is also impact on the score of the marathon. After all, the saying goes soon is almost 3 seconds, the more weighted, the more heavy!


Of course, today’s weight is no longer looking at the role of a few pounds, measuring the rate, muscle ratio, fat burning heart rate … What is the weight scale can’t be measured?

This year, who has no weight scale in the family?


VR, 5G, robot, technology development day and new month, human beings continue to show the power of wisdom. Then, will there be more convenient and advanced running products in the running exercise?

For example, there is no more convenient and accurate heart rate measurement method, whether the sports watch can be more simple, can the heart rate can save the tape of the Lee? Is it directly fixed to the chest?

For example,

Robot (Dog) coach,

With you, take you to complete the training plan, and monitor your motion status. What are you going to spend, a dog.

Or when the epidemic is not running outdoors, the manual “broken kettle boat treadmill” is manufactured into a 5D VR running room. It can be seen through VR visual in a small grid, and the home can go through the wish of the six horses. Run all over the world’s scenic spot, this is the real line run! Is it so doing it?

What other electronic products do you still need?



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