“Tide to explode” let the European and American tide people tell you “retro small frame sunglasses” have more fire

Just wear it today, just wear it out, it is the tide!


Summer sunglasses you started? From last year, retro sun glasses are still hot this summer, especially “retro fraxtrangrangoshosh” is also popular with European and American stars and hipsters. This kind of easy to emphasize self-style fashion items quickly occupied. All IG. Kanye West, Kanye West, even wrote to his wife Jinkada, let her keep up with this trend – if you want to look, don’t wear a big box sunglasses!


Among them, important people who lead this “retro framed frame” include the name of Hadid & Bella Hadid, Kandall Jenner, Japan Tide Water Milk, Taiwan Singer Cai Shi, etc. Big ticket fashion icon stars, all the streets, how to shoot, how to shoot, how to tide! Let’s refer to how you wear it now, follow the time! pay attention to


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Bella Hartte’s “small box cat eye sunglasses” with the end of the end of the whole white design, the whole, and the whole personality is more strengthened! When the ocean dress suddenly adds retro feelings, there is more personal style. It will not be too much to say, Hartte sisters really love the retro small box sunglasses, and private service often use it to match.

The elliptical retro small frame sunglasses are mixed with a knitted clothing and single-haired shorts, so that the whole person will become a sense of life in 60s, it is really amazing!


Whether it is leisure, or a slightly formal style, the retro small box sunglasses can be perfectly matched, if Bella Hadid this suit jacket MIXT shirt shorts have less sunglasses, and the degree will drop a lot.

Small frame cat eye sunglasses “can also choose a thick frame, retro words discolored lenses are certain! Who dares to say that you are not tide?


Bella Hadid and Super Good Kendall Jenner are all lovers of vintage small frame glasses, but also leading the popularity of this pop.

Jiji Hartte de Gigi Hadid is the same, often taken to take a retro small frame sunglasses in the street, look real!

Kendall Jenner wore a popular colorful striped dressing this year, stepped on white shoe, and the original leisure and casual style became more personality because a vintage small frame sunglasses became more personality.

Rihanna is mixed with small sunglasses with small sunglasses, with her love for retro small frames, can be as a saying of people.


Goddess kara landy gaga demonstration retro small frame sunglasses.


Simple vests are mixed with single pants. Such ordinary modeling uses retro small box sunglasses to immediately improve the overall trendyness, learn!

Singer Cai Shi Yan’s value is great, never afraid of trying new style, private love to wear sunglasses, small frame mirror is currently her new joy.

Everyone knows that the famous model is the trend indicator of Japan, and the personality, she put on the retro small mirror box, the sunglasses are still suitable!


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