Only the “toolbox” of the lighter, 28 functions, everyday, it is enough.

When you use it, you can’t find it when you use it. Xiaobian believes that many people have encountered this helpless situation!


When we need to repair the objects, I will remember the tool there, and I can turn the toolbox to the bottom of the world. Looking at the tools, you can only sigh!


When the sun is just right, I will go to ride, I feel that the repair tool is too heavy. As a result, there is a problem with the half-way spokes. When we need it, there is no suitable tool!

The sharpener is not mistaken, and there is no tool, when you encounter an unexpected situation, you can only stand! Of course, you can also choose to have it –


Multifunctional MINI EDC tool


Small science: EDC, Everyday Carry Abbreviation, merits the daily belongings.

// 28 combination, one into the soul //

Don’t look at it, only the lighter size, the function is extremely powerful, one device 28, is “toolbox” that can be installed in the pocket, is also a man’s “treasure chest” to help you solve daily life, camping, riding, Repair, various problems encountered during DIY!


In addition to the size of the size and the lighter, it can also compare with the lighter. Although it is metal, it can be used to make fire.

Specially designed fire saw tooth, with raw magnesium stick, you can use it very simple firewood, and you can use it out of your outlook!

It is a knife and a saw. The blade uses 5Cr15Mov alloy steel, and the hardness is high after quenching, but not only sharp, but it is too long, cutting the rope, and the cut wood is very easy.

Knot body increase

Section structure design


It can be sawed to make a hemp rope, a branch, etc.

It is still a

Stripper clamp

It can cut the wire, aluminum wire, and copper wire, can also bend the thick steel wire, and use it to peel out the core, not too easy, and it is quite practical in everyday life.

In addition, it can be done


Hexagonal screw wrench

Used, you can perfectly match M7 ~ M13 multi-dimensional screws. Fishing rods, brackets, cameras, etc., it can help you do it easily.

Outdoor people, Diy Daren, fishing people, will be very interested in it!

In the wrench boundary, in addition to these, it can also be

Bicycle spoke wrench

, Properly riding a must-have!

It contains

One word flower + cross flower screwdriver

It is fully able to meet a variety of situations in daily life, electrical maintenance, precision assembly, repair, and nothing!

When needed, it can become become


It can carry heavy 10 kg of weight, so you can easily hoake the equipment, calmly respond to multiple occasions.

It can also be


Bottle opener

The card is very accurate, and the opening bottle is very fast. In the hot summer, use it to open a bottle of ice beer, cool!

In addition to these, it can also be a nail, double-sided scale, open the artifact, plotter … 28 functions, waiting for you to explore!


// Padders, excellence //

The concentrated is essential, and the Mirror Multi-function MINI EDC tool is very good to interpret this sentence.


The length is only 9cm, only 0.4cm thick, and the weight is as low as 90g, loaded into the pocket, put it in the bag, almost not feeling.

The whole piece of 420 high quality stainless steel is selected, and the hardness after quenching has reached HRC5.

High hardness, good toughness, anti-corrosion and wear

. Practical tools have to live “creation”. You can take it with confidence to travel!


Not only hard enough, but also very precise. Production process, it uses

CNC precision cutting technology

I really do “three guarantees”:

1. Ensure that the product does not have precision deviation in demolding


2, to ensure that the product does not cause a deviation due to incomplete assembly

3. Ensure that each functional parts are more accurate and durable after assembly

In terms of security, R & D people have made enough considerations, especially the knife.

After folding, the blade is hidden between the two knives, avoiding misunderstanding, in addition, the blade also has

Card lock design

Avoid using the tools to retreat in the use of tools, double protection, safer.

Its texture is also nostalgia. use

Ceramic stone washing process

Under the blessing of ceramic microparticles and trillion, even micro defects after metal processing are also repaired.

// Fire all over the country, the people must //

Multi-function MINI EDC tools are not only fire in China, but also pay attention to foreign countries. In the US, Japan, South Korea’s crowdfunding websites, it has successfully completed the crowdfunding objectives, and has a large batch of pumps.


It’s hot in the expectations of the R & D, powerful, and the value is expected. Which one can love it?


Lightweight, 28 in one, one, one, the soul, whether it is daily life, or outdoors, own it, bring it, you can help you solve too much trouble!

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Reflective mirror multi-function EDC tool

¥ 109



















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