I just want to wear warm? Learn about Liu Wen’s favorite down jacket

On Sunday, collected autumn and winter skirts, and the result of more readers called:


Mother-in-law, we need a down jacket! It’s time to buy.

Ok, but before choosing a down jacket, another style is very like dressing?


Similar to Hermes This year’s autumn and winter quilted jacket (QUILTED COAT, “” words “Hang”), the surface seams a lot of small lattice.


Many people including mother-in-law, the first eye is resistant. Very like cotton clothes!

But the fashionable people are very love to wear, and they don’t look good.

This winter needs to know more about it, because many brands do not cover their love!

The following figure comes from A.P.c., Paris family and Msgm this fall.

In order to make it look a little cool, the big name can not have a brain.

Balmain and Arthur Arsser’s quilting jacket flashing with holographic gradient.

The quilting of MSGM and Peter Pilotto is a half-half of this year.


Carven and Derek Lam this fall, then put the quilting and other fabrics together, and it is also painful.

In short, the liner in the eyes seems to have a counterpart, but it can be tossing!


It is still another classic grit.

So what kind of quilted clothes are you doing, can you not be like liner?


1, the coat is selected for a short bit. (The picture below is from Barbara Bui next year.)

The long quilting jacket is very warm, but the fashion week street shooting looks, how to match, the effect is limited.

It feels that this little sister is on the right, freezing, there is no way to wear.


It is better like the blogger Yoyo Cao and the stylist Nicole Walker, choose a short bit, just passing your ass.


The lower body has a space that is looped.


Or a shorter, come to a short jacket just over the waist.

Similar to Chanel and Hermes this fall in autumn and winter, let the liner jacket become more spiritual.

The beaver and Dili hotbat cross the quilted pilot jacket, the lower body highlights the thin leg legs, very suitable for young people.

Middle-aged women like mother-in-law, I prefer Tibi’s suit models such as this fall, or PETER PILOTTO’s pajamas.


Slim and casual, hidden.


This year’s autumn and winter fashion week, the red-haired sister Taylor Tomasi Hill This GUCCI early spring jacket is very good.


Suits in the suit, the wind is very angry, just a set.

2, the color is selected fresh.

The most common in the quilting jacket is the military green, and hundreds of dirty, very compliant, and the simple requirement.

From SEA, Ganni to Altuzarra, each brand is still studying the splinter of the military green quilting jacket, and strives to make it more trendy.

I think the effect is general.


As for the trendy sisters in the streets of the Fashion Week, they prefer a variety of brightly eye-catching warm colored jackets.

Like a small sun, he is emitted, wearing the autumn and winter haze.

But my mother-in-law is not very like.


Quilted is easy to look, too lively color is difficult to wear temperament, GIGI can’t save.


Quilted extensions should look good, you must stay away from winter down jacket.

Is it good to choose some fresh summer?

In the last two seasons, Moschino, Marta Jakubowski and Balmain have various Makaron, which is not asking!


Laura Biagiotti, JIL Sander and Escada launched a white quilted jacket.

The clear color is fitted with the whole body white shape.

Really, the whole body is too good to make it.

Look at Jil Sander Early Spring next year, simply like a sea salt caramel cookie that is going to evil, like it.


The front context should be short, the color is light, and we can also come to innovate on the style –

3, come to a quilted half skirt.

The model of the proportion of the sky, I like to put the inner bile into mini skirt.


From Jordan Dunn, Chanel Iman saw Anja Rubik, the skirt is getting shorter and shorter.


The lower body is not too fat, I think it can be tried in autumn and winter, replacing ordinary short skirts into black quilted models.

As for the light leg of Diletta Bonaiuti, the Bella Hadid’s black silk and Leandra Medine’s stocking, completely watching temperature conversion.

If you want to look more this year, then abandon the short skirt, come to a quilted half skirt to the knee length.

The following image is from Pyer Moss next spring and summer series.


Because this length of quilted pencil skirt, special fire on T stage this fall!


Like Tibi and Derek LAM, the texture is also thin.


Off-White and Prabal Gurung This year’s quilted pencil skirts this fall, then self-contained wrapping / open details.

Look at the roadside, there is a little leg, more beautiful ~

No matter what you want to open, the quilted half skirt needs to choose a personal style.


Otherwise, it is easy to become the model of Antonio Marras and Dion Lee, and wear a cotton quilt!


In addition to the quilted half skirt, the mother-in-law also recommends a high-ranking sister to a quilted trousers.

For (slight energy), it is best to choose black.


Then like Karlie Kloss, the Frame this fall is the same as a black high collar, and complete the whole black.

The T stage is compared, regardless of your color, what color is there.

Chanel, Colovos and Balmain this model of autumn and winter put it on, one by one, I have to hand in pants, I feel sad.

Among them, Chanel’s pants, Liu Wen is wearing T Magazine, September this year.


Gloves used to 心 from his family early autumn.

The big cousin is really love, Chanel has quilted last year, she wore a set of red carpet.


Maybe it is to express: everyone is still scattered, this dress I can wear!


Oops, I encouraged everyone to wear liner, why did I finally feel it …


You can still try it! This warmth is needed in winter. (I like this picture of this early spring next year.)


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