Looking at the temple library to see Gucci and Doraemon’s name series, shoulder bag, retro and cute

The joint cooperation between big brands is often easier to achieve a win-win, so many brands now like the same name, and simultaneously collect two brands of fans and achieve win-win. Previously, Gucci launched a series of shoulder bags with Dora A dream name, and was officially launched as a new line of 2021 spring and summer. As the leading online line of Asia, there is also a collection of joint items that have received much attention on the temple library, which is the highest popularity of this cherry red leather.

This mini GG SuPreme canvas shoulder bag is the result of special cooperation between Doraemon and Gucci. The most prominent feature is that there is a lovely A dream cartoon image on the face. Doraemon is a beautiful memories of many friends, Gucci, and the classic image of the Time Travel Machine Cat, built a series of retro and cute items.

Doraemon is a relaxed and interesting anime. The protagonist machine cat is born on September 3, 2112, returned to contemporary, helped and accompanied the growth of Daxiong in the 22nd century, and its four-dimensional pockets were filled with future Various small functions and tools make people feel unlimited in this pocket. Gucci’s shoulder bag with Doraem cute image is easy to let it think of it with the four-dimensional pocket, or the brand is also intended to give it “unlimited possibilities” meaning!


The high-end atmosphere of Gucci and the public’s childhood memories “Doraemon” gives people a kind of intimacy, and there is no good feeling that the high-level posture is more likely to obtain ordinary users.


Gucci’s shoulder bag has beige, red and umbra, design very beautiful, color is also a hundred. Material selection is environmentally friendly materials, including cherry red leather jewelry and golden accessories, the overall color matching but not mess, very good.

The cake package design is more playful and cute, and then matches the cartoon image of Doraem, it can be said that it is cute. This bag does not pick up the people, which is suitable for the majority of female groups, and because the color is relatively rich, it is relaxed to match the style of your own. In terms of wearing, because this bag is rich in color, you can match the colorful costumes, let the match look simple and connotation.


Like the friends of this bag, you can buy it on the temple library. It takes place to go back in the spring. You will make you a “landscape” in the crowd!


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