Changan Ford, your problem is not just a gearbox

Recently, Changan Ford’s news brush screen. The reason is that some of the wings, the Fox model, and the transmission in the transmission caused rust, and was exposed by CCTV “3.15” party.


It is reported that rust is not the user’s water, or improper use, but is a design defect. Specifically, there is a hole in the bus, the water will go down when there is a hole, washing or rain. And this place is just a binding of the engine and gearbox. The water is thus penetrating, and the time will cause the gearbox to rust.

Cars is a product with complex mechanical and electronic components involving thousands of components. It is affected by factors such as the difference between the quality of the fittings, the manufacturing process level, the experimental environment, and the actual use environment. It is difficult for the company to ensure that the product is innocent. Some design defects will even be present after a period of use of consumers. Therefore, for these design defects, internationally practicing is the manufacturer’s initiative to recall, solve safety hazards, and maintain consumer rights.

It is confusing that Changan Ford has discovered this shortcomings and found an effective solution, but it does not take the initiative. Instead, this program passed the internal notice, quietly inform the national distributor, and the owner of the country. Such a mysterious operation is that the dealer is thousands of bails to shirk the mutitolistric liability to the owner. Originally, it can be solved with a gasket and a waterproof head. It is hard to replace the gearbox to replace the gearbox. Some netizens ridicule, Changan Ford is so felt consumers, “” Not only is extremely harmful, but also is extremely insulting “, there is really damaged this international brand image.

Despite the exposure of public opinion, Changan Ford has made public apologies, but many people believe that Changan Ford reflects that it is not deep, but it is “routine”. As for whether it can wash your heart, really change, is not optimistic. After all, similar scenes have happened to Changan Ford multiple times. As early as 2013, there is a consumer complaint, and the Ford Wing Tiger model purchased has a broken axis, but Changan Ford does not pay attention to it. Until the Guangzhou Auto Show, the owner rushed to the booth, high-profile rights, triggered the storm of the public opinion, Changan Ford was forced to admit “pre-steering festival” production materials that did not comply with Ford’s strength standards, and recalled part of the wing tiger. However, the wing of the sales, and the Mondeo latter has a broken axis event. Today, the quality problems of these products are not properly resolved. This time, I will expose “rust door”, it is said that the old account is not, and add new.


In fact, corporate products are defective and are not terrible. I am afraid that companies have problems, and they are not a case, but they still don’t have a normal attitude, and even choose to escape, cover up the facts. Because of the back of the negative attitude, it reflects the backwardness of the business philosophy and the lack of user thinking. If you say that Changan Ford in the earlier, in a seller, no consumer, product can also be sold in a seller’s market. But in today’s Chinese market, such arrogance is probably not passing.

With the acceleration of the global scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, the rise of independent brands, the market is more open, consumers’ requirements and experiences are increasingly high, and the competition pattern of China’s automotive market has changed. The joint venture car company can no longer be able to copy a product from the past, and even behind the products, you can “lying” in the Chinese market. It can be said that the Chinese auto market is no longer completely an era of the joint venture brand. From the giant losses of Shenlong, to the struggled Beijing, there are currently some disadvantaged joint ventures, some have become the burden of China’s parent company, and they can explain the problem. Therefore, whether it is a self-owned brand or a joint venture brand, whether it is a new forces or a hundred years old store, no good products and services, does not respect consumers’ needs and experience, will be abandoned by the market. In the long run, no business will become an exception.

The number may be boring, but it can explain the problem. In 2020, Changan Ford was 213,700 in China. This figure was not assessed in 2016, 95.7 million sales. No wonder some people say, “Where is it just a waist, it is completely used by the competitors and rubbed it, and it is still a foot. Changan Ford’s poor performance in the Chinese market in recent years is, which is more complicated, but who can say that this is independent of the quality of product quality? Who can say that they don’t pay attention to consumer? Isn’t the culprit? As a mother-in-law, who is dominant in Changan Ford, isn’t it deeply reflected? You know, if there is no support for Chinese markets and Chinese consumers, a hundred years Ford is thrown by Toyota and the public, and it is also a matter of late and morning. This is not a dramatic!

It is also pointed out that compared with Changan Ford’s fall, the autonomous brand of Changan Automobile is now rising, and its layout of the Group’s joint venture sector is also deeply adjusted. Previously, since the product could not adapt to the change in the Chinese market, Suzuki has been given up by Chang’an, and has to withdraw from the Chinese market. At the same time, Changan also transferred Changan standard to Citroen’s 50% equity to Baolong, no longer hoped to Peugeot Citroen. If the Changan Ford can’t recognize the seriousness of the problem, it is difficult to escape the fate of the market and partners in business philosophy and product and service.


Source: Economic Daily


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