Appreciation | Small Snow: Cold River in the painting and calligraphy and flowing

Xue Yuanming

Today, Xiaoxue is the second spring in winter. The arrival of the small snow, means that the weather will get colder and colder, and the precipitation is getting increasing. On this holiday, there is also a custom of “winter gratia gothered, hurt in winter”.

In the painting, the South Songma Yuan’s “Hanjiang Dikiki” only used a few strokes to jump on the paper. In the history of calligraphy, the books of the Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties special love to write “snow”, and the Yuan Dynasty Zhao Mengfu, the Ming Dynasty, the text of the Ming, Zhu Yun, Dong Qichang, Wang Pets and others, Dong Qichang is particularly preferred, written repeatedly, Xiaoxi, Everything is all in the grass, every time you see new.

“Small snow” is here, and winter is really started. The wind is jeopardized, and the chill is gradually. “Small Snow” is coming, maybe I can’t see the snow, and if I don’t have contrary, or it is a light makeup. True snow scene, mostly a memory. Whenever this, it will rush. Dynasties have created a deep cultural accumulation.


(Pass) Tang Wang Wei “Jianggan Snow Volunte” (partial)

Wang Vigen, Wang Weibin, is called “Poems”. With the poetry Li Bai, the poetry saint Du Fu and the poetry Li He is the same level. “The Town of Dongpo” is said: “The poems of the taste, painting in the poem; seeing the paintings, there is poem in the painting.” The famous name is such as “The Different Loneless Tobacle, the Changhe River is full.” “Mingyue Songshou photo, Qingquan Stone on the stream.” Wang Wei’s painting is rare. The brushwork is relaxed in the “Jianggan Snow Map”, and the mountain stone is coming casually, the house is no longer complicated, although there is no color rendering, but the ink color is multi-level thick changes, and it creates an imagination space. Wang Wei used “Broken Machine” to simplify the simplification of the penny, quiet, long, near the poem. Poetry, Calligraphy and Music Rattuce Zhidu Zhizhi Wang Wei alone. Not alone, Wang Wei’s painting achievement is more in promoting the fundamental transformation of the painting function – most of the previous paintings have special objects, and objective requirements have restricted the subjective initiative of painters. Wang Wei’s creation is just to pay attention to painting itself. If you record your home, you will become a small-minded manner with a relaxed brushwork, black and white simple, and unpredictable clear artist is sought after. The connotation of the literati painting in Dong Qichang is all about Wang Wei, Zun Wang Wei is the ancestors of South Zong.


In view of this, innovators in the history of art are often multi-faceted. Now called “crossover”. “Cross-border” and “offside” have essentially different. The crossover is strong and strong, and the casual is talking. From this life, it can be seen that there is a slow process in “Poetry and Painting” Among this, there is Wang Wei’s credit. Maybe Wang Wei is unintentional, but the art height of “painting in poetry, pain in the poem”, absolutely helps the combination of poetry and reprint.

The integration of “Poetry and Painting” is the real turning point is Song Huizong and rice. Although Song Huizong was regarded as the emperor of “Adud Danqing’s non-love Jiangshan”, it is rumored that his contribution to the history of books and painting is huge. Works from Song Huizong, such as “Xianglong Stone Map” “Xuejiang Ren Tu” “Furong Jinji”, “Sketch Poultry Chart”, etc. ) And printing mature and supporting. Mi is a milestone in the history of literati. Mi Wei did not show the name of “Song Fourth” Chinese name, the reason is the problem of the reference department – the big draft of the Song Dynasty is too much. There are two famous “Su Yellow” in the Song Fang family. Can’t say that Su Huang is only a respectful person in the history of calligraphy, no three people. Although the poems of Miki have no effect in literary history, in fact, the level is well. “The” Shuixi Poetry “and” 帖 “” Double Wall “are the model of poetry. Starting from Mi, “Poetry and Painting” has been put on, and the representative character is Zhao Mengfu in the Yuan Dynasty.

Northern Song Dynasty, Cai Jing, “Xuejiang Ren, Tu”


Speaking of rice, there must be a very subtle “four” relationships, far more than “Cai” is Cai Jing or Cai Yu complex. Su Huang Shi’s relationship between iron does not have to repeat it, Mi芾zi is because he listens to Su Shi’s suggestion, it is to go to the room, and then the upper floor, the heart is also respectful. Su Shi and Cai Jing involve party congregation and is not a simple category of calligraphy. Interestingly, the relationship between Mi and Cai Jing is very good. Song Huizong Chongning Second Years (1103), Mi was promoted by Cai Jing as a Ph.D., a Ph.D. Later, Cai Jing and Mi, Cai Wen Mi: “What is the best in today’s calligraphy?” Mi Answer: “After Liu Dangshan in the late Tang Dynasty, you have to count you and your brother Cai Wei.” Cai Jing asked: “Second?” Mi said: “Of course it is me.” It seems that people have the relationship between people, it is really subtle.


Cai Jing is very talented, and it is known from the “Xuejiang River.” Song Huizong Zhao Wei “Xuejiang Rui Tu” is a landscape painting that depicts winter snow scenery, which makes the viewer movement. Cai Jing: “Chen Fu Guan Yuhua Xuejiang River, Water Water Waves, Heavens One Color. The mountains are jealous, the passengers are depressed. Drums in the middle, the flames. Xuejiang is ignorant. Everything is born in the world. When the gas is transported, it is cool. Listed, fly, fly away. Change is not part, don’t be poor. The emperor is in the pen, and the scenery is 4 o’clock. Within the picture, the gods and creation, etc. also. Grand View Geng Yichun, Taichun, Tai Shi Chu Guo Zhi Shi Chen Jingxin. “It can be seen that this volume is complete in the four-year (1110), Time Song Huizong is twenty-nine years old, it is already talented. Cai Jing’s title calligraphy, compared with rice, a single tone, but the word can be spy during the line.

Although Cai Jing is high, the character is not in the character, and the “four major traitors” have exacerbated his disgust to him. Some people have questioned based on the “books such as their”. Not to say “word like a person”? How can I see Cai Jing’s trece? In fact, it is not contradictory. Liu Xizhang “Artistic” Words: “Book, such as learning, such as it, if you wish, in the case, there is a person.” “People” is not just a good person, the product is also, including humanity. This is understood that it is still in line with.

Yuan Zhao Mengfu “Snow”


In the history of calligraphy, there are a lot of popular writing text. The most typical “Thousands of Characters” “Lanting sequence” “Heart” should be the first three representative themes, which is not a series of series. Just like “Thousands of Characters”, the true grass is full of multi-body, and it is aware. Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasty, the books of the book specially wrote “Snow”, with the Yuan Dynasty Zhao Mengfu, the Ming Dynasty Wen Ming, Wen Peng Father, Zhu Yun, Dong Qichang, Wang Par, the Yongxi and others in the Qing Dynasty.

Ming text masters “snow”


Ming Wen Pang Bao Book “Snow” album

I wish you a “snow”

Ming Wang pet “Snow” (partial)


Qing Cheng, Prince, Yongxi, “Snow”, Qian Swimming, “Silhouette”

Dong Qichang is particularly preferred, repeatedly written, Xiaoxiao, the line of travel, everything is new. The author of “Snow” is the Xie Huilian, the Southern Song, Xie An family, deeply appreciative, “Zhang Hua is born, can’t be easy.” Xie Huilai’s “Snow” wrote the most affectionate: “The age will be dressed, it is fainted. The cold wind, the clouds. Liang Wang is universal, swim in the rabger. It is a wine, life guest. Call Zou Sheng, Yan Yan叟. Assembly, the right of the guest. Russia is not zero, the snow is under snow “,” there is nothing to be snow, the Xuanyin Coal is not clean, the sun is not solid. My name, the festival, I am, with the clouds, from the wind, the value of the material, the place of the class. Su is convinced, and the stain is dyed. How is it? “Snow from the literati The aesthetic field of view, constantly derived an endless wonderful metaphor and deep macro high symbolic meaning. As an image of snow, it is a method of creating a common practice in classical literature. Speaking of the essence, the essence of ancient books is the literati, poetry, no family, set with a famous saying, “The literati is not a calligraphy, but the calligrapist natural is the literary.”

Ming Dongqiao Quandu “snow” row hand volume (local)

Ming Dong Qichang “Snow” travel album

Ming Dong Qichang Xiaoxiao “Snow” album


“Poetry and Painting” is fully integrated after the Song Dynasty, in addition to the cultural genes, such as “Qin Chess”, and finally become a cultural symbol, and the life of a cultural symbol. And aesthetic pursuit. In order to change an angle, there is no so-called “integration”, nor does it need to be combined, because “this is the same roots”, now emphasizing the “four absolute” of “Poetry and Painting”, but it is a professional creation form. And learn from the poem, Kung Fu is in the words, Kung Fu is in front, Kung Fu is in addition. In fact, “outside” is “in”, emphasizing the relationship between each other, paying attention to the spiritual essence of common spirit.


Southern Song Ma Yuan “Hanjiang Dikiki”


Southern Songma Yuan has a very simple style “cold river alone fishing map” is the “Jiang Xue” poem to write Tang Liu Zongyuan: “Thousands of mountain birds fly, and the people are trace. Lonely to Weng, the fishing river is cold. “Liu Shi is not a Tibetan poetry,” absolutely, destroyed, lonely, unique “four words, wrote the big sadness of life. The young people don’t know how to know, may not be able to completely appreciate this poem when they have been in a desperate situation, they are like 醍醐 醍醐. Life is lonely. Don’t expect others to read you. Really understand you, only yourself. If you don’t understand yourself, you can’t adapt to lonely, you can’t live this, you can’t live yourself. In the picture, Ma Yuan did not deliberately depicting Jiangshui, but only using a few strokes to outline the water and ripple, but people feel the river. There is a lot of clouds in the world, all the silence, the boy is cold, and the flour of boat is only fishing. The body curled up, and the cold-to-hand coldness directly penetrates. Minimal composition, large-scale blanks, is the highest realm in China’s painting. The pain is easy to draw. The Ma Yuanyuan “Hanjiang Dikiki” has always been the highest level of virtual realism.


Ming Daojin “Snow Night Visit”


Daojin is the founder of “Zhejiang”. The allusions involved in the “Snow Night Visit” are the story of “Shi Shuo Xinyu” in the Snow Night of the Eastern Dynasty, Wang Hui, and the story of visiting the boring friends. The author of the painting is clearly intentional. For thousands of years, “Huan Hao, the intention to return” has attracted many painters to send this, create a lot of different versions of “Snow Night Visit Map”, and flows through the world. Of course, this is not just a personal personality of Wang Xizhi, but a human character. The full painting composition is harmonious, the ink is dripping, the skill is long, the pen is thin, and the rhyme is vivid. The mountain peaks, the onion’s Songzhu is on the snowy, the house in Songzhu is still bright, and the ancient tree trees are dry, the branches are strong, or the moisture rendering, or light ink outline, rough changes . The cold night, the sky is more display, and a round of cousin is hung, adding a cold atmosphere of ice and snow. Cao Yuxi rushed on the gray, the water waves, the two flat boats were in parallel, the prince was in the cabin, leisurely. Although the pen ink is simple, the versatile character looks on the paper.


The sound of the painting, if you read with the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it is more refined.

Qing Director


Dong Wei has “Ice Treated” printed. The content is from Tang Liu Zongyuan, “Yumi”: “The Hand of the Ice and Snow, and the Critical Each”. “Ice and Snow” is generally referred to as “Snow”, a noble pure friendship, that is, “the hand of gentleman”. This is printed in the chapter, the right side of the residual and the entire left column, form a contrast. The four words are three-sized, and there is secret in the middle, and there is a dense. The shape of the shape and the sidebar, forming a number of red dots, increasing the taste change.


Qing Chen Yuzhong is a liver

Chen Yuzhong, one of Yiyi, one of the Six Dany of China, has a “肠 若”. The meaning of Critance, only can be promised, can not speak. Describe loyalty of the chivalrous spirit or the quiet artistic conception. The feature of the snow is “pure”, meaning similar to “Su Xin Ruo Xue”. This printing method is more special, and each word is longitudinal to suit the printing. There are more arcs in the shape, and more thin wires, particularly smooth, and form a strong contrast because red-faced faces.

Ming Su Xuanxuan flows back snow

The “Surabaya” Su Xuan has “Flow Wind and Snow” in the Ming Dynasty. From Cao Zhi, “Luo Shen Fu”: “It seems that if the cloud is blocked, if the wind is full, if the wind is full of snow.” Nancha Liangzhong Rong “Poetry” volume also has “Fan Shiqing Wan Tone, such as a flow of snow” sentence . Field means that it is described in the wind to float, cyclone, posture, and let people think. Su Xuan has a painting in the face, and it is a model of “less than a lot of”. Only this print is sufficient to lay the status of individuals in the history of genre. Take a cut with a knife, the scroll is turned around, the words are elegant, the shape is full and not stuffed, the red color of the strokes is contrast, and there is really a sense of snow.

The seal is engraved with a famous saying, and the principle of selecting text content with calligraphy creation. The number of words in the seal is relatively small, and it is more required for the amount of writing. Whether it is calligraphy or engraving, if only the technique is left, there is no connotation and artistic conception when there is no technique.


The snow scenes of the past have been continuing in the hands of literati. Ming Dynasty, Jiangnan Wumen, is an economic development center. It is also a place in the master of painting and calligraphy. The snow scenes of the masters, each sees a thousand autumn.

Ming Tang Yu “Chai Mun Snow Map”

“Chaimen cover the snow map” is a boutique in Tang Bohu’s water painting. The painted winter season, the cold is frozen, and the snow covers the mountains. Snow Mountain is majestic, magnificent. There are several mountains in the mountains, one of the pubs, plug-in, hosted in the wind. After the pub, there is a boat, a woo, a fisherman hides the wind in the boat. There is no one in the middle door. The mountain peaks are straight to insert the clouds, and the mountain behind the snow is very quiet, on the mountain road in the distance, there is a jouited travel to the snow. Perhaps he is attracted to the wine that is floated by the front restaurant, perhaps to visit friends in the mountains. The Hermits of the Mountain are reading, and the incense burner figurines are scattered in the air, and everything is quiet and serene in the winter of the snow. The characters are unified and the scenery is unified. Word topic: “Chaimen deep covers the ocean, the burrows are cooked. The most poet is stable, and the text is inserted.” Maybe this “hermit” is Tang Zhen himself.


Ming Text Mingming “Wanlin Qing Snow Map”

Textunnly lifetime clothing Confucianism, pursuing warm style, highlighting delicate, showing, elegant, implicit style. The landscape painting of the text has two styles of “thick text” and “filing”, and the “filing” landscape painting. “Warlin Qing Snow Map” makes Jiajing Xin, the winter October, and the time is 62 years old, and the skill has been great. The highlight of this painting is that there is a poem of his husband: “Xiangyan hangs in the silver, and the mountains will open the jade screen. Taoist takes the high school, the mysterious tour is invisible. Vientiane hide the ancient, the alone can be self-blue. Due to the cloud, Who knows less MSI. “The full painting composition is in the high-level law, the shadow is extremely complicated, and it is light and fine. Like his fine landscape painting, attach importance to the rigorous portrait of mountains, trees, housing, etc., the foundation is ingenious, and the mood is far away, and the snow scene of the mountains will express their lonely. The spiritual realm. Although I painted a high mountain snow environment, the cliff moisturizing, the trees were comfortable, and the warm and tranquil atmosphere. It is not difficult to see that the snow scene of the snow, painting and calligraphy, and the convergence of the brothers, painting and calligraphy, and the seal are emphasized.


Minglai “Wan Mountain Snow Diagram”

“Wanshan Snow Down” is the mature period after the age of 50, and the pen will be strong and smooth. The whole painting is based on the ink, and the mountain is mainly, with shallow 磦 磦 and the light stone, the main trees, the main trees, and write the first winter. This painting is the “Wu Pile”, “Wu Pile”, “the left and right piles”, the stone is piled up in the left, and then the left is to the top of the upper right, until the peak is completed, closer, climax The mountain trees are clear, the movement has always been in the sky, and there is a bridge character, the gallery of the gallery, Shu Yin Gao Ting, the pond smog, the water stone is very complementary, and the forest hun is open. On the wooden bridge, it is tribute to the thick clothes, and the travel and travel, the viewer has the feeling of cold stroke.

Ming Shen Zhou “Bridge Wind Snow Map”


Shen Zhou “Bridge Wind Snow Map” brush in gentle and beautiful, pens, landscams, and generous, it is Shen Zhou’s “rough” masterpiece. Textual Mingming as Shen Zhou’s disciples, inherited this. “Bridge Wind Snow” is one of the ancient Changan eight scenes. Ancient poets have more written. Shen Zhou is ancient people. The calm River water is slowly slowed from the distance. On the top platform of the river, a few thin cold trees were standing, and the branches were jitter in the cold air. Jumei is a river, the gully is depressed, the mountain stone is stacked, and the far peak is standing like screen. Winter tree in the mountains, winter trees are planted. The whole mountain stone is white and snowy. The sky is cold, Jiang Shui Co-Bi, Xiaoer is cold. Model: “If you return to the snow, the bridge is picking up the poem. Posted the golden account Liangke, this taste never knows.” Shen Zhou Xin is a class, and the “Zhumen wine with Duty”, The road is frozen. “It means.

Modern Qi white stone carving once

Coincidentally, Qi Baishi has a “Once Bridge Wind and Snow”, in order to commemorate Xi’an row. In 1902, Qi Baishi should be invited by friends and Xia Shoutian, went to Xi’an to play for three months. The “Bridge Wind Snow Map” has questioned poems: “He is in the back of Chang’an Road, the snow is cold and cold.” Obviously mimic Shen Zhou’s meaning. It feels not addictive, and the stone chapter “I once bridged the snow” is commemorating. This print is rushing to the big knife, the momentum is strong, and it is like a fast sword, spicy spicy. The chapter is red and innocent, and the upper three horizontal red faces are closed, so that the breath is empty.

“Once ××” and “Jun did not see” and other sentences are common, the most famous sentence is “once the sea is difficult for water”, simplifies “once the sea”, Wu Jun, Deng Siwu and others have repeatedly engraved, if there is . Painting and calligraphy appreciation and collection, it is impossible to never be in the middle, just have it, usually, it will cover the seal of “I have an eye”, and I have a look.

Qing Zhao’s modest is now the cloud scattered snow


Zhao Zhiqian engraved the highlight of “Today is the cloud of the shackles of the snow” is the end of the side, if there is no, the effect is true. Ming and Qing Dynasties, the sidebar is used as part of the organic overall part of the seal to help the overall rhyme generation, Zhao Zhiqian is the first person. Although it is not a “once × ×” sentence, don’t see the meaning of bleak. You know, since Zhao Zhiqian admire, it has experienced a family bankruptcy, the livelihood is nothing, the imperial examination is not smooth, and the Journey, then it is in a chaos, his wife and women have resigned within January. The families have come, and the hits of Zhao Zhiqian are very big, and they engraved a series of seals. “Nowadays, they are now the clouds of the clouds, such as” grief “,” I want to be sad, I can’t have already “,” In the face of the fading of personal destiny, it is self-reliant.

Qing Shi Tao “Snow View Mountain Water Map”

Shi Tao also fed more than. Being an emperor, there is a royal blood, but when you can’t come. The Ming Dynasty was desivilion to personal physical and mind and life cause a certain blow. Psychological fluctuation changes in the work. “Snow View Mountain Water Title” is a stone’s twelve picture page. The sky is smeared with the ink, and the ink is infiltrated, the mountains are white and snow, using the “black crowned white” technique, with a wealth of ink, ink, ink, white powder, is not traditional, the white powder in the traditional technique, thus in aesthetics It has produced essential visual differences, reaching the blend of water between black and white, and the aesthetic enjoyment of heroes. Forest tree leaf tones, written in the yin and yang, in the point in the mouth, mix, mix, grass writing, brushwork, brush, the writing means thick, the gas vessel, looks at the chest, eighted Resulting. There is long section: “Mr. Stone is clear, and the summit is the wind. Wanli Hong Tao washes the chest, the ice and snow grinding.卮, purple laughs against Meihua house. When the flying flying is constant, the frozen wave is full of cold. I want to sweep the text, but I am a high-tech temple. “The component of calligraphy is very heavy, and one is integrated. Shi Tao spent a lifetime between clearing and unhappy lonely, so he was smart, and cleverned all contradictions into the painting, so his work is in full swing, flashing, full of dynamic With tension, this is also the gains of his different people, and the reason why his work presents a generous feature.

Qing Wu Junjun Snow Mud Claw

Although life will face all kinds of misfortunes, we must work hard, and there must be a lot of people. Even if Zhao Zhiqian, after Wan Ming, he still saved the “Special Reporting State” in the heart, and there was “life in the state”, “the man is not angry”, “male is not famous is old”. For painters, leaving the largest number of works, don’t walk around, “geese, the name, people have a name”. Wu let the “Snow Mud, Claw” have this. The content of the copy is from Su Shi “and the child is nostalgic”: “What is your life? It should like to fly into the snow mud.” For the painter’s print, the work is the best pin, and the best memory. Wu Jun’s styles have achieved flat-middle, and is the truly “book-in-print” model. The printed process is great, and the details need to be careful is the beauty of the arc, and there is still a certain drum in each of them, so that the print is getting up, meaning deep.

Qing Yi Bingzhen Shen Shen Xiaoxue


Qing Yi Bingzi

Qing Yibing, Lin Yan, Zhenqing, “Datang Zhongxing” Gengshen Snow

I Bingzi has three works of “small snow” in different years. According to the time, the time has been in the Geng Shen (1800), the berde (1804) is small snow. Two books of books. Lin Yan Zhenqing “Datang Zhongxing”, there are several fonts, it is rare, not “miscellaneous” match, but gradually change, starting is a rigorous script, and then is a book, and finally the grass book, the word is also a book . This kind of writing, no second person! It is especially visible. The big words “Phoenix is ​​not moving, the warrior is not appreciated” is also a kind of “糅”, such as two “not” words a line of grass, “” is close to the “Touch” word is grass, the word “” Shen “two words, one grass, there is a strong contrast, very harmonious. From this Lishu, I Bingyi is worthy of the master’s hand, it is very “modern sense.” There is a junior in Lishu, the most typical “can” word hook. The book has “意” originally “big taboos”, but it has achieved “old”. The contrast of the book and the booklet will also be unexpected, local “secret” and overall “sparse”, with vivid “form”. This is the real “meaningful form”! In the final analysis, “form” must have connotation support.

Modern Wu Changshuo goes to the banner, Jia Shen Xiaoxue

Wu Changshuo has two books banner works, one is the 40-year-old “thinking”, the payment: “Guangxu Jia Shen Xia Xue, Anji Wu Junzhen Yu Wu Shi Tieji Mountain Hall.” 书 is still exploring the process , The word will see the Wei Tu Charm. First, the 77-year-old book “Both Shou Yongkang”, the word “Geng Shen Xiaoxue Festival, even the brick text, and the penny is owed, and it is also.” This old-age work and Yi Bingzhen’s Lin Yanzhen “Datang Zhongxing “颂”, 120 years. The old style has been formed, but it is still unsatisfactory. It can be seen that the master’s heart.


Modern Wu Changshuo Banner, Geng Shen Xiaoxue


Modern Wu Changshuo, Xiyutian


Wu Changshuo also has two parties seals. Jia Shen Xiaoxue is “Xi’an Yiguan”, time and “to think” in the same year. It can clearly feel that the wind is more familiar with the book. Wu Changshuo’s word is seventeen years old to enter the calm situation, and the seal is four-year-old. Edge: “Jia Shen Xia Xue first five days, for the mission of the mission to the Tria, when the same passengers Wu Ji. Cangshi Wu Jilui four squares in Liu Lane.” At that time, there were “Hai Yushu” said that Wu Changshuo claimed to Print, high-spirited self-defeating, Korean people 翊 为. Wu Changshuo called himself “丐”, grounding, eating hundred rice, one hand of art. The master’s mind can be touched. In the eyes of the future, Wu Changshuo is a generation of masters, must be ahead of the front, and the day is gold. In fact, this is in the case of the situation. The real scene is not the case. Read this print, not only think of “A Shen 300 Years Festival”. “A Shennian” is a special year. In 1644, Li Zicheng entered Beijing. The four years of Daoguang (1824) is also the year of the year, and the time has been more than ten years, and the Chinese society has historical turning points. “Tianzhu Palace” is a 83-year-old work. The previous year, the side of the year: “The law is strict, the cool is the stone carving. When the old fighters, when the small snow festival, the is frozen.” The style is very spicy, for a typical stone drum style. This imprint is that the father and son are completed, Wu Changshuo, and the son Wu Han Dynasty.

Modern Wu Changshu Shuji Tibet, Snow Snow


Ding Dingyan is not idle in Xiaoxue, there are two pieces of work. One is the small snow “E Hoon”. “Ehouki Fang Ding” style is near “wall”. Ding Ding said, using a long pen, especially the executive, the top painting exaggerated, so that the center of gravity is moved, exaggerated, and self-propelled. One is BESUT III Snow to “Qin Quan Edition”. The edition is more than a square pen, and the small 小 is more interesting, because it is more interesting. Ding joined the circulation in Linyi. This round is a “round” of the geometry, so there is “welding” means that the shape is similar and nunish, it is not easy. Two pieces are in one breath, indicating that the author’s golden stone word is very deep. At the same time, it also proved that there is no boundaries between this creation, it is not a gap, only smoothly transforming, and can improve.


Modern Diledo War of “E Houqi Fang Ding” (also known “Wang Nan Zheng Ding”), Bishi Snow

Modern Ding Ding Wuyi Lin Qin “版”, Biki Snow

Every year, it will usher in the same soil, although the triump is started, but the experience is every different, there is an infinite charm of cultural customs. “If life is just like the beginning, what is the autumn wind, sadness.” This is the classic verse of the Qing Dynasty Nalan ‘s. If the person’s life is only in the beautiful thing in the initial encounter, how happy it is! Different rods of dazzling classics, often read often new, you can experience this “sense of first see”. People’s life, destined to be done by the years, and ultimately must understand the shortcomings of life, find the harbor of the soul. I have never forgotten that it is like water. Whether it is beautiful or unbearable, I will eventually stay with us, maybe it is a clean flashlight, a neon, or the heart is like a snow, a good book. Calligraphers can walk gently in their own world. Those characters and pictures, like angel, flies in the mind. I am happy to write a happy, sad, write a sadness. In the ocean of the text, a hand fireworks, a handywood. In the society of utilitarian, art can make people stay away from utilitarian. Don’t let the art themselves infected with too much utilitarian, just like the first snow is as white and clear.

Editor in charge: Li Mei


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