Wanguangming: Welcome to the party’s 20th promotion of Nanchang “a hub four center” construction

On January 22, 202, at the second meeting of the 16th People’s Congress of Nanchang City, the Mayor of Nanchang Municipal People’s Government reported to the General Assembly in the Nanchang Municipal People’s Government. Wan Guangming said that in 2022, Wan Guangming is the year of the party’s 20th National Congress. It is the implementation of strong provincial capital strategy, promoting the “one hub four center” (integrated transportation hub and regional celief center, financial center, advanced manufacturing and high quality service In the beginning of the construction center of the industry, Nanchang City fully maintains a harmonious and stable social overall situation, and resolutely stabilizes the basic market for economic development. Putting up the responsibility of the provincial capital, striving to make greater contributions to the wonderful Chinese chapter in a comprehensive construction of socialist modern Jiangxi, to meet the party’s 20th victory.

Wanguangming made a report of the Government Work Conference (Ma Yue shooting)

万广明:迎接党的二十大 推进南昌“一枢纽四中心”建设

Wan Guangming said that in 2022, the main expectations of the economic and social development of Nanchang City were: regional production value increased by more than 7%, and the local general public budget revenue increased by about 5%, and the increase in industrial added value above the scale increased by 8.5%. The asset investment increased by 8.5%. The total retail sales of social consumption increased by more than 10%. The actual use of foreign capital increased by 6.5%. The export value of the customs export value was stabulous. The per capita disposable income of urban residents increased by 7.5%, and the per capita disposable income of rural residents. Around an increase of 8%, the total level of residents’ consumption is controlled within 3%, and the energy-saving and emission reduction reduction is completed in the province’s issuance tasks.

The second meeting of the 16th People’s Congress of Nanchang City (Ma Yue shooting)

Wan Guangming said that in 2022, Wan Guangming is “big grasping year”, surrounding the above objectives, Nanchang City will focus on the following eight work:

万广明:迎接党的二十大 推进南昌“一枢纽四中心”建设

First, use innovative drivers to lead to improve Nanchang Science and Technology Support

Accelerate the construction of regional Science and Technology Center. Promote Poyang Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, the Kuangjiang Branch Kecons & Chom Corridor and Aviation Chemicals, TCM Chuangcheng, VR Kumecu City, China (Nanchang) Science Island Construction, Accelerating the Composite Semiconductor, Food Square, Airlines Field Provincial Laboratory. With the “Directional Entrusted” “Unveiled” (Note: The key core technical project is coming out, the hero is in the absence, who has the skills, no matter the qualification, no threshold, choose the election energy, only the effectiveness Features, etc., encourage and guide new R & D institutions that have been settled around the key core technologies around the key industries, and promote the deepening cooperation in Chang University and key industries to provide technical support for industrial transformation and enterprise innovation development. Highlight enterprise innovation main status, guiding large-scale industrial enterprises, high-tech enterprises and technology-based SMEs to establish research and development institutions, carry out annual income of more than 300 million yuan, industrial enterprise research and development institutions, all-covering attack, strive to invest 2.2% . In-depth implementation of “Science and Technology SMEs – High-tech Enterprises – Innovative Leading Enterprises”, and support a batch of “special new” “small giants” “invisible champion” enterprises.

Increase the introduction of talents. Implement a medium and long-term young development plan to accelerate the construction of youth development cities. Deepening China (Nanchang) Human Resources Service Industrial Park construction, carry out the “100-game school recruitment” activities in 2022, and attract 100,000 college students and skills to Chang Lichang entrepreneurship. Solidly promoting high-level science and technology innovation talent “Double Hundred Plan” (Note: From 2020, in 5 years, it is close to the four strategic emerging industries and traditional advantageous industries in Nanchang City, surrounding Nanchang New R & D institutions, science and technology research and development Platform, key enterprises, major projects, important projects and key technologies, facing the country (environment) and the provinces, introducing 100 (one) high-level science and technology innovation talents and teams; stocks to innovative talent resources, cultivate 100 (one) Can break through the key technical bottleneck, leading the existing high-level science and technology innovation talents and teams of industrial innovation and development. Selection of trees and cultivate “Hongcheng Story”, “Hongcheng Technician”. Continuously optimize the talent environment, focus on solving practical needs such as talent housing security, children’s enrollment, medical security, and constantly improve the various living facilities, let the majority of talents have more belongings, feelings and happiness.

Strengthen the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Use technology and financial combination of technology and finance in the “Hongcheng Lending”. Optimize China (Nanchang) Intellectual Property Protection Center operation mechanism, smooth electronic information, biomedicine, and automobile manufacturing three major industries patents to quickly review the green channel. Encourage market mechanisms to jointly formulate research and development platforms, technological innovation alliances, innovative consortiums, surrounding the industrial needs of Nanchang City, launching production and research docking activities, collaborating research and development and scientific and technological achievements transformation.

Second, fully promote optimization upgrade, enhance industrial core competitiveness

Accelerate the construction of advanced manufacturing agglomeration development centers. Focus on the “4 + 4 + X” industry system (Note: four strategic emerging pillar industries (automotive and new energy vehicles, electronic information, biomedicine, aviation equipment), four special features, traditional industries (green food, modern textile , New materials, electromechanical equipment manufacturing and a number of productive services, in accordance with the “One Originality Policy” idea to introduce industrial development policy measures, promote the dominant industry to do large-scale, improve level, and grow up. Accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries, effectively use the results of the world’s VR industry conference, promote the construction of Huaxin E-100 billion industrial park, accelerate the cultivation of mobile intelligent terminal industry clusters, accelerate the growth of semiconductor lighting industries, and promote the spread of electronic information industries; Promote the upgrade of China Shangfei Jiangxi Manufacturing Center to upgrade, promote the construction of projects such as Nanchang Aircraft Trading Center, cultivate aviation services such as aviation logistics, aviation maintenance, aviation research and development; enhance new energy automotive products competitiveness, expand new energy vehicles export, Strengthen new energy automobile promotion applications in public domains, promote the construction of components such as intelligent network automobile perception system, electronic integrated control unit; building China (Nanchang) Traditional Chinese Medicine Chuangchengjiang Chinese Medicine Valley Core District as a starting point, promote biomedicine The industry is high-end transformation to the value chain. Accelerate the traditional advantageous industry optimization and upgrading such as green food, modern spinning, new materials, and electromechanical equipment manufacturing, solidly promote “machine change” “equipment change core” “production change” project, promote digitalization, information technology reform upgrade, improve The added value of the industry has cultivated a batch of 100 billion, 100 billion industrial clusters.

Accelerate the construction center of high quality service industry agglomeration. Several policy measures to support the development of modern service industry. Accelerate the cultivation of the economy, green economy, platform economy, integrate the economy, share the economic, and flow economy and other new service economy. Promote the Bay Authority to create a national tourism demonstration zone and the national tourist resort, Donghu District, Xihu District, and New Area, create provincial-level national tourism demonstration zones. Integrate the characteristic cultural resources, create a “two-day tour” boutique cultural tour line.

Accelerate the construction regional financial center. Reliable in the financial business district of Honggutan, actively striving for policy measures to support Nanchang to build regional financial centers, striving for national financial reform test areas. Vigorously introduce the first-class investment, head funds and other institutions at home and abroad, encourage the company’s financial institutions to carry out financial innovations, focus on building a fully equipped financial service system such as guarantee, financing lease, supply chain finance, and strive to achieve the increase value of the city’s financial industry reached 70 billion Yuan, the new direct financing scale exceeded 110 billion yuan.

In-depth implementation of the digital economy “No. 1 Project”. Accelerate the development of future industries such as VR, 5G, artificial intelligence, sing “world-class VR centers” city brands, and speed up the creation of national-level VR manufacturing innovation centers. In-depth development of new infrastructure construction such as 5G network, solidly promote the construction of “5G + Smart Plant” project, promote digital upgrading and intelligent transformation of leading industries. Play the extension of the four digital economic development main positions of Honggutan District, High-tech Zone, Economic Development Zone and Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, and coordinate the Digital Economic Industry Park in Kowloon Avenue to create a digital economic demonstration zone in the province. Promote digital industrialization, accelerate the development of digital industries “two districts more than one garden” development pattern, accelerate the construction of national-level Internet backbone line projects, and accelerate the construction of national industrial Internet Big Data Center Jiangxi sub-center.

Third, promote the development of the reform and opening up, vigorously optimize the business environment

Promoting the reform of the key area. Deepen the “venting service” reform, accelerate the construction of digital government, and promote “one thing to do.”

Promote the internationalization of business environmental rule of law. Adhere to the optimized business environment as the “No. 1 Reform Project”, pay the standard international and domestic first-class level, and strive to build a national regional business environment benchmark city. Implement the market access “National Single” management mode, “unknown, non-ban, unbound”. Adhere to elements follow the project, focus on reducing the cost of enterprises, electricity, gas, logistics, funds, etc. Give full play to the guidance and help role of the government, cultivate the main body of the market, and strive to increase the total number of the city’s market in this year to over 25% year-on-year. Give full play to the role of the warning system after the incident, the new technology, new format, and new models are implemented. Establish and improve the service institution mechanism of SMEs, advocate the “mother-of-style service” of enterprises to grow, and promote more Hui Enterprise Policy to achieve “exemption” “Enjoy”. Play the role of the city’s non-public organizational rights service center, timely solve the practical difficulties and problems in the development of enterprises, so that private companies have gained and safely.

Create a new highland of the inland open economy. Grab the construction of the Jiangxi Inland Open Economic Test Area and striving for the major strategic opportunities of Jiangxi Safe Trade Zone, in the depth into the Yangtze River Delta, take the initiative to join hands in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, fully grasp the implementation of the Framework of the National Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement in Guangdong Province Falling; actively participating in the planning and construction of the mid-tour city of the Yangtze River, using the achievements of the urban session of the provincial capital of the Yangtze River, innovation cooperation, and strive to create an important growth of “middle triangles”. High standards promote the construction of Nanchang Land-Hong Kong-type national logistics hub, open the open channel, expand the scale of the China-European class and sea rail transport. Create a national important meeting destination, run a 2022 world VR · Yuancai Industrial Conference, 2022 China Aviation Industry Conference and Nanchang Flight Conference, etc. Continuous improvement of open levels.

Fourth, implementation and expanding domestic demand strategies, promote the smooth and healthy development of the economy

Carry out “Project General Assembly War”. Adhere to the “Project is king”, vigorously implement 580 major key projects, and annual planned investment of around 165 billion yuan. In terms of industrial, accelerate the promotion of Xinwangda Power Battery Production Base, Foxconn Intelligent Science and Technology Town, Virtue Medical Equipment Production Base, Mujia High Class General and Production Base and other major key projects. In the service industry, accelerate the promotion of Ping An International Financial Center, Poly Culture, Coichen Electric R & D Headquarters, Tianjiangyuan Paradise, etc. 130. In terms of agricultural and ecological construction, accelerate the promotion of the comprehensive rectification project of the troops and the “Fujiazhou Ecological Protection Project, the efficient facility agricultural demonstration base.” In terms of urban construction and management, accelerate the promotion of Ninelonghu municipal infrastructure project, the expansion of the Spring Waste incineration treatment facilities, and the large-scale waste crushing center, etc. The people’s livelihood and social undertakings have accelerated the promotion of the new campus, Xinnanchang Emergency Center, the New Nanchang Emergency Center, the Fuzhou Road Campus of Fuzhou Road, the city, and the new hospital, including the new hospital.

Promote consumption improvement and upgrading. Implement a new round of trade consumption upgrade three-year action, and strive to break through the total retail sales of social consumption exceed 31.5 billion yuan. Implement the functional quality improvement project of the key business circle, fully improve the Central Business District level, focus on “Teng Wang Pavilion + Wanshou Palace + Rope Jin Tower” core business circle, accelerate the “Bayi Square + Zhongshan Road” business district, Phoenix China culture Business circle, Xihu District Hongcheng business district, accelerated the construction of “Chinese character” urban business circle layout. Introducing the first store in China in the Changbai, the first store. Promoting the renovation of the historical and cultural streets of the rope Jin Tower, accelerate the promotion of the historical and cultural streets of Jinxian Cang, cultivated to create a batch of high-quality night city blocks, promoting the integration of business brigadies. Do a good job in the 2nd China Rice Pub. Implementing the three-year action plan of urban tourism development, planning to build Nanchang Tourism Distribution Center, focusing on the creation of military music festivals, bird watching festivals, and accelerating the creation of national cultural and tourism consumption demonstration cities. Carry out green smart home appliances and old-to-date activities, stimulate rural consumption more dynamic.

Accelerate construction integrated transportation hub. Focus on the construction of modern three-dimensional traffic network systems in “air, iron, public, water”, and accelerate traffic strong market construction. In terms of aviation transportation, accelerate the third phase expansion project of Changbei International Airport and the construction of smart airport, expand the scale of international express mail supervision centers, international mail interchange bureau, and accelerate the improvement of Yaohu Airport. In terms of railways, we will focus on the construction of Changjing Yellow Railway, Changjiuke’s special construction, promote Chang Yuechang, Wu Xianchang Railway into national railway planning, carry out Changxia (Fu), Nanchang Jingjing Gangshan to Hengyang high-speed rail line early research, accelerate Nanchang East Station , Nanchang construction to China International land port, accelerate the formation of “rice” shaped high-speed rail hub. In terms of terminal shipping, the “Nanchang Port Master Plan” passed the provincial approval; strengthening cooperation between provincial and municipalities, accelerating the construction of projects such as Yaowan Integrated Pier, Leng Gang Integrated Terminal Project. In terms of highway, actively plan to strive to strive for Jingqiao, Nanchang Jingwu to Duchang, Nanchang Ruichang to Yangxin, North Out of the North Road, North Transmission and other expressway projects, accelerate Nanchang West Second Ring Expressway, Fengsheng Expressway The construction of projects such as reflection projects in the northern section improvement and renovation project and the second phase of Changshun Expressway. In terms of rail transportation, accelerate the implementation of Metro Line 1 Beiliang and Dong Yan, No. 2 Dong Yan Project, and actively strive to approve the third round of rail transit construction planning and continuously woys rail transit networks.

5. Pay attention to scientific coordination planning, continuously improve urban function quality

Well-optimized city planning. Strive for the provincial level support to introduce policy measures in Nanchang City to create a national urban high-quality development. High levels, the city, the county two-level land, the overall planning, promote the preparation of the central urban partition unit planning, urban industrial protection line. In-depth promotion of urban updates. The 29 projects were implemented, and the chart combat, and the tag was attacked. Focus on the implementation of 267 old cell transformations, promoting the experience of Hongke community in Qingyun Zhu District, accelerating the rectification of the old factory, urban villages and organic updates. The urban roads are brightened and complete, complete the main road of 10,000 street lamps monitoring. Normalization Implementing urban road coloring. Strengthen urban refinement management. Further adjust the urban management authority to promote the center of management of urban management. Promote the marketing reform of sanitation and cleaning, deepen the “road nature” action, and regulate the Sanitation cleaning operation process.

Sixth, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization and continuously improve the level of green development

Advance the carbon-up carbon in an orderly manner. Vigorously develop assembled architecture and green buildings, actively declare sponge city construction demonstration city, create green travel demonstration cities.

Deepen the Construction of Ecological Civilization Test Area. Promoting the Yangtze River Economic Belt “Grasping the Protection” and “One River Ten River Square Baihu”. Accelerate the pace of the city, enhance the functions of Meiling, Shengshi Tang National Forest Park, and accelerate the construction of the clouds of Meiling clouds, promote urban landscape, and the human landscape and natural landscape are perfectly integrated.

Promote the conversion of ecological value to economic value. Promote the Jiangxi Province Carbon Equity Marketing Trading Center to settle in Nanchang and create a national regional ecological product trading center.

Seven, accelerate the revitalization of rural villages and improve the modernization of agricultural rural

Implement a special action of rural homvent environments and road environment remediation. Promoting 300 common prospective model villages per year and 27 rural rejuvenation demonstration villages. Promoting 61 townships to carry out beautiful township construction actions. Accelerate the promotion of road pavement improvement, complete 99 kilometers of “white change” in rural areas. In-depth development of environmental and road safety hazard rectification, the road side guards such as Linwa cliff, the steep slope, etc., consolidate the “four good rural roads” city demonstration creation results.

Implement a special action in an industrial industry. Grain production is stable in 42 billion pounds. Deepening the Comprehensive Reform of Agricultural Rural Areas. According to the consolidation expansion of the poverty and rural revitalization, the five-year transition period and “picking the cap do not pick the responsibility,” the hat does not pick the policy, picking the cap does not pick up the help, picking a supervision “requirement, and do a good job of poverty alleviation assets. Prevent the return of poverty poverty and help, and resolutely hold the no-scale return bottom line.

Eight-focus co-affordable goals, continue to enhance the well-being of people’s livelihood

Single people’s livelihood. Selected 12 pieces to make a representative ticket candidate project. First, the old community renovation project; the second is the construction project of the community embedded nursing homes; the third is Nanchang Book – “Zizi Study” construction project; fourth is the village light and back street alleys brighten the rebound project; five is 0- 3-year-old infant care accession project; Sixth, “Bearded Project” attacking actions; seven is the residential installation elevator project; eight is “opening the breakway, smooth circulation” attacking special action; nine is bridge, fast road sound barrier Construction; Ten is to build a city leisure space project; 11 is the public parking lot construction project; twelve is the rural human environment improvement project.

Deepen social governance innovation. Normalization launched the black and evil struggle.

(China Daily Jiangxi reporter station reporter Wang Jian)


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