The garbage is scared to shake? Don’t worry, these 6 home classification trash cans understand

Shanghai garbage sort is said that the people of the whole country have shake, fines, and the credit, etc. If you want to do a good job in garbage classification, you will not classify the trash can. Today, I recommend several trash cans specifically for garbage classification, buy home, not afraid of being fined!


Stainless steel pedal belt three barrels


First, the stainless steel quality, strong and durable; second, three barrels classified, and clear, don’t worry about wrong rubbish; finally, with a trash can, isolate the smell and air, not easy to breed bacteria, it looks also beautiful.

Plastic hand-type double bucket

Plastic material, easy to use. Two buckets use a portable design, independent handle, and easy to make the garbage classification more convenient.

Double classification trash can

Double-layer design, flat design, can be placed at furniture gaps, more space. The upper partition design, facilitates classification, the compass mount fixed bag prevention of pouring; the lower compass design, preventing the bag slipping. There is also a linked on both sides, and the garbage can be divided into four categories.


Intelligent four districts trash can


Smart trash can, waving in the induction area can both induce openings, reduce contact, clean and sanitary. The four districts are classified up and down to meet the needs of garbage classification. Humanized design, let you develop a good habit of environmentally friendly life.

Press the dry wet separation trash can

Time to classify trash cans, closed design, garbage, and easy to use, and it is convenient to accommodate garbage, so that the family has become well in order.

Plastic square trash can

A variety of colors are available, and different colors correspond to different garbage, which are both practical.


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