Wearing like wear, this underwear is too comfortable.

A underwear brand,

In this way, it is a dog blood head:

It is open to the man’s perspective

Trying to sell their home underwear “How good”

I want to make a woman’s money, but I don’t respect women.

Even in social PO map

“You may need this size”

This behavior is true

Wanli sent people

A thousand miles


The famous sexy goddess Dita Von Teese has said:

“Underwear is not a woman to dress a man, but let himself have a woman taste.”


Although the words come back, can there be such a beautiful chest, which girl is not? ?

But I really want to

Monozon all women!


“The born chest is small, you need hard to have a ditch!”


“Basic breasts, but what is wrong with the chest?”


“After the birth, it becomes expanded, sagging


How can it be so easy to change? ? “

Why do you have iteratively evolved?

But the underwear design has been stagnant?

“Traditional underwear”


Thickly rely on steel rings, hardships put the chest.

Excessive squeezing of breasts causes ischemic atrophy,

It is more likely to cause relaxation!

There is a statistical statistics before:


“There are nearly 80% of the breasts in my country, which is a breast hyperplasia, cyst, or even breast cancer that has long been causing underwear.

A study of the British also reported

Breast pain is related to underwear

Everyone is interested in seeing. “Evidency for the management of mastalgia”

“Second generation underwear”

Although the steel ring is removed, it is like no bones.

Comfortable, it is very poor:


Underwear walks two steps, running /

Chest small hollow cup /

The chest is very chasing


At all, the ultimate goal of underwear is lost:

Support and protection

Also let our body have a big problem.

Honestly, the choice of underwear is really difficult.

Many times we are discussing:

Can you really find a “slightly don’t want so extreme” underwear revolutionary products?

We have a demand, and all designers have also thought of ways to break through, who first made it, who is equal to the market.

And we finally put this new concept of technology-type underwear, and dig it out:

* (Anyway, there must be a lingerie, it is worth leaving more than a few minutes)

I wore it in the first time, I wouldn’t consciously lamented: “Is it so comfortable?”

I wore it until I wore it, I wanted to find the underwear on the morning, I watched my own chest style, I suddenly remembered that I have already wear it on my body!

This is not the ultimate pursuit of underwear:

Wearing with it, let the chest feel like exploding



You are just in your hand, you can already feel it.


“Light, soft, soft”

Compared to common no inductive underwear, the weight is less than 30.


And the pursuit of

“Silk Mist”


Add fmingm –

Based on the silk, let you wear even in winter, there will be no feeling that the skin is very cold.



Wearing will not travel and shoulder straps slipped

Although there is no steel ring, no rubber bone


“Custom-grade W-three-layer chest” + bone water drops soft support

Let the whole underwear don’t feel comfortable,

There is also basic contractors and multi-dimensional gathers.

But pay attention! its

“4D stereo lock craft”

Not to make your chest look super big!

Instead, the whole chest shape has become more stunned, and it looks still again.

Let’s take a look at the comparative picture. It is very intuitive.

“Agree side wing and water droplets on the cup”

Will put the chest whole, concentrate on the middle

Small chest wears a ditch, big breasts are not fat! !


Throwing and comforting, it does not speak, its value is really a bit!

As I first saw it, it’s super stunning:

“Black stitching nude strip”

Directly pull the senior feeling, and the french dress wearing when a actress walks in the red carpet. It is also a black naked splicing.

It is not the kind of “beautiful” underwear, and it will not be designed to be very flat, and there will be a light exotherm of a flavor.

The upper body is completely

Elegant and unconsciously high temperament.

This seemingly difficult high level,

Husband saw how it might not be “a sword of the throat”, attracting “Schhassha”

Two models with wide shoulder straps and small shoulders

There are also many choices for colors, and choose your preference.


Each has a light sports shockproof effect,

When you go to fitness and do yoga, you can wear.

Quietly, the surface of the underwear is still

“Contains pearl fiber and amino acid aid”


Oh, this will introduce it to you later.


I can’t think about it now, it’s its price:

This factory will be listed

¥ 259


Today, reduce 200, and 59 yuan to buy one get one free


I can’t fold a piece of 30 yuan! !

Brand only gave us


200 pieces

Special batch price, then push again, the price should be a hundred yuan, today I have to grab inventory, I will send us feedback, let the brand can increase the propaganda ~~

Like my little a cup, in fact, telling the truth, it will be very gathering.


It puts it,

There is a ditch, standing tall, but it is not bloated, and it does not bond it.

Can do such a contract, do not rely on steel rings, nor + super thick cup

Instead, it also contains four major design points:


W-type three-layer soft chest


Instead of traditional steel rings, increasing your care.

Although there are three layers, only only one A4 paper thickness



Full resin adhesive point

Instead of traditional clash, concentrate on the fat around the chest.



Gather the lower fat, do not appear after wearing


Continuous water drip uu cup + water droplet side arc

The whole underwear is 135 degrees to gather, like a gentle hand, gently push your chest into the middle, taking it into the upper.


Even if you wear a whole day, you can still keep it.


I won’t worry, I went to walk.

As mentioned in our chest, they also mention that they buy underwear not in the ditch (after all, it is easy to have)

In fact, the running position is really troubles:

“I feel clearly of the cover, half of it is exposed …”

“It is useless to take shoulder straps, just run all kinds of runs, and people are very annoying.”

“Buy underwear as long as a run, I still throw, I don’t have it.”

But after she tried this, the evaluation was very high:

“I don’t have a position, I am very satisfied, I still want to buy it again”

When we buy underwear, you can find: Basically, the details page will propagate “comfort”, but

In fact, is the empty mouth propaganda? Still really technical point support?

FAINFE lingerie is indeed on the fabric:

Ordinary underwear is multi 50D with yarns, and it is

“Full 10D with yarn + 50 needles double-sided machine knitting

(The smaller the number, the smaller the yarn, the higher the cost)

More thin than hair,

“Wrap the pearl fiber + amino acid capsule”

Let the whole touch more delicate.


Whole underwear


More than 17 kinds of amino acids

It is not a brand of blind blow, but it can be checked to get a regular test report:

This is very friendly for sisters who are heavy in duty pigmentation, and the feel of the chest will become wonderful for a long time.

We will trial to small part of fans before you take the product, accept feedback.

/ There is a baby who is in the middle of the pregnancy, sharing her as an expectant mother’s evaluation:


“After pregnancy, the bigger the stomach, the more the stomach, the comfort of the underwear is strict than any time.”

But this is really comfortable, it has also been there, and it is less concerned about the birth of the chest. “

Finally, talk about it.

There are still many underwear on the market or

Pure sponge pad


It may not be known for a long time. It is already moldy.

A lot of people


Bust itching, red, pink

And even


It may be caused by underwear.


And the cup of Fainfe underwear,

“The latex content is as high as 89%”

Not enough, enough

And there is

“Does not bleeding bacteria”




The apospheric can reach 97.6%


Hidden 1000+ breathable hole

“Pressure Max”,

Winter is not bored, summer can’t wear sweat in summer

“Strong moisture and drainage”

No bacteria, dry enough,

Do not have a smell, while emitting a faint flavor, fully meets the basic requirements of our underwear.


Ordinary underwear pad cannot be passed through water

Fainfe can be easily passed:

Its cup is still detachable.

// I have bought this detachable underwear before I have, but the cotton material. After washing a few times, the ball is serious, take it out from the washing machine, it will be stirred into a group, and when you are dry, you should adjust it manually, slow The slow cup also concaves deformation.


But Fainfe, I still throw it into the washing machine every day, I will not shift it, it is the advantage of this kind of filament, “more than the cotton.”

Cleaning does not fall

Assembly is unmarkable:

Whole underwear uses high temperature printing

/ Cheap no line:

Is the wide shoulder or adjustable shoulder? Which color is selected?


Which one you like first:

But Xiaobian selfishness will feel:


The big splicing design of the shoulders will be more special than traditional underwear ~


Code number from M-2XL

Everyone is better to choose your own weight:

Today, there are two hundred fans experience:

¥ 59 / Buy one get one free


(If you want to send something color and style, you can click you to choose.


Can’t pay attention to the post-recurrence, when the brand can give us a routine preferential price should be 100, and it is also worth it!


After all, we are also very difficult to choose this kind of underwear that experienced everything:

The whole 10D is used with yarn, adding pearl fibers, wrapped 17 amino acid capsules, or latex cup mat.

We are time to break the aesthetics of traditional thickening gatherings, and pay more!

This kind of comfort is a more confident and calm power!





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