By the French meal transformed by the security booth, I saw that I can only sigh the creation of the designer. There is everywhere!

Rac Bar & Coffee is located in the Shanghai Principle, Anfau Road, Wukang intersection, has already formed a strong Western-style catering atmosphere, and the unique geographical advantages, which also mean higher design requirements. The owner hopes to create a catering store in this place, showing pure French flavor, specializing in boutique coffee, bread cake, french pancakes and organic wine.


The RAC is composed of two parts: coffee shop and restaurant bar, where the area where the coffee shop is located is located in the entrance to the entire property, originally a security booth, and the bar restaurant area is hidden at the end of the entrance.

The challenge of Mass is how to create interactive and contact, and the countermeasures given by the designer are the bridges of the public areas in the park – out of the window design. And the setting of the marble table, digest intracence limit, people can sit in the store, can enjoy a cup of coffee outdoors.

On the side of the bar deliberately opened a service window for the atrium, allowing guests of the office building of the parking house to be able to order them directly. Mass expects to activate the atrium space by multi-directional flow, thus bringing more people to the restaurant.


The RAC coffee shop is less than 10 square meters, only meets the needs of making coffee and basic storage functions, and the designers make full use of the edge of the street, and design the side of the street as “coffee window”, not only convenient coffee shops directly to give consumers. It is also like an invitation to attract the passers-by to step into the court, and an exploration.

The design of the coffee shop borrowed the artistic creation technique of “Mise En Ame” “, and chose a water-frostite in white-backed stone for its main material, through the arches of the arch and the mirror, can not help but Born suddenly: I don’t know if I see the phase in the court, or I still mirror the street scene?


Bar plane


In addition, the designer refers to the culture of “standing on the coffee” in Europe, set up the wooden small bar, and press the bag to hook the bag, and solve the drawback of the coffee shop without seats. Today, the RAC coffee shop has become a gathering point to meet each other nearby communities.


Design of Restaurant Bar Section The core product of RAC – wine. The transparent wine cabinet is shining throughout the space. It can be a good wine at a glance; the door in the space, the metal border of the window and cabinets is brushed into the green bottle, including the main color of the ground marble. It also uses green; the big meal table in the center of the space is directly cut to the trunk, the texture is clear, and the texture is clear, and the texture is unable to move the soil and South French winery of the vineyard.

For a long time, people have misunderstandings in French style. Mass uses real materials such as stone, cement, glass, metal and logs to create space temperament to avoid falsehood of flowers.


The designer chooses to scrape the white lacquery originally covered on the cement column, to show its “natural flaw” – those bare steel branches or the symbolic description of the left, just written the history of space itself, like potential vitality .


The design of the restaurant ground is a bright spot of the entire project, and the “marble” in Italy’s marble cut is used, which gives it a new life via geometric arrangement. Some countertops use a common house wall material for old European suburbs: cave.

Facade logo

After the construction is completed, the owner returns to the ancient styled object from Paris to add a personalized and fun to this space. It is like the living room that is in any of the familiar French family, it is easy to relax, and everyone is on the table. Next, talk while eating, do not feel the time.

Architect: Shanghai Ma Shi Architectural Design Co., Ltd.


Project address: 322 Anfu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Main architect: VLADIMIR DYDUCH

Entruster: RAC

Building area: 160.0 m2

Photographer: feng shi


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